Is The Secret or the Law of Attraction really the truth?

by BardofEly

In recent years The Secret or Law of Attraction has become a very popular belief system for many people and was popularised by books and a film but does it really work?

Positive thought versus negativity
There has been a lot of recent publicity and discussion about The Secret and the Law of Attraction, which theorises that what we focus on we get or attract to us in our lives. This means we get back both good and bad things depending on what we have been thinking about consciously and unconsciously. The universe doesn't deal in terms of good and bad but simply supplies what we ask for, and by asking for, thinking about counts, as does praying for or conducting elaborate visualisation rituals to focus on your desired goal.
Basically it can be seen this way: the world we live in is made by the thoughts of us all. It is a mixture of good and bad things served up to supply the wants of everyone. This is why it appears so crazy because the majority of people are not aware of this "law" or how the universe is working.
Others do know about this and know it can be used against those who don't have the knowledge. By that, I mean that populations can be kept scared, depressed, downtrodden, subservient and controllable by ensuring they get a daily diet of bad news, and plenty of "entertainment" that is full of horror, killing, madness etc. By getting the masses to see and think about this stuff daily they will think about more of the same and generate more of the same.
For example, if enough people think war is a necessity then war will be created and continued. If people think there is always war going on somewhere, or it is a "human condition" then war will be the result. If people think that there will always be a lot of poverty then a lot of poverty there will be.
Even if the thought is that sickness and "disease is a terrible thing", then sickness and disease is what the world shall get and it will be terrible just like was asked for.
Wallace D. Wattles was the author of The Science of Getting Rich and this book is said by some to be a definitive source book on the Law of Attraction.

Wallace D. Wattles used The Secret

Author of The Science of Getting Rich
Wallace D. Wattles in Public Domain
Wallace D. Wattles in Public Domain

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Attracting love into your life

Finding your soul-mate with the Law of Attraction

All of this translates to a personal and individual level. People who are unlucky in love - and I have been one of these, and I know that I am guilty of making this mistake - often say things to themselves and others, like "nobody ever wants to go out with me." Then, of course that is the result they get - no one wants to go out with them. Or "I am feel like I've been left on the shelf," only to find this applies to them in the future.

Or, "my girlfriends/boyfriends always end up dumping me or cheating on me." Coming right up in your next relationship - someone who will cheat on you or dump you.

Film of The Secret

Law of Attraction

Examples of the Law of Attraction

How the Secret works

I can see so many examples of how this applies in daily life. I was thinking about unsuccessful musicians, singers and bands, of which there are millions, but only a small number ever become a great success.

How many of those that fail to make it into the bigtime spend a lot of time thinking about how they never get signed, or how no one ever comes to their gigs, or nobody buys their releases, or no one ever votes for them in band contests?

Another example, I have often seen as a musician, and have suffered from this problem myself, is when the idea put out there is that sound engineers at live gigs always sabotage the sound. Coming right up: a messed up sound!

It can be thought of as positive thinking versus negative thinking but really it is neither because the universe does not make such a division. If you like, think of it this way - we are all incredible magicians who can create anything we want with the magical help of the universe that supplies what we see in our minds.

And that is why in occult practice the art of visualisation and focusing on your intended goal is the most important key to success. Everything else in rituals and ceremonies, in symbols and so forth is to help you stay focused.

L Ron Hubbard

Scientology founder

However, the slightest doubt or counter-intention can destroy the success of a particular wish to the corresponding degree. I recall when I was in Scientology, I was learning about what L Ron Hubbard called "postulates" and "counter postulates." Of course this extends further to the minds and the will of other people. By this I mean if you visualise and desire to achieve something but then share what you are trying to get with other people who don't want you to achieve this, or simply don't believe it is possible, then their counter intentions override your own.

How all this works also is how mind-over-matter works or fails and how telepathy and mind-reading does likewise. This is why for someone like Uri Geller, whilst he knows he can sometimes achieve incredible results and his fans know this, the problem he can encounter is that a large majority of people do not believe in him or believe that such results are possible. Their lack of belief counters his magical command.

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James Randi

A sceptic

Some sceptics like James Randi are deliberately willing that Uri's "magic" doesn't work and so when it fails they can then say there you are, I told you he was a charlatan. So it makes it that much harder for him, and so it is for everyone with everything they aim for and desire.

In another hub I was discussing mental illness and I have had friends who have been very ill with depression and schizophrenia, who I have seen many times get the results of negative thinking.

I have a friend called Phil, who is actually a very talented singer-songwriter, but he never got anywhere with his music and sank into depression and alcoholism. He used to talk about how "stressed up" he was and how much he was "suffering." He used to complain he was treated unfairly in folk clubs, and he was treated unfairly in folk clubs.

I have even seen him complain about being ignored at a bar when it comes to getting served, and sure enough he really was getting ignored. So then he would use these things as examples of why he was stressed and suffering and of course, the Law of Attraction would respond with more of the same. It's a time loop and a vicious circle!

That's the real trouble we get caught in these loops of bad things occurring in our lives and don't realise it is us that is making these things happen. The more we think about how hard done by we are, the more reasons we are given to feel like this.

Janice, whom I wrote of in the other hub, used to be frequently paranoid and depressed and went on and on about people picking on her and people stealing from her and things going wrong in her life. It was hard to believe the world could really be as bad as she painted it until you saw that she really was getting all this bad stuff going on.

Mind-over-matter too? Yes, indeed, I have seen negative mind-over-matter. I remember at one point in a house we lived in, Janice always complained the washing machine would not work for her. I couldn't find any reason why not until one day, having thought about how her negativity was manifesting negative results, I said, "Jan, can you please get out of the kitchen while I see if I can fix it?" Without me touching the machine it came on as soon as she left the room. I saw that and never forgot it.

What I think was going on there was Janice was putting out the command or thought-pattern: "this washing machine does not work" and it was being obeyed.

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L .Ron Hubbard in Public Domain

The founder of Scientology
L Ron Hubbard in the Navy
L Ron Hubbard in the Navy


Positive thinking

Again, in my past studies of Scientology I came across a bit where Hubbard was talking about how a "thetan" (Scientology word for spirit) can cause machines to work or fail, and I thought, yes, that is exactly what I have seen. I wrote a "success story" about this realisation.

I realised today that I have been caught by a pattern here of all the others who put things off until tomorrow, or "mañana", as it is said in Spanish. It is so common on this island that I wrote a song about it in protest, but what are the results I am getting now in several of my dealings with other people here? Yes, what I want I am having to wait for. The results I want have been moved to another day and I have been unintentionally probably making it worse by practising my song and thinking about it.

The reason it is so prevalent on the island could well be that it is accepted and being thought about by many other people that stuff never happens now but mañana. This is what I mean about how this Law of Attraction stuff works on a personal level and collectively.

I think I need to write another song saying what I want and that I want it now!

The amount of negative and scary emotional material out there in the way of news stories, literature, song lyrics, films and TV and other forms of art and media is staggering. This is what we are exposed to daily and what we are brought up with and then we may wonder why the world is full of killings, war, death, destruction, sadness and insanity. I would suggest it is because we are collectively making it that way. We are being programmed into accepting this as normality when it is anything but!

One of the reasons I loved working with the small children recently so much was that for a few hours a day I was in the company of happy younger people, whose minds were not filled with sadness, fear and worry. It was a wonderful experience being in their presence.

This is how it should be. This world is meant to be a paradise full of happy people but it cannot be until enough of us stop asking the universe to supply us with the stuff of nightmares and stop responding to the controllers of the world who feed us this miserable diet. As of today I am making some changes to my life.

Copyright © 2012 Steve Andrews. All Rights Reserved.

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BardofEly on 11/16/2012

Thanks for posting. I found Jesus in the Bible telling us that we could do miracles too. In Matthew 21:21 it says: “Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.”

BrendaReeves on 11/16/2012

I've read the Secret and watched the video. This is nothing new. Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote about it extensively during the 1970's. I'm definitely a believer. I've seen it in my own life over and over again. I'm open to pretty much anything and don't listen to the naysayers. If being a cynic makes them happy, I say enjoy.

I really like reading your articles.

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