How to Find the Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

by lobobrandon

All pet owners would know that pet hair can be found all over the place. Therefore, to effectively clean up this mess we would need to know how to find the best vacuum for per hair

All pet owners would know how difficult it gets to maintain the cleanliness of their carpets and stairs, especially if you've got furry pets at home. Pet hair flies around and gets stuck to almost everything! This is really irritating as the house does seem to get a bit dirty and hairy.

If you house has a lot of carpeting, then you're surely in for a long and tiring cleaning day. Luckily there are quite a few vacuums specifically designed to get rid of pet hair.

You've come here in search of tips to help you select the best vacuum for pet hair right? Well, there are plenty of factors to consider - Right from quality, motor power to pricing.

Just like everything else, there's not one single vacuum that could stand out as being the best. Each of the top vacuums would have their very own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at some tips to help you find the best vacuum for pet hair:

Tips to find the best vacuum for Pet hair

Let's take a look at the most important factors that you need to consider.

Before we actually look at tips on how to find the best vacuum for pet hair, you should know that not all vacuums that are suitable for this purpose would have PET HAIR mentioned on the model name. Also, you would come across plenty of models that work well only when they’re new and further on they’re as good as dead – wasting your time more than collecting fur. 

  • The size of your home - It is really important that you choose a vacuum cleaner that suits the size of your home. If you clean up your house every week or so, then there'd be lots of pet hair and dust in addition to various other bits and pieces spread out across your home. You would want to complete cleaning the whole house and only then empty the container right? So, choose one that has a decent container.
  • Do you have carpets - Carpets are a collection point for animal fur, also they're the hardest to clean. Therefore, if at all you have a carpet you would need to buy a vacuum that has a really high suction power (Not motor power or electric consumption as lower grade manufactures state on their specs). The suction power is mentioned in terms of air watts.
  • Stairs - If you have stairs, you would need to clean them up as well, so make sure that the vacuum you buy is capable of cleaning stairs too. That's not all, when you have stairs, it inevitably means you have another floor to clean! That's why, before you go ahead and buy a vacuum cleaner, make sure it's light enough to carry all the way up. Else, you'd have problems every time you want to clean the house.
  • Budget - This is often the deciding factor when it comes to home appliances. If you're budget is large, you don't have any problems. However, if it's small there are plenty of vacuum cleaners out there. But, not all of them would have the suction power needed to clean your carpets. In such cases, save more before you buy one, else it's money down the drain

These are just a few things that you need to consider before you go ahead and buy a vacuum cleaner to clean pet hair. There are many other factors that play an important role such as noise, size and much more. 

The best vacuum for pet hair - High Quality and long Life!

Vacuums generally have a strong suction when they are clean. That's why you would need to clean them after every use. Else, the next time you're out cleaning you'd take longer to get the work done. 

Earlier, most vacuums used bags to collect the dirt, but now a vast majority of the vacuums use containers - these can be emptied and don't need to be replaced. Dyson is a famous brand that manufactures vacuums, they are the proud inventors of the cyclone technology that prevents the decrease in suction power, because the dirt doesn't clog the filters.

These vacuums are a bit pricey but worth every penny, because they've got high suction power, long life, reliability and are capable of cleaning carpets as well as your floors with ease and efficiency

A bit pricy - But, long term and high power Vacuums from Dyson

Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Va...
Dyson, Inc.
Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upr...

Moderately Priced yet high quality Vacuums for Pet Hair

There are plenty of moderate and cheap vacuums being sold, they are made to look like the popular Dyson's but there's one huge difference between them. They may seem the same, but they don't posses the cyclone technology that prevents the decrease in suction power. 

The only other vacuum cleaner company that manages to offer this high end technology at a cheaper rate is the Shark Navigator Vacuums, they're brilliant at cleaning carpets as well - because they've got a high suction power too. 

Average Price Shark Navigator Vacuums, reasonable life and good performance

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum
Euro-Pro Operated
Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Awa...
Euro Pro Shark
Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuu...

What to look for in a Vacuum for Pet hair when you have carpets

The Belt system!

If you do happen to have a carpet in your home, you would know how dirty it can get - even worse when you have a pet as it gets loaded with pet hair. In order to successfully clean a carpet you would need a vacuum that comes along with a beater brush. A beater brush is basically a roller that has bristles situated at the suction end of the vacuum. 

Usually, these beaters are powered by a belt, in most of the low end vacuums the belt that runs these brushes is made of low quality material and either gets stretched or begins slipping - hence not performing well. Pet fur won't be cleaned off your carpet in this case, but if you're lucky at least the dust would get cleaned off. 

Most high end vacuums have a high quality belt or don't use belts at all. Instead, they make use of a direct drive system.

This is why if you can't afford a powerful and reliable vacuum at the present moment, you could save up for it and use a usual broom and a mop to keep your house clean; and duck-tape to clean your carpets.

Check out some cheap and good hand held vacuums and alternative vacuuming to prevent your pets hair from reaching the floor and carpet - Hand held vacuums and grooming devices

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lobobrandon on 06/22/2012

Ooh! I just love Chow Chow's they have amazing coats - they seem so artificial at times, they're simply brilliant. What's the coat color of your dog? I've never been in a house with one of them, so I'm not pretty sure as to how they shed.

I thought dogs would always love the groomer, it's sad to know he no longer loves it. Thanks again Katie :)

katiem2 on 06/22/2012

I have both a Chow Chow and a Dyson home vacuum. I love both my dog and my Dyson. My Chow is shedding bad and getting older, he is no longer very tolerant of the groomer. I've been wondering how I can do it myself and now I know! I'm getting the dyson! Thanks for the product review. :) K

dustytoes on 06/22/2012

I have a little hand-held vacuum for the pet hair on the carpet on my stairs and it works very well.

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