Kids Closet Organizers Review

by Jerrico_Usher

If any closet needs organizing it's the kids closets! Discover your organization system options!

As parents we are well aware of the need for organization, especially when it comes to our kids rooms. Closets and toys left to their own devices will become storage pins for hundreds of toys, pieces of toys, clothing, and more. Organization is as simple as installing a system. There are kids shelves and entire organizer systems you can build either as a one kit solution or a modular solution (you can add onto it as needed). In this article we'll review the options available, price, and some resources for getting them cheap.


Kids Closet Organizer





How many times do you remember yelling at your kids to clean up their room, only to find out they have stuffed everything from the floor into the closet?

The kids closets tend to be black holes that hold infinite amounts of clothing, shoes, and absolute junk. The best solution for this problem, is to get a kids closet organizer for your kids closets.

A large selection of kid closet organizers can be found online, many more options exist online than even in offline brick and mortar stores. Many companies are offering more online than you'll find in stores because although many carry a long list of styles, the stores only have so much storage/display space.




Organizers Are Made From?



Organizers are made from different core materials including wire, solid wood, vinyl, and steel. Some organizers are steel covered in fabric for a more blended in look in the room. Some come with a special shoe closet rack to hang on the back of the closet door to save space. Most kids organizers come with racking, buildable or pop up shelves, and baskets or bins.

The bins can be used to fold and place clothing, or if large enough, to store the kids extra equipment and large valuables like electronics. These organizer kits can be found for as little as $100 up to thousands, depending on the brand and specific make of the organizer.


Cloth Covered Wire Organizer & Steel or Aluminum (or wood)




Low Budget Ways To Build Your Closet



Seville Classics

Organizational kits help keep the closet and overall house uncluttered (builds habits of organization in kids to use them which translates to the rest of their world).

Kids closet organizers can come with specific divides so that the children in the same room have their own clearly defined space within a unit. Items and clothing do not become jumbled or lost in the mix with everyone else's items. In the unit above it's design is perfect for both two kids and each having their own side of the closet and a top or bottom clothing rack (middle). It can also be one persons organizational space. You can add plastic containers with drawers, small containers with drawers to hold smaller items and keepsakes, bins to store off season clothing, and so on.


Vertical Space Utilization!


Those who have a small closet space will benefit greatly from organizers ability to also utilize the often neglected or underutilized vertical space. Most kit organizers like the one above that create the foundation of the closet space allocation, are adjustable and even resizable shelving gives you a lot of options.

You can also assign top section and bottom section for different kids to give them a sense of space straight across that they can customize. As kids grow the unit can be adjusted bigger (also if you move and get a bigger closet). It can go taller by adding modular pieces making some units very versatile.

You don't have to opt for a kit or expensive modular set up- there are less expensive and just as effective solutions.

You can buy a bunch of shelves, storage bins, and a double coat rack unit and build it slowly (if your budget is low this is the best way to start) one piece at a time.

You can go to Walmart for many of these things.

Again, your online shopping choices are far more dramatic than stores. Kits can become cheaper in the long run than modularly adding bins, boxes, and tubs.

These closet organizer systems are a great asset to those who have several children in the same room or very little closet space. 


Closet Organizers Are Very Modular



Closet organizers come in a very wide assortment of components, kits, modular components (even from different companies tend to be standardized and custom sizable), and styles.

Components in a kids closet organizer would include shelves, pockets, compartments (plastic see through drawered storage bins), hanging rod- that are easily accessible by the child, and various accessories like hanging hooks and the like.

Some kits come with dresser drawers and storage bins designed for ease of use for kids and organization. There are many styles, colors, and materials used. Many companies have even created complete themed (i.e. Barbie or Disney) closet organizer sets you install easily, often with no tools!

You should let your child(ren) help in picking out the organizer. Explain to them what the different things are for and shop around for a complete kit (about 100.00 for a good starter kit with modular potential.

You can build on it vertically and horozontally and add components that come out later) and get the one they feel the most comfortable with. Many go out to the stores for this but purchase online to save money. You just need the model number from the offline store's stock to find it on amazon!

Organizing the kids room is not just a headache allieviator for the parents, it's a great way to teach your child organizational skill sets at an early age. As they learn that organizing their stuff instead of throwing it anywhere helps them quickly find it (and even quickly put it away with practice), they will apply this to everything else.

You don't need an expensive unit to get a durable and effective one- the cheaper closet organizer kits are just as good, likely just with less features or branding.


Organizing Can (and should) Be Fun For The Kids



Just because you need to organize, this doesn't mean you can't make it a fun activity.

Actually the more fun you make it the more likely your child will follow through.

The chain gang toy organizer is a fun idea. It's a chain with a bunch of clips hanging from it.

You child can hang just about anything from it including hats, gloves, small stuffed animals, scarfs, and more.

Using a stepping stool you can hang this higher up and utilize some of the vertical space for "special" things your child wants to put on the organizer.


Tame The Stuffed Animals!

Another great concept is the stuffed animal net. This is a large (and inexpensive) net you tack to the ceiling by the corners.

You can put a bunch of small stuffed animals (larger ones if you reinforce the netting with screws or butterfly hook screws to handle the weight).

It actually makes their animals look cool and it can be hung low enough that they can reach inside to grab their favorite at bedtime.

Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock
Prince Lionheart, Inc.
$10.0  $9.99
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