How to Keep Kids Lunch Cool: Freezable and Insulated Lunch Bags, Boxes and Packs and Other Ideas

by TerriRexson

Are you wondering how to keep your kids lunch cool as the weather gets warmer? Find the latest freezable lunch bags and other ideas for a cool lunch.

As I write this the weather is getting warmer. My son prefers to take a packed lunch with him to school and his favorite sandwich filling is meat. There are no refrigeration facilities at school so his lunch has to for survive several hours before he eats it.

In this summer it is very important to keep food, especially meat, cool until lunchtime. He loves cucumber too and that tend to go horribly soggy if it's not kept cool.

So it's time to find a solution that will keep him lunch cool in warmer weather so he can keep having the foods he likes.

Freezable Lunch Bags

I've seen freezable gel packs that you pop in the freezer and then put in a child's bag, but I've always been concerned that they might leak - really not a good situation for a kids lunch box. 

So I was really pleased to find these PackIt Freezable Lunch Bags where there's an eco-gel built into the bag itself. This looks like a much better option. 

You place the whole bag in the freezer to freeze the gel and then it keeps lunches cool for several hours. 

The bags are also very kid-friendly and come in lots of designs that will appeal to boys and girls. There are plain solid color designs as well as patterned ones. 

These bags do take up a bit of space in the freezer and I think their 10 hour claim is a bit optimistic! But they look like a good practical option that will appeal to kids. 

Thermos Funtainer Food Jars

We often think of vacuum flasks for keeping food hot, but they do a great job of keeping things cool too. A thermos food jar is a good way to keep salads and finger foods cool in the summer. And of course you'll also be able to use it in winter to keep food warm. 

Thermos make a Funtainer range of food jars just for kids with kids characters on them. They get good reviews for insulation and not leaking. Fill your Funtainer with ice to cool it down before putting cold food in. 

Lunch Bag Ice Pack

The Kids Konserve KK066 Sweat-Free Ice Pack is a freezable ice pack with a cover that goes in the bottom of a lunch bag. 

This is a good option if your child already has a lunch bag that they love and want to keep using through the summer. (My son's lunch bag is ready for replacement having been in use for 18 months already!)

This freezable ice pack is sweat-free avoiding the moisture that's often a problem with gel ice packs. 

It comes in colors that will appeal to boys and girls. It is non-toxic and BPA free and the cover is even made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Kids Konserve KK066 Sweat-Free Ice Pack

Magenta or Mud Color
Kids Konserve KK066 Magenta Squiggle Sweat-Free Ice Pack

Make Sure Food is Cold When You Pack It

You can help your kids lunch stay cold by making sure it's cold when you pack it. I keep fruit in the fridge. Some items can even be frozen, but be careful. One of my busy working Mom friends once sent her child to school with frozen sandwiches, but the weather was cold and they were still frozen at lunchtime. Oops!

Stay Fit EZ Freeze Lunch Boxes and Containers

Another great option for keeping kids' lunches cool is the the Stay Fit EZ Freeze range. These lunch boxes and snack pots have freezer gel built in to the containers. You pop the lunchbox in the fridge and then it keeps food cool for hours. 

There's a box that's just right for a sandwich, one that will take a sandwich plus fruit, salad or other extras and there's a range of snack pots. 

The EZ Freeze range is BPA free. And some of the containers can even go on the top shelf of the dishwasher. 

In the UK you can buy EZ Freeze Lunch Boxes on eBay

More Lunch Cooler Ideas on eBay

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Shaz on 03/31/2012

Great looking lunch boxes and accessories. I so wish they would have been invented when I was at school :)

TerriRexson on 03/29/2012

Thanks Yeirl, that's great to hear! My son is a fussy eater and prefers to take his own lunch. Having seen the school meals I can't say I blame him! At least it's cheaper to send in a packed lunch.

Yeirl on 03/29/2012

Get school lunch? he he he. I am a lousy cook, and I am afraid that my kids prefer school lunch over mine. I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I love your recommendations that have to do with kid stuff. My kids are girls, but they love your wizzes (My big girl thinks that WIZZES reminds her of a friend with asthma). They do like your recommendations and always bugging me!

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