How About Writing?

by RubyHelenRose

They didn't go there first, is a new truth I am imagining. Am I still am carrying that old belief, when I get everything I need to have a writing business, then I will have every

You have been asking for what to do next, and on your shelf today you saw a couple of writing and publishing books and ignored them for the rest of the mini series. I need those to pass on the stories. First, write the stories. Then worry about the income. First and that means foremost is your writing! Okay, I know I haven't even read those books, I think I am ready this time to dive in and find something exciting. It doesn't matter where you can go, if you don't have something to show.

Help Comes From Reading
Help Comes From Reading

Debating What We Write About

Excuses Don't Change the Facts


 Maybe again give up this writing life, it takes so much time to say anything that is good, and by the time I get done purging all my soul or dilly dallying on this thing it is time to go and I feel no more closer to anything that is of monetary value.  Was feeling pretty good about the horoscopes I read in the off beat northern college town paper.

The frustration returned with  reading the  article about 2011 economy, us ones in the middle doing still the most suffering, well now the poor too with funding getting cut to their needed programs and us getting taxed more as the rich don't cut their spending but their taxes and hire less of us and more in other countries.  Damn it, that makes me mad. That is good writing when it makes my emotions come alive.

I read on face-book about more new LEAF cars by NISSAN going to Japan for higher prices than staying here where we need them.  We need them all over the world, and the companies getting more money than here, don't know if that is bad or good.  Some would say it is relative to where you live.  True, but we could afford them if the workers got paid here instead of there.   

Yet, even I am guilty of wanting higher wages.  Great big, huge companies are just trying to save a dime like me when I like the bargain shopping.  I realize that the companies can't make any money to pay me if I don't pay more for what they offer, a vicious circle, cause if they pay me less, it is things of less value I could afford. 

The obnoxious craziness of the actors and such, the rich and such, their unreasonable prices for stuff, how do those costs come down?  I am not an economist or high enough up on the financial chain to have a freaking clue what to do about it.  Stocks and bonds, my savings should be, enough.  Dang it. 

Good writing has conflict, sometimes that is good, depending on the subject.

Putting The Thoughts to The Page

Making the First Step

So much work just around here to do.  House work, yard work, exercise. Wanna scream at my body for not functioning well enough this morning to go anywhere or do anything.  It is not a machine and it is trying to teach me to have more loving compassion for myself and others.  What will happen to the world when we all do that? 

Does it mean forever walk away from the world of work?  No, of course not.  A writers life leads us to find the balance in the two. We can make the writing our work life.   Thankfully web technology like this writing place makes it easier to do.  Teaching me many lessons about writing too, putting in actual names of towns and cities, tell the stories, own it, make it personal.  All that is much more interesting than just the blah blah fact of the matter.

 I too devour the riveting stories of books, admiring how authors bring  them to life with people places and things.  Going places where I have only dreamed.


Creating Jokes, Learning All Forms of Writing
About Writing and How to Publish

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How Writing Came About

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How To Talk About Writing: A Fundamental Shift in Perspective

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We Write The Dream Into Reality

We each have a writing voice, share it.

The true intent of the writing dream got a hold of me the other day.  It seemed to be saying, maybe they too, are just really good about dreaming of these places and writing of the goals before them.   They (the published writers of our dreams) started trusting and believing the stories are true. They wrote the word, began sending the word out to be printed and read by you.  So that yes, now that they have some money,  they do get to go and do what they love in  these countries around the world.  Good, quality story writing, got them there.   

They didn't go there first, is a new truth I am imagining.  Am I still am carrying that old belief, when I get everything I need to have a writing business, then I will have everything I need and won't have anything to write for?

  So, I begin the walk to another open door that is only full of color.  Dreams do happen that way, Don't really know what it is for, or even care, because in this dream, I am truly honest with myself. No matter how unworthy or ugly, or not funny the writing may be today. I  enjoy staying home, doing this nothing stuff, of no monetary value in some people's eyes.  For the love of it.  For the power and wonder and awe of it.  We will always have something to write for, if we continue to write.

Wish Upon A Star

Where Ever You Are

Starlight, Star bright,

I wish upon a start tonight.

As they shoot across the galaxy,

with child like wonder and pure delight.

I know you love me, all through the night.


Writing takes us there, on shooting stars, we wonder what it all means.

In writing we get to discover and question all the dreams.  Writing purifies the soul, makes us wonder, wants to know.  It lets the shadow side out to glow. 

In the safety of the silver moon light, we pass from wondering how, to doing it now.  We trust as the stars shoot from where they are to where they are going, nothing stops them or gets in the way.

Let us forget about wondering where this writing life is leading.  Learn the lessons, read the books.  Give in to the pleasure, let go of the hard knocks. 

Sometimes we need to let go of the perfection of things, sometimes we don't know the plots.

Writing just the act of some days, are all that bring us out of our haze.  So, we have to quit worrying about the day to day things, trust the satisfaction that writing brings. 

A sky full of stars, do you see more of them too?  Some believe they are reminders of the ones who have gone before, twinkling happiness down on us, showing us how happy they are, making our dreams come true.


How About Writing?

Read Writing Books

Diaries and Journals
Sometimes we need private places to get our thoughts down.

Writing Topics
We make it harder than it needs to be. Make it a daily habit, it will become reality.

Hone Your Writing Skills
Write About Hobbies or Things in Demand

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