iPhone Car Mount for Otter Box

by Scaevola

There actually is a way to both have your iPhone in an Otter Box and use it as a car mount!

Some how, an iPhone Car Mount for Otter Box can be all you need. Why? Because you probably already use your iPhone as a GPS device. There are tons of GPS apps out for the iPhone, but they are an investment.

Another reason for having a iphone car mount for otter box is you are probably already use the OtterBox Defender case for your iPhone! When you first purchased an iPhone you made a big investment in this smartphone and one of the pitfalls is how easy it breaks. You actually rarely see an iPhone without a case nowadays. The OtterBox Defender is probably one of the most reliable cases in the market, as it is close to indestructible. The Otterbox is probably one of the best iPhone 4 cases and a great iPhone 4 tip!

But having this case around your iPhone can make it really hard to use it as a car kit, right? Removing the case every time you wish to use the GPS is also not a very solid solution.

So there must be something else, and luckily, there is.

With the SlipGrip you can actually use both of these awesome tools you've purchased before. You can keep your OtterBox case around your iPhone and still use the GPS app to navigate your way to the undiscovered lands!

Having this iPhone Car mount for Otter Box has a lot of benefits, including a low price point and a very good grip on the phone. You have to remove it with both hands to give an example. So when your car is hitting a ditch in the road, your phone will stay in its place!

You have a lot of rotating options as well, actually 360 degrees! The kit is easily attached with a suction cup, which includes a lock to have the best grip on the window as possbiel.

One of the downfalls would be the looks. This car kit doesn't have anything 'special' to it, but that is of course not something you should expect when you are buying such a cheap kit of course.

Another downfall is the short arm of the device. You have to put it on your window pretty close to have good enough sight on both the road and the screen.

All combined this iPhone Car Mount for Otter Box is a great buy when you are using your iPhone for navigation and when you are don't want to have the pain of removing the case every time you use it in the car!

Updated: 06/26/2012, Scaevola
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