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by sheilamarie

Inspirational posters, especially with quotes from Scripture, can express what's in your heart. Find inspirational posters with Biblical quotes that will make a great gift.

All of us need a word of encouragement now and then. We can feel down in the dumps for days, stymied in our attempts to move forward. Sometimes all we need to energize us are words that help ground us and remind us of where we are going and what is important in life. We need to find again that place in the heart where we are at home.

I hope you will find a poster on this page with a quote that will touch your heart.

Put it somewhere so you can see it on a daily basis and let its message work on you.

You are worth more than you can imagine, and your life is irreplaceable.

A Poster Makes a Great Gift for a Friend

Biblical Quotes to Share

Life-giving words are meant to be shared. That's why many people making Zazzle products use quotes from Scripture on their posters and other products. I have several friends and family members who appreciate posters with Scriptural quotes. My intention in putting Biblical quotes together with my photographs on posters was to make gifts for those friends. Later, I posted my products to the public website to share them with other people who would appreciate these sentiments.

I've noticed many other Zazzle stores who are also making these posters, which was why I decided to write this article to share the products I've found. Maybe you will see something here that will strike a chord with you.

My Zazzle store with Biblical quotes is called Nature of Prayer*. Come visit and see what other products I have made with a similar theme.

I have included a couple of posters from AllPosters, too. 

Nature Posters: Be Still and Know that I Am God

from the Nature of Prayer Zazzle Store

From the Zazzle Store Sheilamarie78

When I Climb to the Heavens, You Are There

Inspirational Posters Express Deep Feelings and Beliefs

Hang an Inspirational Poster Where You Can See It

Let's face it: we all have times when we need a little extra encouragement to keep on the right path. Fighting distraction is a constant battle. It helps when we have words readily available to keep us focused on what is really important.

A poster displayed by our desk or near us as we wake in the morning can help us keep the focus that lifts us. We can better keep the teaching to "pray always" when the words of prayer meet our eyes throughout the day.

Maybe you have a special quote that touches your heart. It's easy to search the Zazzle site to see whether someone else has already made a poster with those words. If you find the words, but there is another image on Zazzle that you prefer, you may be able to change the words on the poster image you like to your chosen quote by clicking the "Customize It" button on the Zazzle image. Then you can add the quote you want, and, presto, you'll have the perfect poster suited for you.

Or you may want to make a poster using a photograph or piece of art work you've made yourself. That's easy to do as well. If you don't already have a Zazzle account, it's easy to set one up. Then by clicking "Create" you will be able to make posters and other products yourself.

Scriptural Quotes

Lift Our Hearts

To make the words of Scripture our own, it helps to repeat them often. At first, you may not even understand completely what they mean. But by saying the words over and over, you will eventually feel them sink deeper into your heart. The Bible is like that: words that give life and that keep you motivated to enter bit by bit into the divine life.

That's what prayer really means, in the end, doesn't it -- to share the life of Christ. The words of Scripture help us enter the mind of Christ, and the liturgy helps us enter His heart. That is why we come together to pray, so that the words that enlighten us are lived out with others and so are transformed into love.

The Tree of Life Poster


On Eagle's Wings

Grand Canyon Poster

Something to Think About

Inspirational - Eagle
Weak Things
Ad AllPosters

Thanks for Visiting

I hope you have enjoyed your stay.

I also hope you have found something on this page that encourages you. If there's another quote you were hoping to find, you can search either Zazzle or AllPosters by clicking on one of the poster images above and typing a few keywords into their search section. Both sites have many wonderful posters with inspirational quotes that are worth looking at.

I wish you all the best.

Updated: 09/21/2017, sheilamarie
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sheilamarie on 05/14/2013

There's a kid in all of us, Abby. Lots of these Zazzle designs are available in card forms, too, if you'd prefer to send the quote to a friend.

AbbyFitz on 05/13/2013

I really am a fan of quotes, and there's no greater source of quotes than the bible. I like your idea of posters. I haven't had a poster on my wall since I was a kid. Maybe it's time for a change lol

sheilamarie on 03/23/2012

You're right, Kinworm. The right quote can really give you the boost you need.

Jim Daniel on 12/09/2011

You can get useful information on the bible at

Marie on 12/08/2011

I love inspirational quotes and posters. My favorite is a quote from Audrey Hepburn: 'Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm Possible"!' Having this pinned above my computer has kept me going even when it seemed that my efforts were going no-where. It's finding a quote that resonates with you.

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