Invest in Postage Stamps for Higher Returns

by msanglikar

Investing a part of your savings in postage stamps can give you big returns. Here is an introduction to investing in stamps and other postal stationary.

If collecting stamps is your hobby, have you ever thought about turning this hobby in investment? In long run, your small investment in postal stamps and postal stationary can give you a big return. You just want to know what type of stamps you should invest in, and how to find buyers for your collection.

Here are some basics of collecting stamps for investment.

What Type of Postage Stamps to Choose for Investing?

I am not suggesting you to invest in high value rare and antique stamps in the beginning, but in the new issues at face value, and used stamps of recent period available in market. Your biggest benefit is that you have not to invest a big amount.

You should concentrate on collecting thematic stamps. A collection of stamps on a specific theme can give you better returns in future. The themes may be anything you like, i.e. 2nd World War, Presidents of USA, Space, History, Einstein, Birds etc. Stamps on a specific theme or famous persons become rare in short time, and can get high value when you want to sell.

You can collect stamps of specific country or specific period.

If you see any defective stamp anywhere, and getting it at face value or for affordable price you should buy it immediately, as defective stamps have more resell value. Here, defective stamp means a stamp having color shift, printing mistakes etc, and not physical defects like fold etc.

In addition to stamps, you can collect First Day Covers and other postal stationary (Post Cards, Inland Letters, Envelopes, Aerogrammes etc.).

Stamps and related items you buy should be in good condition. While buying used stamps, always choose stamps having smaller cancellation mark.

Where to Buy Stamps?

There are many sources to get postal stamps for your collection.

The philatelic department of your city post office is one of the important sources to buy stamps. The department sells recently issued stamps, as well as packages of postal stamps issued in recent years.

Dealers of postal stamps is the another source of getting stamps. They sell packages of used stamps, First Day Covers and other postal stationary. For the contact details of such dealers, check the local yellow pages and business directories. You can buy stamps from stamp dealers of other cities, by getting a Price List and then placing an order. You will get stamps by mail or courier.

Another way of buying stamps is the websites like ebay and others. Individual sellers use such websites for selling their collection.

How and Where to Sell Your Stamps?

If you have a good collection of stamps, or have a stamp which is now rare, and want to sell, there are many ways to sell it.

You can sell your stamps collection or individual rare stamp through auction houses.

Another way is to sell through websites like ebay and others.

There are some websites specially for buying and selling stamps. You can sell your stamps through such sites.

Further you can find buyers on individual level. For this, you should be in contact of other stamp collectors in your city. You can find buyers also by placing classified advertisements in classified advertisement sites.

So start today investing in postal stamps and related items, if your are interested in such type of investment.

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Rose on 01/08/2014

I've got a stamp collection from when I was a child - I simply collected the stamps on letters to our home. I guess some of them are over 30 years old now and might be worth something!

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