I hate American Idol - my prediction for 2011

by chefkeem

One week before the finals of American Idol 2011, I want to predict the winner and I need to vent my anger at the producers, whether they'll read it or not.

First the good stuff about American Idol 2011

The talent is mind-boggling

Up until this season, I've never really followed American Idol. A little peek here and there, a few laughs at Simon's antics, a few groaners at what's-her-face...I had definitely more important things to do.

Things changed when earlier this year I caught a glimpse of this season's 13 finalists. A glimpse turned into a closer look. The closer look turned into a hook in my, well, mind or heart or what-have-you. I was hooked, that is.

So I'd arrange my work schedule in a way that allowed me to flop down on the 'easy' at 7 p.m., Central Standard/Daylight/Sunshine Appreciation/Whatchamacallit Time. Sharp.

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Many moons ago, when I was still young and springy-limbed, I did exactly that for a living what American Idol is doing today: discovering talent. Only back then - the old-fashioned way. I traveled around Germany as a record company rep visiting small-town song contest and torturing myself through demos sent to my office. Don't wanna digress...just sayin' (for whatever it's worth) - I look at something like American Idol perhaps with a little more of an analytical mind than the average viewer.

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Back to our 13 finalists. I couldn't believe my ears and eyes when I watched their performances, especially those of Haley, Casey and James. Not only know these guys how to sing, they also have incredible personalities and absolutely unique ways of artistic expression.

Later on I took a real liking to Scotty ("the body"). 16 years old, with a voice like a seasoned crooner, and with more self-confidence than Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli on steroids.

However, around the beginning of the last month of the season, a new star was born on my celestial ceiling: Lauren. I don't know what she did, or what happened to her mind, or what else. She turned the whole thing around and---in my humble opinion--- made it her own.

It was as if this 15-year-old teenager had changed overnight into a superb performance artist. All of a sudden, her songs touched me deep in my heart. Perhaps not so much the songs, but rather her interpretations. This young woman not only sings from the heart, she actually radiates her love and passion for her music outward and into the hearts of the audience.

So, without further ado, one week before the finals, I'm going to predict the winner of American Idol 2011.

You guessed it, it's Lauren Alaina.

Winner American Idol 2011 (my prediction): Lauren Alaina

"Unchained Melody" gives me goosebumps...

What I hate about American Idol 2011

Other than greed, there's no excuse for this crap

Is greed really a good excuse anyway?

  • The whole show feels like a huge commercial presentation with a few song sections in between. Bungled priorities. Totally.
  • The young artists (15 and 16 years) are shamelessly exploitet for Ford commercials in sloppy and embarrassingly silly video clips. Hey, producer people - these are serious artists, mostly very mature for their age. A little more respect, please!
  • About halfway through the season, the Thursday shows became a real disgrace. Now look, they have a roster of fantastic talent and a full hour of show time, but what do they do? First, of course, pack it with commercials. Next, promote the new music videos of---I can't believe this---the judges!? Jennifer, Steve - do you have any shame, at all? Third, okay, let's have our contestants sing a couple of songs...but really short versions, please! Because, you know, American Idol is not about the talent...it's about the sponsors, the judges, and Mister "Sincerity in 5 seconds or less" Seacrest. Tsunami of payola crappola.

Is this really the future of our beloved TV shows?

  • 20% good stuff
  • 80% upcoming attractions on this channel (over and over the same boring trailers), latest "happy" drugs, must-have new cars, room spray that brings families back together, and lots of commercials with cartoon characters telling us how to live our lives. And a few upcoming attractions...(I'm about to hurl something into my frito pie)

American Idol - the 2011 season

You watch it? Whatcha think?
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Well said, m'friend.

My favorite song by American Idol James Durbin

He came in fourth and it was a very sad good-bye


This article was published in the a.m. of May 19.

Tonight, after 50 minutes of abysmal ignorance of the top 3 contestant's talent---don't you get it, producers...we want to hear them sing, not your latest acts (Randy?) in need of exposure---Scotty and Lauren made it to the finals. Haley took it in stride. She'll be a huge star.

Mr. Seaweed's announcement said it all:

  • Next week's last competition show will last one hour
  • The final results will be presented during a two-hour show.

Get ready for at least 90 minutes of useless crap.

Congratulations to Scotty! (And all other contestants, too!)

Updated: 05/27/2011, chefkeem
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DerdriuMarriner on 10/16/2018

chefkeem, Are any of the talents that you considered promotable around and would they have name recognition for me? I always hope that people like you when you were talent-scouting are watching and do something about the talent that doesn't win.

Holistic_Health on 07/06/2011

I watched season one and got so pissed off I never watch again. Silly teenagers calling in on cell phones does not determine talent!

PeggyHazelwood on 06/05/2011

Don't watch it. Couldn't care less about this. I'm sure there is good talent coming out of the show, but it just doesn't interest me. At all.

theherbivorehippie on 06/02/2011

I voted for Haley all along and was so disappointed when she was voted off. After that...my vote went to Lauren. Even though she didn't win I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot from her.

irenemaria on 05/30/2011

I hope you feel better now, when you could ventilate your feelings hehehe
I agree in what you say. American Idol has probably overstayed its popularity

ohme on 05/30/2011

Would you believe that I don't watch American Idol. I know a lot of folks love it but I just haven't gotten into Reality TV that much. Give me more Law and Order re-runs. lol

wenkrick on 05/29/2011

My favorite was James. But I'm glad that Scotty won. I love country music so I'll be looking forward to his new songs.

Jimmie on 05/28/2011

My fave was Pia who was voted off mid-way. After that, I didn't really want to watch. Lauren and Scotty were my least favorite performers. I guess I'm very different from the majority of of Americans in my musical taste.

chefkeem on 05/27/2011

@Rich - James was my favorite, too. He still is. His rendition of "Will you still love me tomorrow" had me weeping. Looking forward to The X-Factor as well.
@Linette - at the beginning of the final top 13 (wasn't it 13, for some reason?) I picked James and Haley as potential winners. Oh well, it's all good. :)

Kids_Fun on 05/27/2011

I totally agree with you! I only watch about the last 5 or 10 minutes of the results show to see who goes on. I skip the rest of it and do other things. I'm also a big Lauren Elaina fan, she was my favorite from the beginning. I love her personality and her voice. Scotty grew on me too. The two of them were my pick for final two from the top 12 on. I told myself I liked both and didn't care who won, but I was a little disappointed when Lauren didn't win:-( I hope they both do well in their careers.

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