The Best Hand Held Vacuum for Pet Hair

by lobobrandon

Pets are fun, they make great companions. But, both dog and cat hair is hard to get rid off. The Best Hand Held Vacuum for Pet Hair is really hard to find, let's try to find one.

Today, more than ever, people across the globe are getting themselves pets - the most popular being dogs and cats. These creatures are a part of the family and help bring joy to our homes. Even though pets help relieve stress and improve the performance of kids at school, there's a huge drawback - Hair!

Yes, when you have pet's there's always a problem of loose hair all around the house. It's not just messy, it could also cause breathing problems in some people. Therefore, the need to get rid of this hair arises.

We may have tried using out vacuum cleaners, but to no avail. Well, all you need is a vacuum cleaner designed to get rid of pet hair. Wouldn't it be cool if you could buy a hand held vacuum for per hair and other cleaning purposes at the same time? That's what we're going to look into, a dual purpose vacuum for pet owners.

Hand Held Vacuum for Pet Hair removal - Furniture, Cars and Stairs

The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuums are the most popular and definitely the best hand held vacuums for pet hair removal in the industry. Depending on your needs you could either buy the corded or the cordless version - both of them being top performers (Only if you follow the tips to overcome it's shortcomings as mentioned later on).

Let's take a look at the advantages of this hand held vacuum:

  • It's got a flexible and reliable rubber nozzle that makes up the tip or you can say the sucking end. This looked pretty amazing, but the color I didn't like (Magenta, Pink, Purple - or what ever it is; I'm bad in colors). Well, it could be just me. 
  • The flexible rubber contour nozzle is great for cleaning stairs and a upholstery. But, in case of cars this nozzle is useless. Luckily, the pack comes along with a hard nozzle as well, this helps you clean up the interiors of your car and even corners of your floor at home.
  • It is extremely light and even kids could do the job, make sure they're old enough to handle it though. 
  • Don't waste power, when your moving around from one corner of the room to the other, you can easily turn off the power as there's an on-off switch at reach.
  • Contains a dirt container and not a dirt bag - so there's no need of buying replaceable bags - more savings!
  • If you're using the model possessing a cord, the cord is long enough for all purposes even an entire flight of stairs.

Using this hand held vacuum effectively and with ease

Dog Fur - All over the houseAs already mentioned, there are two different nozzles, one hard and one flexible. How would you switch them? It's pretty easy, there's a round nozzle-release button that you need to press. The nozzle pop out and you can easily place the other.

After every use make sure to empty the container and wash the HEPA media filter as well as the filter screen. Many say the filter screen shouldn't be washed. But, you could do it carefully by using a steady flow of water - don't rub it with your hands or any other cleaning sponge.

It's cup shaped right turn it upside down and then let water flow slowly use your hand as a block to reduce the force of water, that will clear out most of the stuck particles and hair - increasing the life of the filter and thus you get a cleaner room.

Disadvantages of the BISSELL hand held vacuum for pet hair

  • Just a year's warranty, many unfortunate people have experienced a breakdown soon after this period. But, in most cases that's because of bad maintenance. Many people are satisfied even after the end of the warranty period - Check out this review.
  • Is really effective when it comes to cleaning furniture, car interiors and stairs - but it's too tiny to clean up floors.
Cat Fur - Fur Ball!!
Cat Fur - Fur Ball!!
Brush and Groom - Time to Clean me up
Brush and Groom - Time to Clean me up

Hand Held Vacum for pet hair - Groom your pet and clean it before hair lands on your carpet!

What if you could prevent shedding of pet hair?

Pets usually lose lots of hair and we usually find it scattered all around our homes, clumps of hair isn't an unusual sight. But, is beauty the only problem? Many people are allergic to pets because of this very hair. Therefore, if you want to prevent pet hair from spreading across their homes or prevent those allergies, the vacuum cleaner + Pet grooming device would be perfect.

Advantages of this hand held vacuum plus pet groomer device

  • Longer life as the filters don't get clogged up. There's a cyclic action that prevents hair from settling on the filters. Hair does get caught up on the filters, but not as fast as it would have without the cyclic action.
  • Allergens could be vacuumed off as well. All you need to do is groom your pet with the groomer and the job is done.
  • You're actually taking your pet to the beauty parlor when you use this, because there comb removes dirt as well as loose hair from your pets coat in addition to dead skin cells. This improves the overall coat condition of your pet and at the same time gives your pets skin a chance to breathe.
  • The adapter is made well and it fits on every possible vacuum cleaner.
  • It's got both a comb as well as a brush - to keep that coat clean and also tidy.

Disadvantages of this groomer

  • This pack contains just the adapter, brush and comb. You would need to buy a separate vacuum cleaner to do the motoring job. Since most homes already have a vacuum cleaner this isn't a problem at all. If you don't have one, you should opt for a cordless, hand held model as your pets would get scared of hoses coming out of large vacuum cleaners. The Bissell vacuum cleaner would be fine as well.
  • Cat's love it on first sight. But, dogs tend to be a bit scared; however, once they get used to it, they wouldn't be able to live without it.

Finding the best vacuum for your home and needs

There are plenty of vacuum models manufactured by various brands in different price ranges, but it's not easy to shorten the list and pick one single model that would be the best for us.

That's the reason I wrote a complete article to help you pick the right model for your home and budget - How to find the best vacuum for Pet Hair

Updated: 06/21/2012, lobobrandon
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lobobrandon on 06/22/2012

The hand held ones are pretty amazing and easy to handle. I love using a hand held vacuum just for the fun of it actually :)

katiem2 on 06/22/2012

Hmm now that I read this I think I will go with this hand held version for my dog. It seems the most easy to use given my dog is not very patient with the grooming these days.

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