Lego Monster Fighters - The Crazy Scientist & His Monster

by nickupton

The Crazy Scientist and his Monster LEGO Monster Fighter set is based upon the famous Frankenstein's Monster. Take a look at this LEGO Frankenstein set.

The first LEGO Monster Fighter sets were released as part of a new theme in 2012. All of the sets in this theme contain cool monster mini figures based on famous monsters of legend and literature. The Crazy Scientist and His Monster set is based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein story; I imagine that LEGO cannot call it that due to a problem with copyright, but it is clear that the monster in this set is Frankenstein's Monster.

This Monster Fighter set contains a really cool "Frankenstein's Monster" and the crazy "Frankenstein" scientist himself as well as two really great monter fighters/hunters mini figures.

On this page I will feature all the mini figures in this set, take a look at the other parts of the set and talk about what is good and bad about it.

I hope you enjoy looking at this Crazy Scientist and His Monster LEGO set - I am sure the kids are going to like it a lot.

New in 2012: LEGO Monster Fighters The Crazy Scientist & His Monster 9466

LEGO Monster Fighters The Crazy Scientist & His Monster #9466
$182.99  $189.88

LEGO Monster Fighters The Crazy Scientist & His Monster Details

  • Pieces: 430
  • Age: 8-14
  • Lego No: 9466
  • Minifigs: Crazy Scientist, Monster (Frankenstein's Monster), Rodney Rathbone, Quinton Steele
  • Year: 2012
  • Theme: Monster Fighters

The LEGO Minifigures

The Monster (Frankentein's Monster)

What's Cool

  • Cool color scheme, using an unusual green flesh color for skin.
  • Great expression on the face.
  • Superb head piece which gives the monster a high forehead with safety pin printing and hair in the classic Frankenstein's Monster style.
  • Nicely detailed printing on the torso.

What's Not Cool

  • Nothing, this is the best "Frankenstein" monster that LEGO have produced so far.
The Crazy Scientist (Professor Frankenstein)

What's Cool

  • The Crazy Scientist comes with a cool phial of chemicals.
  • Great body printing gives the scientist an assortment of test tubes and equipment.
  • A double-sided head piece gives this character two crazy expressions.
  • The hair piece gives the scientist the perfect mad professor look.

What's Not Cool

  • Nothing. This is an improvement on the Crazy Scientist mini figure from the mini figure 4 series.

Note 1

LEGO use the terms "Crazy Scientist" and "His Monster" but they are clearly supposed to be Frankenstein and his monster.

Most people usually refer to the monster as Frankenstein but it is actually the professor that is called Frankenstein and the monster is called "Frankenstein's Monster" in the story.


Note 2

LEGO has produced two Crazy Professor mini figures in the past as well as two previous mini figure versions of Frankentstein's monster. In the eBay auctions to the right you can find all versions of these two mini figures if you click and look at the full listings.

Dr Rodney Rathebone

What's Cool

  • Comes armed with cool fencing sword and pistol.
  • Nice grey bowler hat.
  • Great face printing gives Rodney a nice expression.
  • Highly detailed printing on the torso for pinstripe effect plus pocket watch and tie.
  • Awesome robot leg for stomping on mosters.

What's Not Cool

  • Not much but the color scheme could have been a bit more interesting. Black leg/hips would have been better.
Major Quinton Steele

What's Cool

  • Comes armed with special monster-hunting gun.
  • Nice body printing gives added detail on torso and legs.
  • Head printing gives the major a colonial look.
  • The major has a pith helmet to add to his explorer look.

What's Not Cool

  • Quinton Steele looks extremely similar to mini figures produced in older themes.
  • Color scheme is a little dull.
Which Is The Best Mini Figure From This LEGO Monster Fighters Set?

To see the full set in close up, minifigures, car and laboratory, take a look at this video review of the Crazy Professor and his Monster LEGO set.

The monster fighters Quinton Steele and Rodney Rathbone enter the laboratory of the Crazy Scientist in an effort to grab the moonstone but with the monster suddenly brought to life they risk being entrapped in a dungeon.

Glow In The Dark Pieces

All the LEGO Monster Fighters sets contain a number of glow in the dark pieces which give the sets a really spooky feel when the lights are turned off.

The glow in the dark pieces in the Crazy Scientist and His Monster set include a spider, a rat and a skull in a glass dome.

If you want a LEGO set for a Halloween display then this is a really great option because of the glow in the dark pieces.

The Crazy Scientist's Laboratory


The Crazy Scientist's laboratory is a really good LEGO design with lots of different types of pieces making up the building and loads of little items which make up the crazy laboratory look, such as wrench, bone, skull in a glass dome, microscope and of course the contraption which brings to life his monster.

The "beam of life" uses a light brick to make it look like a beam shooting into the head of the monster to bring it alive. The beam is on a tilting mechanism and the monster lies on a bed which can be moved using a little wheel. This beam is housed in a little tower, on top of which is an assortment of translucent bricks which include the moonstone for this set.

A small jail is included to imprison a monster hunter hero and the fun thing about this is that by hitching a chain from the back wall of the jail to the car, you can bust your mini figure out of jail. On top of this building is a small catapult device. Why this should be up there I can really understand but no doubt kids will get a kick out of firing bricks at the monster hunter mini figures. The other feature of this laboratory is the collection of vermin which includes a rat and a spider with its web.

The Monster Hunter's Car

The monster hunters' car is not the reason to buy this set but it is a unique design from LEGO and comes in an unusual color.

The car is equipped with monster hunting gadgets such as radar and missile devices on the roof and on the side.

The car is a strange design but completely in-keeping with the type of period that LEGO have obviously chosen for the Monster Hunter sets and it can be used as a pursuit weapon with one mini figure sitting on a little side seat where he can spear or shoot at the Crazy Scientist and his monster.

LEGO Monster Fighters The Crazy Scientist & His Monster #9466

Defeat the Crazy Scientist and his Monster at the laboratory! Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Major Quinton Steele have stumbled upon the Crazy Scientist's laboratory. As our heroes rea...

$182.99  $189.88

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katiem2 on 06/22/2012

I love the Frankenstein Monster Lego Fighter. Very cool

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