Hot Pink and Black Print Comforter & Bedding Sets for Girls to Teens

by HomeArtist1

Hot pink and black zebra print bedding sets like these, meld two contrasting, bold colors that tween to teen girls love as their room's theme colors.

Polar opposites--pink and black-- work well together, promising to make a tween-fun to teen-funky diva ambiance in their bedroom they'll love. Add zebra print to this dynamic duo and you've on wild bed set pattern that captures the eye and holds it in awe--pure drama, indeed. But with such fire and ice hues, especially added to a few untamed, zebra stripes and things can go from brazen to bad . . . really bad if you're not careful to keep these opposers in check [enter your own scary visual here]. So, balancing the hot pink or milder pink hues and black zebra stripes is a must-do for a successful palette and decor result you're after.

Hot Pink and Black Zebra & Leopard Print Bedding Set

Remember to Keep Your Animal Prints from Becoming 'Spots Before Your Eyes'
5 Pieces Twin Hot Pink, Black and White Leopard Zebra Comforter Set...

Getting Started in Your Tween or Teen's Bedroom: Creating a Focal Point

Bedding is Your Decor's Biggest Asset

Bedding sets are an easy way to create that all-important focal point without a lot of effort and a 4.0 in Interior Design 101. Beds are nearly always a bedroom's largest element and situated in a prominent place (your focal or accent wall).

While it makes sense to go as far as budget allows on comforters and related bedding, you don't have to clear out the family's piggy bank or forgo that summer vacay, either. With a mix of inexpensive and DIY (my faves) accessories and artwork, you can invest in your bedroom's most critical decor piece--the bedding--and really shave off decorating dollars elsewhere.

Bedding sets have a lot of work to do in earning their keep: they define your room's theme, welcome guests, warm your space and impress with their beauty.

Black and hot pink comforters and bedding sets like these bold design and animal print pieces, have the strong presence you'll need to get the job off to a great start quite easily.

Hot Colors for a Sophisticated Look

Create a Boutique Theme in Patterns & Colors
Hot Pink, Black and White Isabella Childrens and Teen Bedding 4 Pie...

Dot & Stripes Aplenty: Whoa Nellie! Corral Your Designs and Patterns

Success=Dots not Spots and Stripes not Staggering Daggers

Some hot pink and black bedding sets have unique design elements you might want to play off of. Borrowing from swirl, diamond design or block styles, etc are an easy way to build your palette .

But be sure you don't let the shapes, spots or dots become unleashed in your girl's bedroom, lest the fun dots become dizzying spots before your eyes - not at all the peaceful boudoir, retreat you're aiming for. Corral the madness by balancing your shape or design with two or three nondescript (plain ol') accessories This balancing act keeps your stronger elements strong and undiluted by other like pieces.

It's easy to keep your decor balanced and cohesive with my mantra; just remember: a dot here, a dot there; everywhere a dot or spot is a big ol' NOT! Yes, I'm . . . er . . . done with my rhyme.

Bedding with Flocking (raised fuzzy design) in a Black Damask Pattern on Hot Pink

uber-cheap hot pink and black bedding sets
7-Pc Silky Poly-Satin Flocking Damask Comforter bedding Set Hot Pin...
7pc Luxury Faux Silk Flocking Damask Print Comforter Set with Shams...

Polka Dots Illustrated

Hot Pink & Black Polka Dot Bedding: An Exercise in Caution

Above is an illustration of the dot conundrum where the dots in this model room have invaded the space. See how the impact of the comforter is diluted?

The more polka dots you introduce into the space the less decorative they are and the more the bedding fades into the background. This cute polka dot bedding set has a great wow factor, making it an ideal choice if you're starting slowly or just want a new look for much less fuss.

Keep strong patterns just that by thinking, "less is more" and you'll be fine.

Paper Lanterns: Uber-Cheap Lighting Idea

Light Up Your Black and Hot Pink Bedding
Black Damask Paper Lanterns Party Accessory (3 PCs)

Cheap Ideas for Lighting

Black and Hot Pink Bed Sets Need Adequate Lighting

I love paper lanterns; they're ultra-cheap in a pack of three like the damask set at right, here. I  suggest hanging them at different levels to add dimension and add an equally cheap hanging light kit (under $20) and only light up the middle lantern.

You can also light all three with dim bulbs like a ten-light string of leftover Christmas lights. Don't let the string lights touch the paper but wrap them around the metal hanging piece or fashion a piece of floral wire to where there's no contact with the paper. VIOLA! Amazing lights!

Budget-Wise Bedding Set with Window Panels & Throw Pillows

Teen Tween Girls Kids Bedding - MISTY ZEBRA Bed In A Bag. TWIN SIZE...

Finding Cheaper Alternatives for Your Favorite Bedding Sets

When decorating within a tight budget, it may not be wise to splurge even if you're tempted by a gotta-have decor piece. I suggest looking for a cheaper alternative, one that you won't regret buying but that satisfies all - or most - of your requirements in color, design and style. It can be done but you may have to dig a little harder.

The hot pink and black bedding set above has the strong qualities of its pricier cousins but with a far less price tag. Saving with great bedding sets leave room for more substantial decor pieces if they're what's important to you.

Yes, you can get the job done for very little investment.

Reversible Hot Pink and Black Solid Color Bedding Set

Add Extra Color; They're Fabulous for Accent Pieces
6-Piece 100% Solid Hot Pink and Black Reversible Comforter Set Full

Those Boring Solids: Don't Let 'em Fool You

Plain Bedding Sets but Packed with Promise

We're inclined to think of solid color bedding sets as having the least going for them, after all, there's no bold design to carry the load when decorating.

But solids actually offer the most freedom in choosing wall art, window treatments and fun accessories, as you don't have a 'design script' to go by; you've literally a blank palette upon which to express yourself.

Bedding sets like these hot pink and black solids have the high-energy impact you'll need getting started. Add fun accent pillows in any design you want to emulate in any subsequent pieces. I would choose one large, most-loved decor piece and build around that one for a truly custom bedroom.

Cool or Cute? Hot Pink and Black Bedding Sets for Growing Girls

Decorating for tween and teens can get tricky, as they tend to go from what I call the "Bambi to Bieber" phase seemingly on a whim.

You can realize the most for your decorating dollar by opting for a more age-neutral bedding set like those I've shown, here. Even when working with such teen-friendly hues as black and hot pink, you can find many designs and patterns that are prime for the long haul as your girl's favorite bedding.

Comforters and duvets much like these sport the pink and black colors, while the floral designs promise to keep on giving in the decor department. You'll only need to change out a few accessories to complete your bedroom makeover. Easy~Peasy!

Why is This Bedding Set My Fave?

Sometimes we moms just hafta be selfish for once and I'm takin' my ticket for the day on this comforter set. Why do I like this bedding the most? 

Because I like it. Yes, I do.

So, if my girl doesn't like it [enter your own snubbed-it visual, here] I'll gladly take it. I like the Zen-like quality the comforter has, don't you? Like the bed set above, this one will last more than a season.

Using White with Your Pink & Black Bedding in Dark Spaces

100% Turkish Cotton Ranforce Paris Eiffel Tower Theme Themed Pink B...

'Creating' Light & Space in Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is a bit on the dark side with little natural light, you might want to consider having the hot pink and black you're after but with a bright white background.

Much like the black and hot pink comforter set here, having a brighter 'palette' for the darker colors to reflect and pop from, you'll create an air of having lot more light where little really exists. You can also play light off of mirrors to create the illusion of space and light.

Choose the closest area to hang your mirror. I usually hang mirrors in rooms where there's a wall directly in front of a cramped space. You'll be surprised at how much you can 'add' space-wise with mirrors.

Area rugs placed on the diagonal also work wonders to 'expand' space.

With these simple tricks, your room will have grow exponentially!

Total-Fab-On-a-Budget: Ideas for Decorating

Decorating your girl's bedroom can get downright pricey, taking the fun out of the party, the wind out of your sail, the food from the kitty, the . . . well, you get my passion . . er . . .point.

Here's some ideas to take the challenge out of creating a great bedroom for less:

  • Tissue paper is your friend (no, not the stuff on rolls). I've included a tutorial video below where you can make uber-cool pom poms for hanging. Consider making two pom poms and then hang at different levels along with one lighted paper lantern like I talked about earlier. Take a trip to the $1 Store for the materials.
  •  Put a frame around anything and you've got art! On second thought, ditch the insides and just paint the frame a funky hot pink and another two black and hang the empty frames on the wall. Who knew?!
  • Use those generous, weekly dollars-off coupons from the big-box craft stores and buy 36" x 24" poster frames for super-cheap. Most posters come in the standard size, so when it's time to redecorate, just pop out the old poster of Bambi and insert Bieber (the poster, not him), and you've a sizeable piece of fabulous, framed art every time! 
  • Once you become acquainted with all the fabulous colors of acrylic craft paint in a squeeze bottle, you'll have a new best friend (sorry, Fido or FiFi) and swear off spray paint forever. You can get big bottles of the paint in flat, gloss, metallic and sparkle (most for under $5 at those craft stores I mentioned). Throw  in a coupon  and I bet I'll hear you whistling Dixie all the way from here--although never having heard the tune I don't know that I'll recognize it. 
  • Don't throw 'it' away; paint it and hang!
  • Take a week and look at all your junk from upside-down (the junk, not you). Make a hanging lamp outta that kiddie sand pail and paint an old, yet newly-deodorized, sneaker hot pink, put it in the middle of that painted, old open frame, and you've got 'bas relief' going on.  

I knew you'd be inspired. Now, watch the vid and you'll be ready to take on the world via pom-pom!

DIY Hanging Pom Pom Tutorial

Updated: 10/23/2015, HomeArtist1
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