I like long hair

by Lilysnape

I enjoy having long hair and believe there are advantages. Some people's religions require long hair.


Do you think long hair is beautiful, a sign of good health, necessary or maybe not quite respectable after a certain age?

Some have long hair for reasons of taste.
Others including Sikhs have long hair for religious reasons.
Some people enjoy having the wind blow through their hair, as it gives a wonderful feeling of freedom

Some myths about long hair

Cutting hair makes it grow. Hair grows from the roots not the ends.

Using the right products will make it thicker. It takes the body energy to grow hair so good nutrition is much more important.

Wearing hats can cause hair loss, they cut off the circulation to the scalp. The amount of hair loss is genetic but can be affected by illnesses. Hats are a matter of comfort and style.

People with long hair are more likely to catch head lice. This is wrong but they will be harder to find and more of a nightmare to deal with in longer hair.


American Indian Recruits

Hair is an extension of the nervous system. It can be regarded as a sort of antennae that transmits information about surroundings. This shows on Kirlian photography . During the Vietnam war the American Indians recruited for tracking lost much of their famous tracking ability after receiving their military haircuts.



Can change style daily, if you have the time, patience and imagination.

Looks healthy and youthful, providing it is kept clean and shiny. It looks terrible if it is dirty.

There is more of it to accessorize.

Covering blemishes.

Warm neck in the winter.

For men of some religions, shows they respect their religion.

It feels lovely to have the wind blowing through really long hair trailing behind, on a beach or on a motorbike, feeling of being, long, free and flowing.

A round face will look thinner

If it is very long you can donate it.


Hair facts

Prisoners and slaves have been forced to have their hair shaved off to make them feel weak and humiliated.

Hair grows faster in summer and at night.

Hair grows faster from age sixteen to twentyfour.

It is made of mostly keratin, the same material that makes animals hooves, claws, horns and beaks.

Hair contains a lot of information about what has been in the blood stream and is very useful forensic evidence.

In Ancient Rome, women used to dye their hair blonde with pigeon dung.

Hair traps air just outside the skin, helping to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. It absorbs ultra-violet rays , reducing skin cancer. This reduction does not mean it is safe to avoid warnings about midday sun and the risk of skin cancer. The more hair there is the better the effect.

Many drugs cause hair loss

Thyroid problems can cause hair loss

Chemotherapy sadly causes hair loss in a great many people

Some people choose to go bald, Buddhist monks in order to sever all attachments.

Famous confident women such as Sinead to make a statement..

Hair care tips

You owe it to yourself to look after your hair.


Use a wooden comb.

Cocunut oil is very good for hair, especially if it is dry.

Squeeze, do not rub, when towelling dry.

Always carry out a patch test before using dye. Some people have suffered terrible reactions from failing to do this.

Eat good nutritious food, cut down on sugar and do not smoke. This will also make your skin look better and of course is good for all round health.

Never, ever tie hair back with elastic bands.

Always tie long hair back to cook, use machinery or play any contact sport. This is important for safety and food hygiene



Your hair is an important statement about who you are, have it the length, style and colour to suit yourself. Wigs can make an interesting change for some people and for people who have lost their hair, other than by choice.



Updated: 05/11/2016, Lilysnape
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