I am a Poet

by Jewelsofawe

my poetry has been a way to express myself in a creative and artistic way

I Write Poetry

I am a poet. I have written poetry since I was 12 years. I don't write it now unless something moves me to do so. For instance when my grandfather died a year ago my grandmother asked me to write a poem about him, so I did.

For me poetry has been a vehicle of intimacy. As I have written through out my life I have actually learned more about myself, others and life through the words that would come from me. It presented a way to look in more depth at myself, thus the intimacy of getting to know thyself.

When I was about 18 I stopped writing poetry and I had a sudden urge to write a poem at 23 after many years of not writing as I was breast feeding my second daughter a poem needed to come out. I actually asked my husband to get me a pencil and paper as I had to get the poem out now and not wait so I would not forget the words. I wrote it in about a minute or two. The words just poured out. The title of the poem was I am Woman. It is not in any of my books. It starts out:

I am woman

Hear my voice

Let it be silenced no more

See me in all my glory

Feel my power

I am woman

There is more to it, but that is how it started. It was a poem about honoring myself as a woman and speaking up for myself. From that poem I went on to write many more, most of my poetry in my books is from the year 2001 and beyond when I was in my thirties. Poetry to me is symbolic and one needs to understand the symbolism in it to understand what it is saying. For instance in one of my poems I write about Purple skies which means passion. It really depends on the what the feel of  a certain poem is as to what each word means. A number of my poems are inspirational in nature.

I will put some of my poetry on here for you to see. You can also see a few poems on my page: Who is Jewelsofawe here at Wizzley.

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Poems by Me

This is the poem I wrote for my Grandad after he died.

When I Think of You

When they told me you may be leaving us

So many memories of my life with you

Came to my mind


When I think of you

I think of family

All the vacations we took

Motorcycles in the desert

Three wheelers, two wheelers, that side car

You loved so much

And the way you would make it go up in the air

It would give me a pretty good scare

But it had a television in it

So, it was pretty cool to be in there riding along with you


When I think of you

I think about

All the things you loved to build

Best of all for me was the dollhouse you made

When I was ten

Furnished with thoughtful touches

You loved us like that

I think some may have missed

The beauty in your heart that makes you want to

Do things like build a butterfly house or a doll house

It is all out of love


When I think of you

I think of airplanes

You loved to fly

I speak often of the time I was 4 years old

Sitting on grandma's lap co piloting with you

You let go and made me think I was driving the plane

I was so scared

But you were always there

You always cared for all of us


When I think of you

I think of orange trees on the farm

Of Christmases come and gone

Of memories that live on

Your wacky humor I have pictures of

And I am so glad

We said to one another


I love you no matter what

Because I do


What Sudden Songs

I don’t know

What sudden songs

Of nature sing


Quiet, though it may seem

Slightly restless

Wandering westward

The horizon of the sun


He sleeps next to me

At night

Sweet face

Lying where I sometimes stare


What dreams

Keep him here?

Seeds of Joy


Into being



Of a garden

Planted with seeds

Of joy


Growing into

Full blooms

Of peaceful contentment



Into light

Filled of

Endless beauty

Open Channels

He stands so strong

In the open channels

I explore


Cascading through the door

A lightning bolt

Striking cautiously


He opens books

To remind himself


Is not perfection

A slight oversight

Taken to correction


Some days

He sings

As wild fire

Other days

He whispers

And I must strain

To hear

His timid voice


Updated: 01/26/2012, Jewelsofawe
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MaxReily on 08/29/2011

Lovely poetry! You're talented in so many areas!

mbgphoto on 07/15/2011

Beautiful poetry...beautiful photography. You are a very talented lady! I always enjoy your Wizzley's and lenses.

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