Patchouli Sumatra Eau De Parfum Review

by LPerry

If you love Patchouli, you might be wondering if Patchouli Sumatra is a fragrance you would like. If you appreciate the unusual or different, you might like this one.

Patchouli Sumatra Eau De Parfum spray by Jeanne Arthes is not only an interesting scent for the avant garde, but a curio fragrance for collectors. Like all perfumes on the market, it has its good and bad points. As a confessed scent-a-holic myself, I am glad I record my experiences so I can share them with you.

My Personal Patchouli Sumatra Perfume Review

 I hope it can help you decide whether this scent may be something you are interested in trying. If you have landed on this page, I take it you love Patchouli fragrances as much as I do. No, I am not a former hippy, just someone who loves the richness that Patchouli adds to a perfume. Unfortunately, finding the right perfume in this category can be very  hit or miss. Like you, I check out lots of reviews online before I cave in and buy a new scent.

After reading reviews, I decided to order a bottle and see for myself. I purchased the Eau de Parfume in the big 3.3 fl. oz. bottle. I've had my bottle for about year now. I spray it on when I am in the mood to be totally unique and avante garde, which this one definitely is.

Patchouli Sumatra Perfume Notes

For some reason, this fragrance has a shortage of details when it comes to all the notes it contains. Some online review sites mention mint and oriental woods. Others say that it has notes of vanilla and roses.  Here is what I get when I first open the top and just put my nose to the sprayer; spicy rum or some type of rich maple-flavored booze. It almost smells like a bakery behind a bar at holiday time.

There is definitely a gourmand quality at first sniff, yet it contains some exciting spicy notes. Now I am going to spray some on my wrist and tell you what I smell:  After the initial spice cloud calms down, the patchouli bursts forth from its boozy prison and you will definitely smell the woodsy, dirty wet- leaf scent of patchouli at its finest.

On the dry down, the patchouli fades out and I am left with a vanilla rum spice scent on my skin. Over time, the patchouli sneaks in and out of the dry down until the faintest residue of spice is all that's left to smell on my skin.

The Bottle Packaging Is Very Decorative

I admit it. Sometimes I buy perfume because the bottles are so pretty and I just take my chances on what's inside. You may not be able to tell by the picture, but the bottle has raised yellow flocking that feels just like velvet wallpaper. I have never seen (okay, never owned) a perfume bottle with such an interesting textural design.

The fringy tassel is adorable. Since I collect fragrances, this one looks pretty sitting among my other bottles. If I go too long without a spray, before you know it, those tassels get my attention and I spray some on.

My particular bottle has a cap that sits very loosely on top. It may be like that on purpose, but it works fine. If you love decorative perfume bottles with charms and tassels, you will like this

My Bottle Of Patchouli Sumatra
My Bottle Of Patchouli Sumatra

What I Like About Patchouli Sumatra

I am all for things that are different and unique in the fragrance department. I get tired of  tutti fruity Celebrity scents and appreciate bolder perfumes.  Here are some things that I really like about this scent:

  • It is affordable. You can get the huge 3.3. Fl. oz. size bottle at a good price if you just want to experiment and collect.
  • Whoever designed the bottle made it sturdy and of great quality. It is heavy and substantial. It won’t easily tip over among your other bottles.
  • It can be a comforting scent on a cold winter day.
  • I won't smell like anyone else I know.
  • There is plenty of earthy patchouli in this one. You won’t have to hunt around for it with your nose.

What I Don’t Like About It

We all know that pure patchouli is considered a unisex hippy fragrance. Manufacturers add feminine or masculine notes according to the market gender they want to sell to. There are many gorgeous and feminine perfumes that contain patchouli out there. As far as this scent, here is what I don't like:

  • Lasting power and silage?  Not really. In fact, one of the first things I noticed is that it doesn't last too long on my skin. However, not much does.
  • All that maple-syrup, boozy spiced rum notes make it a fragrance I can only use when I am in certain "moods".
  • It isn't a girly or ladylike scent.
  • I wouldn't call this a man magnet perfume. In fact, your guy might ask you if you have been hitting the brandy flask.

My Recommendations

If you happen to enjoy rich, gourmand-type scents that contain a lot of spice notes, you may like this. If you have the right chemistry, it may last a little longer on your skin. If you can't stand vanilla or sweet perfumes, Patchouli Sumatra may turn your stomach. It has a strong sweet factor.

However, if you wear it après ski at a mountain lodge while sitting in front of the fire sipping hot toddies, you will blend right in and not offend anyone around you.

A Bit Of Bad News

Patchouli Sumatra Has Now Joined The League Of Discontinued Fragrances

What does this mean? It means that prices for this fragrance are absolutely outrageous. There are many scents that are worth the extra money when they become discontinued. This one is definitely not worth what they are asking for it on sites like eBay.

Save Your Money
Save Your Money
Updated: 02/16/2021, LPerry
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Patchouli - Do You Like It?

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Mira on 02/16/2021

Nice post. Thank you for sharing your impressions of this perfume :)

DerdriuMarriner on 02/16/2021

LPerry, Thank you for the pictures, practicalities and product.
Additionally, I like the recyclable container. The price makes it likely that I won't get Sumatra to round out my Patchouli collection. Otherwise, one of your most compelling observations for getting it relates to "It can be a comforting scent on a cold winter day."

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