Keyword Researcher Review

by Lissie

Keyword Researcher is really one of the easiest and best keyword tools out there. If you still think the Google Adwords tool gives accurate results - you need to read this

If you've down keyword research for very long you will know that some of the numbers you get from many tools, for competition and search volumes, can be very inaccurate.

Whether this is incompetence or deliberate on Google's part - I'm very pleased to finally have found a solution.

I've been using Keyword Researcher since it was in beta - and its paid for its self many times over! Its a nifty and simple little tool - which will help both the beginner and the experienced Internet marketer to make money online.


How Does It Work? Why's It So Different?

There have been keyword tools around for many years. I've used and liked many of them. They are all based on Google Keyword Tool (GKT) - which you can play with here. The problem is that Google doesn't provide very good data in this tool. For example - lets search for: "camera for travel" in GKT - I'm searching worldwide - and I select "close match" otherwise most of the results will just be about cameras not camers for travelling. I get a grand total of 17 results.

Now I do the same search in Keyword Researcher - in fact I did two searchers: "* camera for travel" and "camera for travel * " I got 71 results: some of which were really promising: "best digital camera for travel photography" "what to look for in a travel camera".

Why do I like these titles? Because they include up to eight keywords! What do you think the chances that a wizzley article might rank for "what to look for in a travel camera" - we'll give it a go - I'll link when I've published that article!

Search Results from Keyword Researcher

a camera for travelling
best camera backpack for air travel
best camera bag for air travel
best camera bag for travel photographer
best camera for adventure travel
best camera for international travel
best camera for travel
best camera for travel 2011
best camera for travel photography
best camera for travel photography 2011
best camera for world travel
best camera lens for travel
best camera to buy for travel photography
best camera tripod for travel
best canon camera for travel
best compact camera for travel
best compact camera for travel 2011
best compact digital camera for travel
best compact digital camera for travel 2011
best digital camera for travel
best digital camera for travel 2011
best digital camera for travel photography
best dslr camera bag for travel
best dslr camera for travel
best dslr camera for travel 2011
best medium format camera for travel
best nikon camera for travel
best pocket camera for travel
best point and shoot camera for travel
best point and shoot camera for travel 2011
best point and shoot digital camera for travel
best slr camera for travel
best slr camera for travel photography
best small camera for travel
best small digital camera for travel
best travel camera for the money
best travel insurance for camera equipment
best video camera for travel
camera bag for air travel
camera bag for travel photography
camera for travel forum
camera for travel gf1
camera for travel leica
camera for travel photography
camera for travel photos
camera for travel reviews
camera for travel use
camera for travel video
camera tripods for travel
digital camera for travel
digital camera for travel photography
dslr camera bags for travel
good camera for travel
good camera for travel photography
good compact camera for travel
good digital camera for travel
great camera for travel
how to insure camera equipment for travel
how to pack your camera and lenses for travel
skb camera travel case for gopro
the best camera for travel
travel insurance for camera
travel insurance for camera and laptop
travel insurance for camera equipment
travel insurance for camera gear
video camera for travel
what camera should i buy for travelling
what is a good camera for travel
what is the best camera for travel
what to look for in a travel camera
wireless backup camera for travel trailer

Search Results from Google Keyword Tool

also used by Market Samurai, Longtail Pro
[camera for travel]
[camera for travel]
[best digital camera for travel]
[camera bags for travel]
[best camera for travel]
[best camera for travel photography]
[best compact camera for travel]
[travel insurance for camera]
[camera insurance for travel]
[travel insurance for camera equipment]
[camera tripods for travel]
[best camera backpack for travel]
[best camera bags for travel]
[best camera bag for travel]
[good camera for travel]
[digital camera for travel]
[best digital camera for travel photography]
[camera bag for travel]

What is Google Auto Suggest?

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Why Does Keyword Researcher Give Such Different Results?

So why so many more results in Keyword Researcher, which uses Google's own "auto suggest" feature (see the video if you don't understand what that is), than the "official" Google keyword tool? Frankly, because its not in Google's best interest to tell any of us all the very-long keyword phrases, people type into Google.

The Google tool is designed for people who are buying adwords ads - if say, Canon, could bid on the term "what to look for in a travel camera", it would pay a lot less than bidding on "camera for travel" - Google would make less money. Oh and evil, spammy Internet marketers would use the tool to create focused, quality content, which may rise to the top of the search results, outranking Google's big brand customers (Nextag, Amazon, Walmart, Canon). Not happy all around - for Google.

But I Need To Know the Competition And the Search Volumns For the Terms!

But, but you say, I must know whether that keyword gets any searchers! I need to know: 

  • I need to know how many competiting websites there are.
  • what the cost per click for Adsense. 
  • I need to know how many searchers there are.

Lets take them one at a time.

Value of the Competiting Websites Metric

Virtually zero - look at the first page of results (use for non-personalised results - not Google) - does ever result on that page have the EXACT keyword in the title? In the VERY unlikely result of a yes - move on.

Value of Adsense CPC Metric

Virtually zero - who here has got CPCs very much lower than this metric? Yeah though so. You will NEVER get this figure, its what the advertiser pays, the BEST you'd get is about 40% - the reality - probably 1/2 of that, even less given that mostly ads display that are "interest" based not, and not relevant to your site's content.

Value of The Search Volume Metric

Complete fantasy-land. Even using the "exatic match" option (nothing else is even close), this is very rough approximation. You know its one thing to work hard to rank for #1 for a term. That's the business we're in. But to rank #1 expecting 1000 visitors a month and getting 10 - that's heart-breaking, speaking as someone who's done it. 

Getting 1000 visitors and making $2 is pretty bad too. 

On the other side I've made good money from sites that get only a few hundred search visitors a month. Finding searchers who are desperate to buy is FAR more profitable than just getting lots of tire-kickers to your site.

There are two ways to know how much traffic a term gets:

  • run a pay per click campaign (don't ask me all I know is it costs money); 
  • rank #1 (or at least on the first page) for the term and look at your own traffic.

If you put some of those results from Keyword Researcher back into GKT - you will get zero results - no one searchers for those terms. Well they do - because they find my pages, using those terms, here on Wizzley and elsewhere, those zeros sure do add up! We don't know what the minimum is for a term to show up in auto-suggest (and therefore Keyword Researcher) - but its a lot higher than zero!

And the easiest way to rank #1? Build a Wizzley article, get it ranked, notice if you are making any money. Then, and only then, consider building a website in the niche - but test at Wizzley first

Not a member of Wizzley yet? Sign up here

Is Keyword Researcher the Tool That Will Find Me The Right Keywords

Maybe, maybe not. You see you also need to use the software between your ears. Hopefully you figured out that in the list above - that, given that its February 2012, you probably want to change those phrases with 2011 slightly... 

You need to know, or learn about, what you are writing about, that way you will speak the searchers language and you are far more likely to find the profitable keywords doing that, that picking random terms from any tools. 

Keyword Researcher is a good place to start though. 

Keyword Researcher Try It For Free

Keyword Researcher Discount

The trial version of the software works just like the full version but only runs through A-M of the alphabet, not A-Z 

If you use my link - you will get $4 off the already reasonable price. Remember this is a one-time cost, there are no on-going costs involved with this product. 


Also if you are already a member of the Keyword Academy - you don't need this tool, a close variation is included in their tools.  

Who's Lis?

Hi, I'm Lis Sowerbutts, I've been making a living online since 2007 and have been full time since February 2009. I make money from advertising on my websites, my affiliate commimssions from products and services I promote.  

I am also a non-fiction author. 

Wizzley is just one of the places that I write online. If you want to check out more of what I write check out my Passive Income Online blog and sign up to my newsletter! 

Nice to meet you and hope you get what you want from your online endevours! 

Updated: 03/10/2012, Lissie
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Lissie on 03/20/2012

Nice one Chef - you will be overloaded with keywords!

chefkeem on 03/20/2012

Just bought it through your aff link, Lis. Enjoying it a lot! :)

Bhavesh on 02/21/2012

The price is pretty sweet for Keyword Researcher but I wonder how long they will be able to be keep that model. I bring this up because recently Market Samurai seems to regret not having a subscription model to begin with. They are looking at other revenue models - in reversal from their original promise - and getting a push back from their clients. I will most likely give the tool a try though as I always end up learning something from such experiments.

Regi_B on 02/18/2012

Hmm.... I'll probably give it a go, then. Thanks!

Sam on 02/17/2012

Duh doh duh, now I do feel stupid!!! Thanks Lis! SY

Lissie on 02/17/2012

Keyword Researcher is lightening fast - the slow part for Niche Refinery is checking the competition, - which is not what KR does

Regi_B on 02/17/2012

Hey Lissie! I wish the new Niche Refinery ran faster. How does Keyword Researcher compare on speed?

Lissie on 02/16/2012

Hmm highlight the question, hit spacebar to delete it and retype it ? In fact I don't usually use the sample questions - just type my own ...

Sam on 02/16/2012

Lissie, can you enlighten me how to do that? I looked around and can't find a way to edit / change the sample questions ... What am I overlooking?

Lissie on 02/16/2012

hmmm - just do the equivalent of the sample questions in German - though i imagine there is much less of a database in the language though. I do get the odd Spanish word when searching in English

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