LEGO Friends for Girls

by ThePartyAnimal

LEGO introduces Lego Friends, a new collection of LEGO toys geared towards girls.

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My thoughts about LEGO Friends

it is about time !!

What took LEGO so long to come out with LEGO Toys for girls? They may have tried here and there in the past, but this time I think they may have done it. Of course us girls still played with LEGOs  regardless, but I think by having some girly LEGO toys will bring a nice addition to the LEGO World.

The new LEGO Friends Collection has also come with much debate. It seems there are many who are not happy with this new line of toys because they are gender based. Really? So what !! It seems some are not happy by the fact that the new Lego Figurines are much curvier than the original square ones. Again - So what !!

Why are there so many people upset because Lego came out with a line for the Girls and created it around the Role Playing they like to play.  It baffles me truly. If these were out when my daughter was young I would have bought them for her with no second thought.  I would also still have the original LEGOs as well, which some could think are boyish.

People have to realize companies need to grow and change to keep up with the demands of the market. If they wanted to create a line for girls what is the big deal. I love them and I give big Kudos to Lego for making Lego Friends for the girls because I know they are going to love them.

There are plenty of other toys out there that should not be and do not get this kind of reaction. LEGOs are a fun building toy that lets our children use their imagination while they play - so what if they are Pink and Purple and the figurines resemble girls.

What do you think of LEGO Friends for Girls?

About LEGO Friends

The Beauty of Building

LEGO Friends Mia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie and Olivia are ready to play and go on adventures in their hometown of Heartlake City. Little Girls will have so much fun building and using their imaginations when they play with LEGO Friends. There are currently over 14 LEGO Friends Sets available with more coming late this year. Additional LEGO Friends come in most of the playsets.

City Park Cafe

This is where Andrea works and all the girls go to hang out and enjoy some delicious Milk Shakes and Burgers. . Girls will love playing with the City Park Cafe as they can create fun meals and even have fun role playing the cashier with the Lego Money.

Heartlake Vet

Mia helps out Veterinarian Sophia take care of all the pets in Heartlake. This will be so much fun for girls to play with as well - this set comes with lots of fun accessories such as Syringe, Ice Pack, Clipboard, Stereoscope, Registration Chart, Scale, X-Ray Table and more. Endless fun will be had here at the Heartlake Vet for sure and I see lots of healthy animals in Heartlake !!

Butterfly Beauty Shop

Emma's favorite place to hang is at the Butterfly Beauty Shop and can you blame her?  The friends can stop by and get all done up in this very well equipped salon. I can see hours of play in this beauty shop alone as little girls can pretend to take the friends shopping, have makeovers and new hairstyles and more.

LEGO Friends Toy Sets

City Park Cafe~Heartlake Vet~Butterfly Beauty Shop

Check out the LEGO Friends Commercials

LEGO Friends Playsets

As I stated above there are currently 14 LEGO Friends playsets on the market and more in the works.

Here is a list of what is available at this time:

  • City Park Cafe
  • Heartlake Vet
  • Butterfly Beauty Shop
  • Olivia's Tree House
  • Olivia's House
  • Emma's Design Studio
  • Andrea's Stage
  • Heartlake Dog Show
  • Stephanie's Cool Convertible
  • Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery
  • Emma's Splash Pool
  • Olivia's Inventors Workshop
  • Mia's Puppy House
  • Stephanie's Pet Patrol

Now that is one HUGE Girly City if you ask me. Also keep in mind that all of the LEGO Friends  pieces are fully compatible with all Lego System bricks - so can you imagine how much bigger this city can get. I think LEGO did a great thing with these and if my daughter was still young I know she would have gone crazy for them.


Updated: 02/25/2012, ThePartyAnimal

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