Ice Skating Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies for Girls

by SusanM

Great ideas for creating a great ice skating birthday party for girls

Ice skating birthday parties are a fun and popular idea to celebrate a girl's birthday with. There's only one problem with them though. Finding party supplies with an ice skating theme can be really hard. So here's some easy ideas for creating an ice skating themed birthday party for a girl aged 4 years and up.

Ice Skating Party Invitations

Choosing an ice skating themed invitation is important. Why? Because it sets the mood for the whole party. It adds far more excitement and anticipation to the upcoming party. It focuses on the all important party theme from the first announcement. These are all important parts of creating a great themed party.  

If the invitation isn't an ice skating themed one it can decrease those exciting feelings that go with an ice skating party. This means even though they can be hard to find it's worth the effort.  

Add an Ice Skating Stamp

Many people don't realize you can pop ice skating themed stamps on party invitations. This makes receiving the invitation really special. This is because they get some of that ice skating feel before they even open the envelope. 

Stamps like this also have a great novelty feel that kids love. So it's an easy way to add some extra excitement.

But these stamps are only for use by people in the USA.

Ice Skates Cake Topper

Cake toppers are an easy way to take an ordinary cake and turn it into an ice skating themed party cake. You just need to pick the cake base and add icing that will go with the colors and design of the cake topper. 

Unfortunately there are very few ice skating themed cake toppers around. Luckily the one I found is stylish looking. The colors and style will suit any age too - including older girls. 

I think this would look lovely on a white iced cake with blue icing highlights. This is because it will go with the colors in the cake topper, but it also suggests the coldness and colors of ice.

Ice Skates Party Balloon

Party balloons are an essential. This is especially so when other themed party supplies aren't available. There's not a lot of party supplies made for ice skating parties. But a few of these balloons with cups, plates, a tablecloth and streamers in matching colors will create the right party feel. 

The ice colored blues and whites in the ice skating party supplies you can buy do go together luckily and look good. So when adding extra supplies with plain colored party items stick to the same family of colors like ice blue, blue, ice mauve, purple, silver and white.

Make Ice Skating Themed Cookies

Unless you're having your ice skating party near Christmas, when snowflake cookies are about, you're probably going to have a hard time finding ice skating themed cookies. 

Ice skating themed cookies are easy to make yourself though. You don't even have to make the dough. If you're not a baker you can just grab your favorite store bought cookie dough to work with instead.

The trick is to have cookie cutters on hand in shapes that suit an ice skating party. You'll also need colored icing that will go with the colors that are in your party supplies. So you'll need colors like  white, light blue and mauve.  

If you're not a fan of using cookie cutters and are making your own cookie dough you can also get non-stick cookie pans that will suit. This snowflake design one would work well with an ice skating theme.

You can get a few different snowflake designs in the cookie pans but I wasn't able to find other ice skating themed pans, like skates or mittens.

Make Ice Skating Chocolates for Your Party

Chocolates are another easy idea for goodies at an ice skating themed party. You can get chocolate molds in an ice skating boot shape too, as well as mitten and snowflake shapes. 

You can either stick to just the ice skate shaped mold to keep to a pure ice skating themed. Although if you're going to only use this shape it would be best to buy a few of the ice skate molds so you're not having to wait for each batch to be done before you can make another. You might also want to use white and milk chocolate just to add some variety and color to your chocolates.

You can also mix and match the ice skate, mitten and snowflake chocolate shapes for added interest on the party table.

Ice Skating Party Cupcakes

Ice skating party cupcakes are also easy to make with some cupcake toppers. I wasn't able to find any cupcake toppers with actual ice skates or ice skaters on them. I did find these mitten and snowflake ones though. 

These fit into an ice skating themed party not just because mittens and snowflakes fit with the ice theme of wintertime. But the colors of white and ice blue go well with the bigger cake topper too.

Ice Skating Sprinkles

Another way you can create cupcakes, or even a larger cake, for you ice skating birthday party is to use winter sprinkles like these snowflake sprinkles.

These would look great on a iced cupcake or cake, as long as the icing color you're putting them onto isn't white. White sprinkles on a white iced cupcake or cake would create a rather bland look without some added color.

More Birthday Party Ideas

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SusanM on 01/21/2013

Gosh thanks Katie :D

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What an adorable page, totally knocked my socks off, love it and have a new found love for skating birthday parties. :)K

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