LED Light Bulbs

by emilienathanson

Incandescent light bulbs are now a thing of the past. Consider switching your home lighting to LED energy efficient light bulbs.

 Incandescent lighting is becoming a thing of the past.  For one they are not at all energy efficient and only last around 5,000 hours.  Originally LED (light emitting diode) lighting were mainly used for commercial purposes such as traffic lighting, lighting for outdoor events, car headlights, or most commonly known Christmas lighting.  However more and more households are switching over to LED lighting for everyday general use for a good reason. 


Unlike incandescent lights, LED light bulbs are able to last for over 100,000 hours; that is 20 times longer lasting than incandescent light bulbs.  The reason why they were commonly used for commercial purposes is because of their long lifespan.  Continuous use of LED lamps equates to 11 years!  The obvious benefit of LED lighting is decreased need to buy and change out light bulbs.  Many office buildings and larger corporate offices have already switched over to LED lighting because of the money they are able to save in terms of manual labor and daily energy costs. 

However the benefit of LED lighting doesn’t just stop at convenience.  Using LED light bulbs enables the most efficient use of energy.  Only 20% of energy is lost through heat energy.  That means LED light bulbs are 80% efficient in comparison to 10% efficiency in incandescent light bulbs where 90% of energy is lost through heat.  Therefore LED light bulbs are highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly, unlike the outdated incandescent light bulbs.

LED lights are also known to be more durable and stable.  They are one of the most durable manmade light source.  Unlike incandescent light bulbs or CFL light bulbs, LED light bulbs are usually made of high quality aluminum and shatterproof plastics.  If you drop a LED light bulb, most likely it will not break or shatter.  LED lighting is also more stable if ever there is a power surge or fluctuation.  Thus if for any reason, you need a light source that works well when turned on and off repeatedly, I would suggest going with a LED light bulb.  Because many Christmas lights flick on and off, most all Christmas lights are made of tiny LED lights. 

The holiday season is a time where houses use more lights than usual.  If you are someone who likes to deck out their lawns with all sorts of Christmas decorations and lighting, consider switching to LED lighting.  It will save you time and money, and it's good for the environment!  


What kind of lighting do you use in your home?

LED Light Bulbs v. Incandescent Light Bulbs

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