Iconic Decor with Glass and Crystal for Home Interiors

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Decorative glass can be quite magical, versatile and glamorous. An exciting element to work with, it has all the properties and a perfect harmony with the rays of light.

If you like extra-ordinary and extra-terrestrial, there is an element out in our planet that looks stunning in decorations. Glass is easily available and affordable unlike the gemstones that are rare. Meet this unique material; it is the magnificent glass and its compounds.

Decorative glass can be extremely beautiful with or without colours. The decor from it can be artistically divine; glass can be crafted with multitude of patterns, designs and colors in complete unison with other elements of decor.

Glass with cutting edge technology can be made as crafty as an artist desires. It can be taken to the next level where it fulfills the creativity and presentation. You can easily choose and highlight the color from the spectrum of light that matches your interiors. Since it can reflect light so brilliantly, this shining material can return a varying palette of light rays from the amazing spectrum of sunlight, thus highlighting the right shade of color you want for your centerpiece.

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Decorative Glass for Interior Decorations


Decorative glass is no doubt a high profile element that has enhanced the usage of glass as an ornamental building block. Fragile yet adaptable, the multi-faceted silica compound can be molded into various forms such as crystals and Swarovski transforms. Colored flutes, porcelain, artifacts, tall vases and figurines, glass can embrace all of them.

Though glass is a common household material and there for more than thousand years, the option of using it for decorative accent is comparatively new. It was used as a decorative element some hundred years ago because it wasn’t until the Romans explored its usage for artistic endeavours.

The Romans nevertheless were the first civilization that used it for decorative purposes. Before glass was limited to drinking glasses, containers, bottles and cutlery, now you will find it as an enhancement and décor even in construction, landscaping buildings and amazing architectures. In interior designs in homes and showrooms, glass is used extensively where it gives an illusion of doubling the space with mirrors. It is also used in making windows to allow the passage of sunlight, brighten and cheer the ambience of homes. 

Daum Crystal Lotus Vase

Daum Crystal Lotus Bowl

What is Glass?


 The glass is actually a hard brittle substance which is transparent. It comprises of metal silicates and similar compounds. It is a translucent non crystalline solid made from a fused mixture of oxides, such as lime, silicon dioxide, etc. The difference between glass and porcelain is subtle. Porcelain is also a translucent ceramic material. The principal ingredients of porcelain being kaolin, petuntse, ground glassy substances, soapstone, bone ash  and other clays.

Dale Tiffany Collection of Fine Art Glass


Perhaps the Dale Tiffany Collection is the most celebrated collection of fine art. Glass is the most abundantly used material in lighting elements like candle, chandeliers and stained glass windows. The Tiffany studio uses a very high quality processed art glass that in turn used a copper foil and a leading, clandestine technique that was originally developed by its creator Louis Comfort Tiffany.

This technique and craftsmanship was preserved for more than 100 years. The modern creator of Tiffany’s line of production is Dale Tiffany who has captured the impeccable art in its finest form. The modern creations are an exact replica of the artist and no two creations are similar. Each of the masterpieces is unique and an heirloom piece fit to be kept for generations. They are extra-ordinary, exemplary piece of art which are unparalleled home accents, traditional and elegant just right for any seasonal decor. 

Your favourite glass accent?

Decorative Glass from YouTube

Glass Decor on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/08/2023

In particular, I appreciate the Tiffany room divider. The color and the patterns call to mind the designs from the world's first glass-blowers, who provided the ancient world with glass styled from what are now Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

The world's best and smartest, wisest mechanic -- who services my sister's car -- centers a car engine under a glass plate as a table in the company lobby and customer waiting room. It's so stunningly functional.

Is there any indication, poll or survey indicating whether Swarovski -- whose roses I love -- or Tiffany has a greater appreciation, following and value?

WriterArtist on 12/05/2013

@ologsinquito - Glass decor looks amazing.

WriterArtist on 12/05/2013

AbbyFitz - Stained glass windows in Tiffany's designs look exotic. It is but natural that your guests pass compliments for the stained glass windows in the home, the mix and match of colors can have stunning effect.

ologsinquito on 12/02/2013

These are really exquisite. Thanks for showing them.

AbbyFitz on 12/01/2013

I have two stained glass windows in my home. They are my favorite parts of the house, and visitors always comment on them. If it's possible, I recommend anyone adding it to their decor

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