Learning Toys - Babies Up To 12 Months old

by Tested_to_Destruction

There are plenty of educational toys for babies under 12 months and it's never too early to start interacting with your child and promoting their learning and development.

A child under 12 months doesn't require an educational toy that's overly complex - the main ingredient will be your interaction. The best way to decide upon the right type is to choose age specific toys, as something meant for a two year old is beyond the understanding of a younger baby.

Happily, there's a great selection of quality toys available that will help you to interact with your little one from a very young age. All of them embrace the use of vibrant colors, some use sound and other use both.

Vision and hearing are both great ways of engaging a young baby's interest and once they're old enough to hold things they will help improve their motor skills and co-ordination.

Sassy Rattlin Rings

This is a five star rated toy for babies under 12 months, and it's full of colors and noise. It has a variety of different colors, plenty of textures to encourage touch and it's lightweight enough for a baby to play with without tiring. This is a super first toy for babies that will encourage them to reach out and grasp and the colors will engage their interest.

This is a firm favorite with parents as it's incredibly inexpensive yet offers so much play value that babies tend to adopt this as a favored toy. Once a child is old enough to hold it for themselves, they'll continuously investigate what it does, rattle it, chew it and more. 100% safe and fantastic value for money - highly recommended.

Manhattan Toy Winkel

Another top selling and highly rated educational toy for babies, the Toy Winkel is a teether that's also great for enhancing your baby's motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination. The colors are so attractive to little ones and there's a multitude of different ways in which they can grab and grasp the teether.

It's soft enough to help with teething, yet tough enough to stand up to plenty of chewing and investigation. Lightweight and easy to maneuver for a baby, the rattle noise adds additional interest. You can also pop this one in the fridge to cool it down - which will help sooth painful gums. A great dual aspect toy, another one that's inexpensive and affordable and one that will pay you back as it's usefulness will grow with baby.

Manhattan Toy Winkel

Engage and amuse your baby with the fascinating Winkel. Babies will have a ball playing with this tangle of bright colors and fun textures; or parents can refrigerate the Winkel...

Only $9.99

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Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

Fisher Price are renowned for their attention to detail and this is one of their best early years educational toys on the market. It's suitable for babies from six months and upwards and is brimful of colorful shapes that will encourage a babies ability to co-ordinate their hands, whilst also helping them to identify and sort colors and shapes.

It's a great educational interactive learning aid and can be given to a baby to play with alone or be used as a tool for interacting with your child. It's inexpensive at less than eight dollars and every child should have a shape sorter set in their toy box. A toy that will engage a child for hours of fun, a simply yet effective developmental toy.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

Ten bright blocks are ready for baby to drop into the open bucket or through the shape-sorting lid.

Only $24.99

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Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack

Another great example of what makes Fisher Price educational toys so practical and popular. Again, a toy that helps children identify different colors and shapes, the Rock A Stack is simple yet effective in its design. Full of primary colors, it helps a baby to develop their cognitive abilities, whilst also encouraging their co-ordination - and all through interactive play.

Babies can chew, investigate, stack and sort through the rings to their hearts content and it's a safe, non.toxic product, so no worries about harmful chemicals and toxic substances. A nice, old fashioned kind of toy that is inexpensive, interesting and engaging. One to buy.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

A rainbow of five, teethable rings helps baby develop fine motor skills while encouraging cognitive abilities.

$15.33  $13.8

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