Lazertag System

by Trixi

Get yourself off the console and have some real life action-adventure fun with Lazertag

I'll admit it - I'm a Playstation addict. Despite my initial eye-rolling whenever the male members of the household challenged me to a 'silly war game' I lost out to my competitive side and am now completely hooked (and I play better than the boys too).

While I am happy to maintain a balance and love to be outdoors too, it's easy to see why 'kids these days' spend all their time on these consoles and a lot less of it outside. So I'm always intrigued to see something that offers the best of both worlds - and here LazerTag seems to have it all.

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What is Lazer Tag?

So, what is it?

Lazertag 'guns', sold in packs of two, feature sounds and movement reactions - they actually recoil when fired and there a rumble to let you know when you've been hit. They're advertised as suitable for 8 years and over but do require a certain amount of care as dropping them repeatedly could damage them. Basically, that's it; it's a shooter game that can be adapted to suit a mix of ages and abilities - you can get as strategic as you like - and provides a bit of outdoor exercise into the mix. It's also a LOT of fun!

Lazertag - Special Features

Lives (tags) - you can choose to set your tags at 10 or 25 - useful to even out the game or to make allowances for different abilities/ages or odd team numbers.

Recoil and rumble - there is a vibration feature that lets you know when you've been hit and a recoil with each shot.

Shield - a 'force field' which will protect you from incoming fire for just enough time for you to line up your next target. This really adds to the strategy of the game.

A Few Other Things...

Battery Life

Each gun takes 6 AA batteries and they can get through these sooner than you'd expect so it might be worth getting two sets of rechargeables to swap them as needed.


Reports seem to say that there are/were attachments available for these toys but at the time of writing they seem to be unavailable.


If you buy these for your kids then be prepared to get drawn in - it's just too hard to just watch and not want to join in the tactics. On the plus side it's great exercise!

Perfect for kids (small and not-so-small) who are need to break their Playstation addiction - LazerTag offers all the action and strategy of Battlefield or Call or Duty along with some much needed fresh air and exercise!

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Updated: 12/08/2011, Trixi
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Rose on 11/27/2013

It sounds like paintball except with lasers (and hence less messy)

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