Jovan Musk Perfume Review-Comparing The 1970's Version To Today's

by LPerry

The Jovan Musk Perfume that is on the market today is vastly different from the fragrance that was so popular back in the 1970's. Here is my personal comparison.

If you love using and collecting scents, it can be highly disappointing to find that your favorite fragrance has been reformulated. Jovan Musk Perfume had always been in my scent arsenal, but the modern version is a far cry from what it used to be. This is both a rant and a memorial to one of my favorite 1970's fragrances.

Jovan Musk For Women Was A Staple In My Collection

As a teen in the 1970's, one of my fragrance staples was the ever-popular bottle of Jovan Musk. I had both the cologne spray and the oil versions. I remember how rich and fabulous that scent was back then.  When I grew a little older, my tastes changed and I began searching for the "one" perfume that I could call my signature.

Decades passed. It wasn't until I became fed up with the lackluster celebrity perfume brands on the market today that I seriously began missing the scents that I grew up with. I decided to try Jovan Musk again to see if it would take me back to my high school days. That's how powerful scents can be. They take us back to cherished times and bring back memories of places and people.

Jovan Musk Perfume-Now And Then

When I was 15, Jovan Musk was all the rage. It was considered a sexy fragrance for women "on the prowl". I remember how the scent would permeate my bedroom with only one spray. It was so deep and mellow and definitely sexy!  After buying a bottle a few weeks ago, I can tell distinctly tell that the original formula has been tampered with. I used to be able to smell it from far away and it would linger for hours and follow me in a lovely cloud around my bedroom. I didn't  have to carry it in my purse because I knew it would last. Today's formula is somehow lighter and less rich. Since the Jovan company sold out to Coty, that may have something to do with it.

Stop Changing Those Fabulous 1970's Scent Classics, Please

One of Jovan Musk Cologne Spraythe most beautiful things about growing up in the 1970's was having access to some fabulous perfumes at the drugstore that had the longevity and quality of today's high-end fragrances. We never knew how lucky we were. Quality was a given for those inexpensive perfume brands that so many 70's teens grew to love from Jovan, Revlon, Coty, Bonne Bell and Dana.

Sadly, manufacturers sell out and the new companies try to reformulate scents with disastrous results. Does this mean Jovan Musk has been destroyed? No, it still smells like the original Jovan Musk, but if you remember the depth of the 70's formula, you will notice the difference. However, to this day, old formula or new, women ( and their husbands) still rave about Jovan Musk as the best fragrance they have ever worn.

Unfortunately, when scent makers start changing things up, instead of using more, you hang on to every old watered down drop.

The Jovan Musk Perfume Bottle Does Its Job

What can I say about the packaging? It is very plain. No bells or whistles here. I don't have any complaints about the bottle shape or style. It is what I call utilitarian; it suits its purpose. It looks okay among the other bottles in my perfume collection. It's perfectly see-through so you can tell when you are running out.

Layering oil over concentrated cologne can help intensify the fragrance

FragranceX Jovan Musk 3.25 oz Cologne...

What I Love About Jovan Musk

Please don't think that I am bashing Jovan Musk, because it has a lot of great qualities. Here is what I love about it:

  • It's affordable! Compared to a lot of other musky perfumes, the price can't be beat.
  • Jovan Musk is one of the most highly-complimented scents on the planet. You can read how many women say this over and over again in reviews.
  • Thousands of women have been using this fragrance for 30 years or longer. That says a lot.
  • Even though it is more of a skin scent these days, I can see it blossoming on my skin in warmer weather. The old formula was too rich for the sweltering dog days of August.
  • The oil version is still as fabulous as ever.
  • Jovan now has a perfume oil spray which I am dying to try.

What I Don't Like About Jovan Musk

Dear Jovan, please consider bringing back or bringing in coordinating products for us ladies who like to layer their perfumes:

  • Why did you get rid of the bath powder?  Not shaker talc, but the lovely container with a soft puff to use after showering is missing from the collection.
  • We need Jovan Musk lotion to give it something to cling to.
  • How about a nice shower gel and soap too?

In conclusion, last night I spritzed my legs to see if the scent would permeate upwards with the heat of my body. Unfortunately, my legs must have been cold. Today, I sprayed my wrists and forearms. Guess what, I smell a warm, clean scent 30 minutes later! Musk is an unusual category of  perfume notes. Your own chemistry and body heat have a lot to do with the projection.

There is something about Jovan Musk that is hard to give up. It is like a staple beauty product that you always want to have on hand even if you own dozens of other more expensive perfumes. It reminds us that we don't always have to create a mushroom cloud of scent behind us to appeal to the noses around us. Even if you can't smell it, people will notice how good you smell when you wear Jovan Musk perfume.

I am excited to try the Jovan Musk Oil Perfume Spray formula. It has the same potency as the oil, but in a convenient spray, I am going to be hooked.

Searching For Solutions

If manufacturers insist on watering us down, we have no choice but to search for vintage or give up. We may be lucky and come across a richer, more potent oil version.

MouseFragrance is such a persona preference, isn't it? What smells deep and mysterious to one lady smells like burnt rubber after an auto accident to another. Those of us who love perfumes with presence become incredibly disappointed with those thin, skimpy body-spray-type wafts of scent that only a Mouse would dab behind her ears.

Mus musculus by George Shuklin, Portion Cropped, CC BY-SA 1.0

Updated: 05/02/2021, LPerry
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LPerry on 04/29/2021

The Jasmine Lemon balm that you mentioned sounds lovely.

WriterArtist on 04/29/2021

I would like to add that the bath salts and shower gel that I use have some of my favourite fragrances. I also have a French perfume that I bought on my travel to Paris from a perfume factory, some of the perfumes I possess were gifts and others I picked from local shops.

WriterArtist on 04/28/2021

Seems like you too are a scent lover. I love so many scents that are natural and organic. For example my favourites are - the smell of wet earth after rain, jasmine, lemon balm, madhumalati, tea, roses, tuberoses etc. I can go on and on. Sad to say, I don't really find them in any brands, so I continue to take it from Mother Earth and my garden.

LPerry on 02/16/2021

I don't know which have done better over time. It seems that the very young crowd prefers a much lighter version of the so-called " old lady" perfumes I grew up with.

Mira on 02/16/2021

To me the seventies do have this note of rich musk perfume! :) They probably change the formula to match whatever they think is best for the times. I would prefer if they marketed all versions, as in Jovan Musk Original 197x, Jovan Musk 198x, and so forth. But these days we're lucky if we can find our favorite perfumes on the market. I have been looking for some from the 1990s but they're nowhere to be found.

DerdriuMarriner on 02/16/2021

LPerry, Thank you for the practical information, pretty picture and product line.
Do we know whether the oil or the spray did better over time?
In particular, I like your suggestions of Jovan lotion, shower gel and soap. It seems to me that bath powder puffs would resist obsolescence. So many studies of different products show baby boomers as marketing forces to be as reckoned with as millennials.

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