Kurt Adler Coca-Cola Christmas Ornaments

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Kurt Adler Coca-Cola Christmas ornaments come is a wide variety of designs, some of which could easily fit most Christmas decorating schemes.

Kurt Adler Coca-Cola Christmas ornaments come in a variety of designs. The fact that these Christmas ornaments are by Kurt Adler indicates quality. The desirable subject matter makes them even more desirable.

These Christmas ornaments come in a wide variety of designs. Many also feature the popular polar bear, or Santa Clause. Coca-Cola is prominently featured, but often is not the only appealing aspect of the ornament.

The ornaments come in different material. Some are glass, others are resin.

The red color associated with Coca-Cola lends itself to Christmas decorations. And since Coca-Cola is often served at parties, especially to children, it brings to mind a holiday celebration.

Theme Christmas Ornaments Are Plentiful

Having a themed Christmas ornament is not unique to Coca-Cola.  Kurt Adler has several Beatles ornaments, and Disney ornaments abound.  Keeping things in perspective, Christmas is a joyous occasion, and if an ornament helps bring joy it may have a place on a Christmas tree despite a corporate name being on it.

Kurt Adler Coca-Cola Glass Christmas Ornaments

Glass Christmas ornaments have a special beauty.  The thin, dainty glass can be made to shine in bright colors that catch the eye.  The glass ornaments can take on many designs.  These ornaments usually have a circular eyelet for the hook that is used to hang the ornament from a Christmas tree.


Some of the popular images include Santa Clause holding a Coca-Cola, the Coca-Cola polar bear, and a Coca-Cola truck.  My favorite is the hot air balloon with the truck being a close second.  In fact, a variety of subjects are available.


The main drawback with glass ornaments is that the ornaments are easily broken.  One might choose something more durable if small children might drop ornaments after being drawn to them by their shiny appearance.  Pets can also be a problem with breakable Christmas ornaments.  As a dog owner, certain ornaments must be above a certain height to preserve the more delicate ornaments from damage.

Kurt Adler Resin Coca-Cola Christmas Ornaments

In addition to glass, Kurt Adler ornaments are also made in resin.  One might be limited in choices of design if only resin ornaments are considered.  However, the range is large.  One can select Santa Clause, a sleigh filled with Coca-Cola, and a Coca-Cola truck, among many designs, but the real attractive ornament is the resin Coca-Cola train with bottle cap wheels. 

Kurt Adler Nutcracker

Coca-Cola Theme

Other Designs

Christmas Ornaments

There are many designs, some of which may appear too commercial for the taste of all.  One can get an ornament that is designed to appear to be a Coca-Cola bottle, either filled or empty, a Coca-Cola can, a Coca-Cola carton, or even a Coca-Cola vending machine.  There is a vast difference in Santa drinking a Coca-Cola and a bottle of Coca-Cola devoid of any Christmas theme.


The designs I have shown here are what impress me the most.  Just because these designs impress me over the other designs does not mean it is what another person would prefer.  It is well worth viewing the entire range of the Coca-Cola ornaments in order to see what impresses you.


Christmas Decorations

Kurt Adler beautiful art pieces include glass Christmas ornaments. These Kurt Adler glass ornaments represent world famous scenes from many countries and cultures.
Beatles Christmas ornaments bring back pleasant memories, and add to the joy of the season. Kurt Adler has created a number of quality Beatles ornaments, so finding them is easy.
Waterford, the high quality crystal maker, produces some beautiful Christmas ornaments. These light refracting pieces can really add a visual impact to your Christmas tree.

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Updated: 09/24/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 08/21/2019

I believe he polar bears are a group, as are the pair of Santas. The others are individual items.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/21/2019

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practical information and product lines.
The child and parent polar bears are charming, as are the sleigh and train ornaments. Is the latter a solo item or is it part of a set?

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