How To Wear Vintage Brooch Pins

by leeann

Ideas for using vintage brooch pins to enhance your favorite, dresses, hats and sweaters. Get maximum fashion impact with your favorite antique jewelry.

A vintage brooch is the accessory of choice when you want to add instant elegance to any outfit.  Wearing one allows you to connect an element of fashion from the past to the styles of today. You can go retro or you can go elegant all with one piece of fabulous jewelry.  If you’ve ever wondered how wear one and make it work for you then here are ideas to get you started.

You can be your own fashion stylist with these ideas for wearing your favorite anitique jewelry. Start with the simple and then take risks and create an edgy style.  How do you get started? You might like to try creating a look like this one with a special dragonfly pin on a silver or white silk scarf.

Antique Vintage Brooch
Antique Vintage Brooch

Elegant Ways To Wear Vintage Jewelry

When it’s instant elegance you’re seeking to create then choose a diamond vintage brooch and pair it with anything garment that’s black.  Just one piece can turn a simple long black dress into a formal gown.  This is also a great trick to use on dresses that are midnight blue.

Don’t worry if you don’t wear black.  It can also work for a white on white look.  If your dress is all white the diamonds will catch the light in the room and it will add instant sparkle to your outfit.

Antique jewelry looks amazing on velvet and silk!

Show Off Your Collection

If one vintage brooch is never enough for you, then get out your collection because three work well when it comes to fashion.  Three of anything makes a collection and when you wear it on a piece of clothing it will draw the viewer’s eye to that area.  One of the best looks is to wear it on the shoulder area of a black jacket.

Do you love wearing denim jackets?  Here’s an idea that works to enhance the style and yet keep it edgy.  Choose marcasite jewelry.  You can use large or small pieces, but make sure you have the essential three pieces.  Then go ahead and add more pieces to your collection.  You might even decide to add pieces from your favorite decades.

Vintage Jewelry For Hats

Give your favorite fedora an instant feminine look by using a vintage brooch on the band.   The piece you choose will depend upon your own personal style.  Thin geometric shapes add sizzle while still blending in.  Flower pins are perfect if you like wearing your fedora with lacy neck scarves or lace dresses.  Cute animal shapes add spunk to any outfit.  Remember, with a fedora you can change them out.  The main thing is to keep the focus on using one select piece of retro jewelry.

Double Duty Vintage Brooches

Who says a vintage brooch can only be worn as jewelry?  You can make yours do double duty by using it for a belt.  If you’ve ever been in the position of wanting to cinch in the waist of a long shirt or sweater and just didn’t seen to have a belt that would work then try using jewelry. 

Take a long wide velvet ribbon and wrap it around your waist.  Pin the ends together with your favorite large pin.  You don’t even have to cut the ends to be even, just let them hang down naturally.

This is also a great option to use when you have a jacket that doesn’t have buttons.  Yes it may be a comfortable look  but what do you do if you suddenly want to have a closure on it?  That’s where your grandmother’s favorite jewelry comes in handy.  Go ahead and try it out by pinning the jacket together in just one place. Totally gorgeous!

Memories were made to be shared and wearing your favorite vintage brooch is a good way to tell the world you value the past as well as the future.

Updated: 12/10/2011, leeann
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