Lego Advent Calendars

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Enjoy the countdown to Christmas with these Lego Advent Calendars which really put the fun back into the (long) wait until Christmas morning.

These days it seems like all of the advent calendars you find contain chocolates, I’m sure when I was younger our advent calendars contained the equivalent to happy meal toys for our children’s generation. I like the idea of a small gift inside an advent calendar which is why I love the fact that Lego have released Lego Advent Calendars.

A few years ago I brought an empty advent calendar for my daughter and I fill it with little gifts for the countdown which she loves………if I’d discovered the Lego Advent Calendars earlier it would have made my life easier as I wouldn’t have to be on the lookout all year for little things to fill the advent calendar with!

2011 Lego Advent Calendars Are Here!

Countdown to Christmas with Lego Advent Calendars

Lego Advent Calenders have been wowing children and parents alike since they were first released, however getting hold of them isn’t always easy.   This year’s Lego Advent Calendars are being released in a greater number than previous years, but I’d still be looking online for them and buying them early.

Look at the Lego Advent Calendars for 2011 -

Lego City Advent Calendar
Lego City Advent Calendar

Buy The Lego City Advent Calendar Online

The Most Fun an Advent Calendar Can Be!

2011’s Lego City advent calendar has a cops and robbers theme running through it which is always a classic hit for children.  

Every day your child can open the ‘door’ and find a new mini Lego set to build which means that they’ll be happy building and playing with their new set while you get to spend time trying to organize the rest of your Christmas job list – it’s a win/win situation.

Although the Lego City advent calendar is more expensive than the themed chocolate advent calendars available they are well worth it as you are essentially purchasing not just an advent calendar, but a 232 piece Lego set.

2011’s Lego City advent calendar includes 6 minifigures which comprise of 2 police men, 2 robbers, 1 fisherman and (of course) Santa.   Also included are a police dog, a couple of snowmobiles, a Christmas tree and a mini police station.

Buy The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Online

Star Wars & Lego = A Big Hit!

2011 is the first year that we’ve seen Lego release a Star Wars themed advent calendar and it is sure to be a hit as all of their Star Wars Lego sets seem to become more and more popular.  

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar
Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

If your child (or you yourself) love Lego Star Wars then I would snap up this advent calendar as soon as you can because I’m predicting it will become a collectors set in no time – in other words expect the price to increase a lot after Christmas.

This Lego Advent Calendar retails for more than the Lego City one, but it is a) bigger and b) Star Wars!   The set contains 266 pieces in total and includes 8 minifigures which are Nute Gunray, Chewbacca, R2 Q5, Zev Senesca, a Clone pilot, a Tie Pilot, a Battle Droid and Yoda in a Santa suit.

This set was originally released at the San Diego Comic Con and, as you can imagine, sold out very quickly.   This is part of the reason why I feel that this set will become a collector’s edition – Yoda in a Santa suit can only be found in this Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar and not in any other set and I must say he does look cute!

Also included in the set are mini versions of the Millennium Falcon, X-wing Starfighter and other ships to make up your own ‘Christmas’ mini Starfleet.

More Lego Advent Calendars

Increasing Their Lego Collection Before Christmas Day!

If you don’t want to get this year’s Lego Advent Calendars then you’re in luck because Amazon do have some of the Lego Advent calendars from previous years still available to purchase.   If you have a child who loves Lego Pirates or Lego Kingdoms or some other theme then there just might be a perfect Lego advent calendar for them right here –

Lego Kingdoms Advent Calendar #7952

This 2010 Lego Advent Calendar is a limited edition and includes nine minifigures – 3 Knights (two Lion Knight and one Dragon Knight), a Queen, a Prince, a blacksmith, a wizard, a barmaid and a skeleton.  

If your child loves the Lego Kingdom theme then he will love all of the extra weaponry that he’ll get with this set along with the extra minifigures (always a bonus).

Lego Pirates Advent Calendar #6299

This 2009 Lego Advent Calendar contains 148 pieces which include 8 minifigures.   The minifigures include a skeleton, a mermaid, Captain Brickbeard (love that play on the name!), a male and a female pirate, a castaway and 2 Imperial soldiers.  

If your child loves pirates then he’ll love this set – it’s not Christmassy which means it can be played with all year around and it has some great pieces in it.


A parrot (all good pirates need one), a wooden raft, a table with a treasure map on it and a treasure chest among other things are all included over your 24 days of high seas Lego fun.

Lego Castle Advent Calendar #7979

This 2008 Lego Castle advent calendar will provide lots of fun with it’s 176 pieces of building including 9 minifigures.   The minifigures include 2 skeletons, 2 Crown Knights, a Troll Warrior, an Evil Witch, a Jester, a Maid and a Dwarf.

Not only are there the minifigures but there are also a number of animals included in this set like a frog, snake and bat.  

There are also some cool castle accessories such as a catapult and an archery range.   This advent calendar is bound to be a winner for any Lego Castle theme fan.

Lego Creator Advent Calendar #4524

Lego Creator seems a natural partner with the Lego Advent Calendars and this one was released in 2002.   It contains 231 pieces and is definitely a Christmas theme as it includes a Christmas tree, Santa, a snowman and a gift among other things.

Some of these products have actually been adapted into Lego Christmas Ornaments which you can purchase (namely the Santa, snowman and tree).

Lego City Advent Calendars

The most popular theme of advent calendars that Lego release is the Lego City advent calendars and there are a number of these available as they have been released consistently over the years.   There is a great webpage that is dedicated solely to these calendars –

Lego City Advent Calendars
Every year since 2005 Lego have released a Lego City Advent Calendar which are a great way to keep your child happy every morning in December right up until Christmas Day when (hopefully) they'll be even more Lego under the tree!

More Lego Advent Calendars

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nickupton on 10/16/2011

These look cool. Wish they were around when I was a kid.

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