Il Volo Breakout Tenor Group

by Dianne

Il Volo is a group of three young tenors. You won't believe the fantastic voices coming out of these guys!

Il Volo

Singing O Sole Mio

Il Volo is a dynamite young tenor group who just knocked my socks off!  My husband and I watch Jay Leno's Tonight Show and at the end when the musical group comes on we usually turn it off because the group is really bad or it's a genre we don't care for.  On the night that Il Volo sang we both sat up and took notice!

If you are just listening and not watching you will hear a fantastic group of tenors singing O Sole Mio.  If you are watching you will see that these mature, expressive, robust, tenor voices are coming out of young men that are still in their teens!  What a delightful surprise it was!

I especially enjoyed the young man on the right, Ignazio Boschetto, when he sang his solos.  He has a big smile, dimples, and looks like he thoroughly enjoys what he is doing.  If you had a voice like that wouldn't you love to sing too?

Don't miss this video.  I think you will be impressed with Il Volo, just as I was.


Il Volo Singing O Sole Mio

A standing ovation for Il Volo

American Idol

This video is of Il Volo's performance on American Idol for which they received a standing ovation.  The Il Volo singers are:  Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble.

These three young men met on a music competition show in Italy.  They were among the best of the singers and were asked to team up and sing together.  O Sole Mio was the song chosen for them and it was so well received that they decided to form a trio. 

The group sang in We are the World for Haiti in 2010.

Il Volo has become a sensation in Italy and Europe without any radio play and without releasing a single.  This has happened solely on the basis of 3 tv shows.  The young men of Il Volo certainly have a passion for music which shows in their singing.  They have certainly been blessed with incredible voices.

Il Volo CD

Includes O Sole Mio
Il Volo
$5.99  $3.89
Il Volo [Spanish Version]
Universal Latino
$6.98  $59.99

The Il Volo Tenors

Songs in Italian, Spanish, and English

The trio of Italian teens chose the name Il Volo for their group.  It means "the flight."  For them it means that they are ready to spread their wings and fly.  Il Volo has been popular in Italy and Europe for the last three years but they are just now breaking into the American market.

An overwhelming majority of Amazon customers reviewing this CD are enchanted with these young singers, comparing them to Pavaroti.  The album has already gone platinum in their home country of Italy.

Il Volo's mission statement:  "We want to share our love for this music with people around the world, including young people of our age."

The album is also available in Spanish

More about Il Volo

Information and an Interview with Il Volo

Il Volo on Facebook
Here is Il Volo's Facebook page if you are interested in following them.

Il Volo Takes the World by Storm
All about Il Volo.

Il Volo in the Blogs
A self-described fangirl talks says what she likes about Il Volo.

Interview with Il Volo
More information about Il Volo including an interview.

Introducing Il Volo
Don't miss this video all about Il Volo!

Interview with Il Volo

More information about Il Volo

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ohcaroline on 06/21/2011

Wow! What voices and nice looking young men. I hope they wow the world with their voices.

Movie Treasures By Brenda on 06/06/2011

Thanks for the introduction to Il Volo, Dianne.

Dianne on 06/06/2011

Tandemonimom-Yes you just don't expect those big voices to come out of those teen-age bodies, especially the one with the glasses!

Michey on 06/05/2011

Great and dynamic group. Thanks for presenting to us.

SquidRich on 06/05/2011

I saw them on Idol too and thought they were fantastic!

Susan52 on 06/05/2011

Amazing! They're such cute young guys, too. Beautifully done. I hope they continue to wow audiences for many years to come!

tandemonimom on 06/05/2011

Okay, they blew me away! Especially the skinny kid with the glasses - not that he was better than the others, but I admit I didn't think he'd be able to compete with the voices of the other two! (And you're right about the other guy's dimples - CUTE!)

petunia on 06/05/2011

Oh I loved Il Volo when they were on American Idol! What talent!

chefkeem on 06/05/2011

Breathtaking. Goosebumping. Chokeupping. :)

thelesleyshow on 06/05/2011

Il Volo sounds like a great tenor group! Thanks for sharing.

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