LEGO Ninjago - Kai's Blade Cycle

by nickupton

The Kai's Blade Cycle LEGO Ninjago set comes with the super Kai ZX mini figure and his enemy; Rattla. The other main feature is the awesome giant Blade Cycle.

This LEGO Ninjago Kais Blade Cycle set was released in late 2011 as an extension to the existing Ninjago theme which has proved very popular with young LEGO fans. The set comes with two superb mini figures with highly detailed printing as well as the super cool Blade Cycle with retracting blades plus a small snake-people's shrine.

On this page you can take a close look at the two mini figures to see what makes them very collectible and find out more about the Blade Cycle itself. I have featured a video review for more information too.

I hope you enjoy looking at this LEGO Ninjago set and vote in the poll as well as leaving a comment.

New in 2012: LEGO Ninjago Kais Blade Cycle

LEGO Ninjago Kai's Blade Cycle 9441
$28.99  $24.99

This Ninjago LEGO set pits Kai ZX Ninja against one of the mesmeric Hypnobrai tribe of the snake people - Rattla. Kai must defeat Rattla in battle and obtain the Hypnobrai staff and anti venom using his swords and Blade Cycle. Both of the mini figures contained in this set are super cool.

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Parents and kids are going to love this set as the level of playability is really high and it contains some really cool pieces; in addition, the price on release is very good indeed. Mini figures collectors are definitely going to want the Rattla figure and kids who love the Ninjago theme are going to want to add this set to their collection.

LEGO Ninjago - Kai's Blade Cycle Details

  • Pieces: 188
  • Age: 8-14
  • Lego No: 9441
  • Minifigs: Kai ZX, Rattla
  • Year: 2012
  • Theme: Ninjago

The Lego Minifigures

Kai ZX

What's Cool

  • Comes armed with two Ninja swords which fit into a holder on the back.
  • Stylish body printing.
  • Decorated with golden epaulettes..
  • ZX Ninja face mask with golden forehead.
  • Aggressive battle face.

What's Not Cool

  • Nothing. Kai is super cool.

What's Cool

  • Super torso and leg printing to create snake skin effect.
  • Fanatsticly molded snake head piece with great printed color scheme.
  • Highly detailed face printing with hypnotic red eyes and fangs.
  • Comes armed with spear and Hypnobrai staff.

What's Not Cool

  • Nothing, Rattla is a fantastic enemy for the Ninjas.

For a close up and commentary on all the aspects of this LEGO Ninjago set watch the video clip review that is featured below.

Beware staff-wielding Rattla's hypnotic stare when Kai ZX races into battle on his giant Blade Cycle. The prize is the magical Hypnobrai staff and antivenom needed as protection from other members of the snake people. This will be an epic battle between two powerful adversaries.

LEGO Blade Cycle

Kai's Blade Cycle is a LEGO vehicle that the kids will love. Its giant size and eye-catching color scheme make it an instant hit.

Construction is not too difficult but young fingers may need a little help. Many old-school LEGO fans will not like this assembly as it uses a large number of large, highly stylized parts.

Kai stands in the compartment of his cycle and the blades are released by pressing a button just in front of him. The blades can be set at a variety of extensions. The wheels are moving too, as you would expect from a LEGO vehicle, making this motorcycle highly playable - boys will love it.

Kai's Blade Cycle Poll

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