Help with Auditions for America's Got Talent 2012

by Regi_B

Here is a page designed to aid you in auditioning for America's Got Talent 2012.

Auditions for AGT 2012 are upon us. In cities from New York, to L.A., to Austin, people will be showing their talents -- or in some cases, I should say "talents" -- to an arena full of cheering people, hoping to be "the next big thing". Of course, it is the judges' opinions that matter most -- Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and new addition ("King of all Media") Howard Stern are the people who get to say who is "going to Vegas!" As a performing artist myself, here is my advice to you for making it through on AGT.

Be an Original

How many times do you think America wants to watch a factory worker sing the same country song? You'd better have quite the back story, if that sort of thing is your plan! We want to pull for the factory working, or waitress, or plumber, or whatever -- but we want you to be original, and actually talented. Show us something special.

Something to Help You Audition

This tidbit is specifically for singers -- as AGT gets a lot of those. When you audition, make sure you are singing your best -- do not be that person who says, "everybody tells me I can sing." Be someone who knows you are the best singer you can be -- because you practiced, and refined your craft. Here is a tool that has helped people like you:

Singorama -- to help you audition better!

Practice, Practice -- No, Really! -- Practice!

I cannot say it enough. When I go out and have not practiced to the maximum, it shows -- because I am not clear, and people do not laugh! As a comedian, I need people to laugh. If I practice more, they will laugh. Whatever your talent is -- practice!

Be Confident

Sure, people watching America's Got Talent want to pull for a back story, but they also want to see people pour their hearts into their performances -- with passion and confidence. If you practice, practice, practice, you will have that confidence. SO, practice and let your confidence build inside of you -- you will impress yourself, and perhaps, America.

break dancer

Respect and Appreciate What the Judges Have to Say

In a sense, the judges at an America's Got Talent audition are speaking on behalf of America. They are saying -- "We know what America thinks is talent." The three people on this year's judges' panel are all long-time showbiz participants. Sharon, Howie, and Stern all know what it takes to survive in the entertainment industry -- each of them has been in it since the 1970s!

With that said, if you make it to the stage to audition before that trio, respect whatever they tell you -- even if you disagree -- because they are trying to help you. Their feedback to you is like career advice.

All the best to you in your AGT auditions in 2012!

Books on Auditioning

Updated: 02/10/2012, Regi_B
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