Lego Creator Set #5761

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The Lego Creator #5761 Mini Digger set is one of the Lego Creator 3 in 1 sets and makes a great gift idea for young children.

The Lego Creator Mini Digger set was released in January 2011 and consists of only 56 pieces (hence the 'mini'). I love the Lego Creator sets as they offer instructions for children to build three different things from one set - talk about value for money!

Lego Creator Mini Digger Set

Lego Set #5761

The Lego Mini Digger set is great not just because it's Lego (of course!), but because it's a digger!   When I was growing up my brother and I were always fighting over who got to play with our toy digger and watching my daughter and her friends it seems that's one thing that has remained constant - diggers are just plain fun!

Lego Mini Digger
Lego Mini Digger
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Check Out How To Build This Set

When you have finished building the Mini Digger it measures 3 inches (5 cm) wide and 2 inches (7 cm) tall.   This Lego set is great fun to play with because the bucket can actually be raised and lowered and let's face it that's what children of all ages love about diggers!

Recommended for ages 6-12 this could be built by younger children, but some of the pieces are small which is why I think this is the age recommendation.   The instructions are certainly easy enough for a child who doesn't read to follow along with though.

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Lego Creator 5761 Mini Digger

This mini digger from Lego's Creator range has an articulated body along with a bucket that raises and lowers just like a 'real' digger does.

Only $24.0

Lego Creator Sets = More Lego Fun!

Lego Digger or Lego Off Roader or Lego Tow Truck?

What will your child want to build when there are three different Lego models to be built with this set?

Obviously the main set that is featured (hence the name of the set) is the mini digger, but the other two options are lots of fun as well.

As you can see from the picture below the off-roader model looks a little bit like a dune buggy while the tow truck looks like it could provide a lot of play activity.   If you brought another mini creator set you could use the tow truck to pull behind one of the other sets like the red car or the dune buggy!

Lego Creator 5761
Lego Creator 5761

The Lego Creator Series

It's Not Just About a Lego Digger!

Not only does this Lego set (like all Legos) help your child with their motor skills and imagination, it enables them to see how the same pieces can be used in different ways to produce different results.   After building the digger, off roader and tow truck some children even create their own vehicles without instructions and that's a pretty cool thing to see.   Help your child think outside of the box by getting them started on the this Lego series.

The Lego Creator sets aren't just about vehicles, however, they also cover houses too, you can check out more about other available sets below -

Lego Creator House Sets
There are lots of different Lego Creator House sets available from the Model Townhouse to the Log Cabin they are all a lot of fun.

Lego Creator Transport Truck
The Lego Creator #5765 set is a 3 in 1 set that let's you make two different transport trucks or a road rescue truck - talk about fun!

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mivvy on 08/24/2011

This looks fun, have to wait until my grandson is old enough.

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