Ice Skating Birthday Party Favors for Girls

by SusanM

Great ideas for those hard to find ice skating birthday party favors for girls

Ice skating is a fun idea for a girl's birthday party but it can be really hard to find good birthday party favors for the big day.

These ice skating toys, activities and novelties aren't found in the normal birthday party aisle but they make great party favors. They also stop the problem of having to fill up the birthday treat bag with favors that have nothing to do with ice skating - which can be disappointing for kids. Using birthday party favors about ice skating makes things more fun and special for everyone.

Ice Skating Coloring Book

Coloring books about ice skating are rare. So I was really pleased to find this one. It would make a great favor to pop into the birthday party treat bag. 

Each picture shows someone ice skating. Many are figure skating. A lot of the pictures are of children ice skating rather than just professional adult skaters.  

Each drawing to color has a simple sentence underneath like "sometimes skaters perform together as a pair". This makes this coloring book best for preschool or school aged girls up to about 10 years old. 

The drawings to color in this book are lovely. They have lots of detail in the pictures. So they are more interesting for school aged girls to color in. 

Ice Skating Stickers

Stickers are always a great idea because kids love them. Sticker that are ice skating themed for kids are really hard to find though. Luckily I did find some good ones. 

These single design sticker sheets have 20 stickers each. You only need one sticker in each child's bag. But you might like to have a couple of sticker sheets so you can pop a few with different designs in their party favor bag.

Ice Skating Gloves

This a great idea that one of my readers grabbed at Amazon. These gloves (or mittens) are a useful idea for an ice skating party favor bag. They're practical, cute and come in lots of color choices. Perfect for winter or the ice skating rink. Something that can be used for years. 

Any mitten-like glove would work in the party bag but these are more special. This is because they have the ice skating logo on them. 

These gloves are also much cheaper than I expected. So a good choice for your party budget too.


Ice Skate Pencil Set

Novelty stationary makes a good party favor for school aged kids. Things like this are a bit of a status symbol at school - and it lets kids bring something of their personality with something they love into the school environment even if they wear a uniform.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover these ice skating themed pencils and erasers. What's even better is that they come as a set with enough for 3 party bags in each pack. (Every child can get 1 eraser and 4 pencils in their bag.)

Ice Skate Favor for 18" Doll

These are a novel and cute idea for a girls' ice skating party favor. The little blades, fur adornment and tiny laces are just adorable looking. 

Most girls between about 4 and 8 years of age have an 18" doll. (American Girl Dolls are 18" dolls.) So these pink ice skates are great for pretend play and doll dress up. 

They're also a good price for a party favor too. Under $4 each. 

Glitter Paper Doll Favor

Stickers are always an essential for a birthday party treat bag - and this sticker book is a nice sticker novelty for an ice skating party. 

This is a small but fun sticker book for girls. It's cheap because it's only 2 pages but the glitter sticker books by Dover Publications I've seen have been really sweet. (I've bought butterfly ones for a 6 year old girl).

It's also the only ice skating stickers I could find in this price range. (The next step up is around $5 for each ice skating sticker. I thought this was a bit expensive just for one party sticker for each child.) 

Ice Skate Cookie Favors

These ice skating cookies are fun to add to a birthday treat bag. They're not only a sweet treat girls will love they are really cute too. 

Unfortunately they're out of stock at Amazon on the day that I write this article. But check in via the Amazon link to see if they're back in stock or if they have similar cookies available. Because they would be great as an ice skating birthday party favor. 

Make Your Own Ice Skating Chocolate Favors

Ready to go food favors can be really hard to find for an ice skating themed party. You can easily make your own favors though by using chocolate molds. Once they're made you just need to wrap them in cellophane and pop them in the party bag. 

There're aren't many chocolate molds that go with an ice skating theme. But you can add interest and color by using both white and milk chocolate (or swirl the two types of chocolate together). This will make these homemade favors look more exciting.  

Make Your Own Cookies Too

Cookies are another good idea for a party favor bag. One or two of a special ice skating themed design in each bag would be enough. 

Many people feel more comfortable making cookies with their favorite home made or store bought dough than making chocolate. So these cookie molds are a great alternative if you are a cookie fan.

Dora Ice Skating Favor

For younger girls this Boots Beanie Baby with his little ice skates is a great choice.

Boots is a loved Dora character and his little ear muffs, mittens and skates make a good match for an ice skating party theme. 

Beanie Babies are very popular with girls. You can pop them into a party bag of girls 3 years and up too so they're good for preschool and school aged girls.

Amazon often has them on sale. As I write this they're $5.99. So they're a "deluxe" birthday party favor but for $6 each (when they're on sale) they're not too expensive. 

Ice Skating Mystery

This is a fun mystery book for children who are learning to read. Kids who aren't ice skating fans really enjoy it so it's even better for a child who loves to ice skate. 

Books are usually overlooked when party favors are being chosen but this one is a good choice. This is especially when there are so few ice skating party favors to choose from. (It's much more fun having favors that are about ice skating not just general toys.)

At $3.99 per book it's a great price too.

Eloise Skates

This is another great early reader to use as a party favor. It's the same price as The Ice Skating Mystery ($3.99). But it's a much easier book than the Mystery. This means it's better for girls who have just started to read (around the 4 to 6 year old age range). 

Eloise like Madeline is a favorite childhood character. The book has a really cute story so a great birthday favor for a ice skating treat bag.

Ice Skate Party Favors on Ebay

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