Interesting Educational Toys For The 18-24 Month Old

by Tested_to_Destruction

Once a baby reaches between 18 and 24 months, learning really begins to accelerate, and it's a great time for parents to start introducing more complex learning toys.

Toddler hood is the real start to the age of discovery, and nothing will improve a young child's start in life quicker or better than interaction - by way of parental attention and wonderful interactive and educational toys. Children love to have their interest piqued, they love to work things out and discover how things work and why.

Educational toddler toys abound - colors, lights and sound all contribute to the best available on the market. Help your child grow and learn - by way of some of the best toys for toddlers.

Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

The Say Please tea set is one of those examples of educational toys for toddlers that's almost as much fun for moms as it is for toddlers. This set of toys for toddlers and young children offers several educational play perspectives - imaginative play, learning and discovery and music. That's a lot of value for the price tag, which is one of the key principles when purchasing toys.

A toddler can learn to understand shapes, colors and how things fit together. The tea set can be played with as it - lots of teddy bear's picnics and cups of tea for mommy. The music can be played and sing-a-longs can ensue, the teapot has a pouring sound and the cookies double up as teether toys. Lots of fun, hours of play and all for under twenty dollars.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

Time to share a pot of tea-with two pretty cups, three tasty treats, and plenty of songs, sounds and fun phrases to go around! Introduce the delights of pretend play while helpi...

Only $35.0

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Plan Toy Pull-Along Snail

This is a toy that enables a child to build upon his motor skills. Persuading your young one to talk the snail for a walk will improve balance and distance perception. The toy itself is vibrantly colored, interesting to look at and bobs up and down when it moves.

It's also eco-friendly - great for Earth conscious parents. It's manufactured from recycled organic rubber wood, and the paints are all child friendly. This is a simple toy, no bells and whistles and yet it has that old fashioned appeal of a good, solid wooden toy. A lovely, durable educational toy, currently selling at a great discount and worth buying for the hours of fun it will provide.

Plan Toy Pull-Along Snail

This snail is anything but slow! While being pulled, the snail body crawls up and down.

Only $30.0

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Plan Toy Baby Walker

This is a fantastic baby walker and makes a great educational toy for any toddler. Filled with 24 colored blocks, the walker has several functions that will aide your toddlers growth and development. They can learn to count, color sort, build and create. The walker can be used to develop walking, balance and co-ordintation - and even encourage a non-walking toddler to take their first steps.

The handle is height adjustable and the whole toy is manufactured from organic materials - naturally occurring and eco-friendly rubber wood. Not the cheapest of learning toys for toddlers but certainly worth the investment. It's safe, it's incredibly durable and will retain its interest for a good length of time. This is the toy that will encourage your child's independence and pay you back ten fold over the years.

Plan Toy Baby Walker

The handle can be adjusted to fit a child's height. Includes 24 color and natural blocks. Playtime ideas: the toy will help children develop gross motor skills and stimulate coo...

$120.0  $119.99

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Lauri Toys Toddler Tote

Educational Toys for Toddlers include the Lauri Toys Toddlers Tote

This is a great example of affordable educational toys for toddlers. It's bright and colorful, full of discovery and despite what it looks like ... it's packed with learning and development opportunities - and all for less than twelve dollars. The shapes are an interesting texture (children love how things feel in their hands) and non-toxic, so no worries about safety.

The color/shape aspect provides lots of fun - children love working things out and delight in getting things right, even at such a tender age. The puzzles, shapes and animals are also good for a child's imagination to come into play. This little toddler toys kit packs a lot into an unassuming looking box - be prepared for hours of satisfied play for very little money.

Lauri Toys Toddler Tote

2 - 5 years. Toddler Tote promotes color and shape recognition, concentration, fine motor and eye-hand coordination. Made of crepe rubber, it's safe, quiet, and completely washa...

Only $15.99

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