High Pressure Shower Head

by Scaevola

When you are looking for some extra pressure while cleaning yourself, you should get a high pressure shower head.

Shower heads can be extremely cost effective. One of the best ways is to increase the pressure of the shower, while still maintaining the same amount of water flow into it. This means the water which is actually is coming out is more effective in cleaning your body, whether this is from dirt or soap!

LED Shower Head

If you wish to have something cool while washing yourself, you should consider a LED shower head. The colors change with the temperature you are choosing. Having a higher pressure results in a more dark red color, while cold is, of course, blue! One more awesome thing about this high pressure shower head is it is a hand held shower head as well.

Hand Held Shower Head

As mentioned in the LED shower head part, when cleaning yourself you want to clean everything, including the parts hard to reach. Therefore you need to have an extra functionality, you should have a hand held shower head.

Handhelds are really popular types, so there are a ton of them out there. Make sure to still have eye for the pressure and make sure the warranty is long enough, as the usage is different, more person-dependent, which may result in needing this warranty!

The awesome part of the Oxygenics TriSpa as showed below is the functionality to add hydrogen to the water. This makes it really sustainable (you use more air, so less water) and increases the options for this gadget. Take for instance the Hydro Flow, where you will feel bubbles on your shower, something which isn't possible with just any device.

Rain Shower Heads

Rain Shower Heads are always a big add on to your bath room. They always look cool (just see the example below) and they always have something nice to it. But can they be high pressure as well? Actually, they can. This waterpick shower head is a great example of how technology comes with functionality. Waterpick shower heads are often equipped with 'OptiFlow' which gives you the opportunity to increase the force of the water beam with 30%. And that is exactly what is in this shower head.

Hopefully you gained some knowledge and some inspiration from this post. When you are going out there to get a nice shower head, make sure to check out the various options. When you are looking for the best shower head for you, which is probably a high pressure shower head, look especially to the pressure! Good luck.

Updated: 02/22/2012, Scaevola
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