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The second post which shows more about the relationship between Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel and Franz Goebel, and other forms of art in addition to the figurines.

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Collectors' Club Member

The Sweet Success of Hummel-Goebel Alliance

After the success of Leipzig Fair in 1935, which was the launch of the new line of Figurines which had the trademark and name of "M. I. Hummel", a domino effect of new ideas blossom over the years. 

In 1936, the demand on the export market was incredible high. So Franz Goebel and Maria Inocentia agreed to continue with more figurines using her drawings.
Hummel figuring were a great success in USA via the Marshall Field Company of Chicago, at that time the largest Department Store in the Midwest.

The Alliance Partners

Franz Goebel - Maria Innocentia
Franz Goebel - Maria Innocentia

The Critical Years

March WindsStarting 1937 Sister Maria Inocentia's physical resistance started to get in obvious decline. A chain of Nazi imposed hardships made the life in the Siessen Convent harder and harder, the royalties obtained  for the manufacture of Hummel figurines helped the Convent in a big way.

In 1940 the Berlin government wanted all religious activities in Germany be stopped. At the end of that year Siessen Convent was assigned to be an ethnic repatriation for Germans who formally lived in other countries.

Maria Innocentia continued with her artistic drawings, but the food shortage, and many other factors contribute to a continue decline of the health.

In 1944, after a relapse of her lung infection, in a hospital in the Swabien Alps she got a correct diagnostic of chronic tuberculosis.

It was too late, a new relapse in 1945, and in Nov 1946 Sister Maria Innocentia died at age of 37. 

More then just figurines

figurineThe name of the left figurine is "Boy With Tooth Ache".

Because the originals a rare I give you the trade marks on the back of the Hummel Goebel original products, and the Goebel trade marks until 1923.

It is true that the Hummel Goebel figurines are the most popular but I post a list of other products as well in the Hummel-figurines post. Today I'll show a part of them:  

  • Plates
  • Wall Plaques
  • Book Ends
  • Motifs on Wall Vase

Hummel Goebel Trade Marks

Hummel Goebel Inscriptions
Hummel Goebel Inscriptions
Goebel Inscriptions
Goebel Inscriptions

Hummel Goebel Plates

The celebration of 100 years of Goebel Company and they accompishments was an important event in 1971.

To Celebrate the magic of 100 years Goebel introduced first annual "M. I. Hummel" plate.

Apple BoyThat plate and the ones which follow were unique, each porcelain plate had its hand-decorated motif in form of a bas-relief. It was produced for 12 month of that year and the mold was destroyed after a period of an year.

If you happen to collect those plates keep them, they are precious, and they are unique, they will never be reproduced.

In 1975 was also a celebration of five years of the anual plates. That year plate was larger in size.

I present a couple of them, enjoy the charming plates. 

More Plates

Heavenly Angel
Heavenly Angel
Hear Ya, Hear Ya
Hear Ya, Hear Ya
Singing Lesson
Singing Lesson

Plaque Quartet

Plaque Quartet
Plaque Quartet

Which Hummel-Goebel products you enjoy the most?

More Hummel Goebel posts

Hummel Goebel Figurines
This is a different post dedicated only to figurines which are the most popular,.

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Leon on 02/21/2017

I have a wall plaque 1973 hand painted how do I find its worth and history. A daffodil with a number imprinted in to the plaque 59 111-16 thanks

Michey on 07/03/2011

Oh! I will love to see a collection of 800 Goebel, this is a real value.
Thanks for stopping by

Digby_Adams on 07/03/2011

My mother was the president of our local Goebel Collector's Club. She has over 800 hummels. Some of them are very rare.

petunia on 06/23/2011

Perfectly lovely Hummels!

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