Indoor Home Weather Station Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

Using home weather stations is common place. Many homes have one and they have many uses. The five best portable weather stations compared.

If you're looking to buy home weather stations for your home, there is a wide variety to choose from. You can spend a little, or a lot. You can aim for something that does a relatively accurate but simple job of delivering a weather forecast, or opt for weather instruments that are more sophisticated and comprehensive.

They're great to use in children's nurseries and bedroom, the green house and for general use around the home. Most will give a provide a fairly accurate indication of coming weather conditions and all will display the current conditions.

The five nest are featured below. They're affordable, some are technoligally more advance, others are entry level models. All are fantastic value for money and every one is perfect for home use.

Chaney Indoor Thermometer and Humidity Gauge

This a great entry level home weather station and often bought for use in a child's nursery. It's pretty accurate for the price and does a good job of displaying current weather conditions. The LCD display is easy to read and understand and it provides a combination of both humidity and temperatures.

It's powered by one AA battery and you can use it as a desk top model and make use of the magnet strip on the back and attach it vertically to a metal surface. Compact and portable, it measures 2 1/2 x 3" and will provide a high/low readout, works right out the box is performs with an accuracy that belies its price tag. A great little weather monitoring station.

Acu Rite Indoor Humidity Monitor

Indoor Thermometer with humidity reading.

Only $10.23

Honeywell TM005X Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer

This is the best of the lower priced indoor/outdoor home weather stations and it can be wall hung or placed on a desktop. The single sensor will track temperatures up to 100ft away and it works well with indoor environments, as well as outdoor ones - around a pool or spa, a greenhouse and so on. The screen is large and easy to read and will switch between humidity and temperature at a touch of a button.

It's powered by way of two AA batteries and has a temperature range of between minus 38 and 158 degrees. It's small and compact, delivers pretty accurate results and can aggregate data and provide a weather forecast. A nice little unit, inexpensive and will do what you need it to.

Honeywell TM005X Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer

The Honeywell TM005X Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer is an easy-to-read and economical way to track temperature and humidity in your home or office. Featuring a jumbo display unit wi...

Only $29.99

La Crosse Technology WS-7014CH-IT Wireless Weather Station

This is the best of the remote controlled home weather stations and it's a good all round atomic weather station. It will provide a multitude of readings - temperatures in celsius and fahrenheit, a 360 ft range (non-obstructed), humidity data, low/high read out, predictive weather forecast and it can be hung from the wall or placed on a surface.

On the digital screen you can see the time, date, forecast, indoor temperature, humidity and outdoor temperature. There's also an air pressure arrow indicator and it's all powered by two AA batteries. A good looking wireless weather gadget and of offer at a very affordable price.

La Crosse Technology WS-7014CH-IT Indoor & Outdoor Digital Thermometer w/ Indoor Humidity, Foreca...

The La Crosse Technology WS-7014CH Wireless Weather Station transmits the remote temperature via a wireless 915 MHz transmission from the outdoor sensor to the indoor display un...

Only $109.0

Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA Wireless Weather Station with Atomic Clock, Black

Of the best selling home weather stations from Oregon Scientific, this is the top selling unit. It's incredibly sleek and compact, and is a desk top model. It runs on two AA batteries, will read up to a range of 100ft unobstructed, displays both outdoor and indoor temperatures, humidity and more. The screen is large enough to take in the data at a glance and it synchs with the US atomic clock.

There's a nifty ice indicator - it sense when temepratures drop significantly and can also tell you the moon's current phase, forecast the weather and trends for the day ahead, between a range of 18 to 30 miles. This is an awesome little weather forecaster and is on offer at less than its current retail price.

Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA Wireless Weather Station with Atomic Clock, Black

Stylish Forecasting and Timing. Forecasts the weather 12-24 hours in advance with three levels of pressure and temperature indicators: Rising, Steady or Falling. Displays indoor...


Ambient Weather WS-1170 Advanced Wireless Weather Station

This is the best of the all-round home weather stations - it packs everything in that you could ever need relating to weather conditions and forecasting. It features all the usual bells and whistles that you'd expect from a similar priced unit - plus it provides an accurate barometer read out, which focuses on both local measurements and sea level. From that it will track the weather trends, enabling you to determine a good idea of what is or isn't ahead weather wise.

It's part radio controlled, wireless and powered by two AA batteries and can be wall mounted or placed on any flat surface. The screen is incredibly easy to read and understand and the instructions are a breeze. A fully loaded weather gauge, equipped to work indoors, outdoors and in a range of environments such as wine cellars, dark rooms and more. At it's current price - it's not one to miss.

Ambient Weather WS-1171 Wireless Advanced Weather Station with Temperature, Dew Point, Barometer ...

Features: Wireless outdoor and indoor humidity (%RH) Outdoor humidity calibration Wireless outdoor and indoor temperature (°F or °C) Records min. and max temperature and humidit...

Only $49.95
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