Lego Sticker Books

by TerriRexson

Find the lastest Lego sticker books in a range of themes including Star Wars and Ninjago. Great for car trips and rainy days.

My boys got Lego Star Wars sticker books for Christmas. They've been a brilliant present and keep them occupied for ages.

The books come with lots of reusable stickers and you have to work out where to stick them in the pages of the book.

The books have information about the Lego characters too. And the boys love looking at all the pictures of minifigures and vehicles.

As I write this, we've recently returned from a long car trip. They boys were happily entertained for hours in the car sticking Lego minifigure stickers in the right place and talking about Star Wars.

I think we'll be getting a Ninjago sticker book next, they're mad about the Lego Ninjago theme!

Lego Star Wars Sticker Books

Lego Star Wars Ultimate Sticker Colle...
$19.99  $7.5
Lego Star Wars Heroes (DK Ultimate St...
$17.97  $103.97

The Lego Star Wars theme is great fun and its packed with cool characters and vehicles. My older son is learning to read and the names printed under the stickers were a great challenge for him. (To be honest some of them were a challenge for his Mom!)

We think the Lego sticker books are great value for money because they keep the kids entertained for ages. The sticker books are made by DK Publishing and they're great quality. The printing is bright and clear and the stickers use a low-tack adhesive so they can be moved around. (This is brilliant - kids get very frustrated if they put a sticker in the wrong place and can't move it.)

The Lego Ninjago theme is very popular with boys from 4-14, and even younger, my 3.5 year old can tell you all about Lord Garmadon being banished to the underworld!

The green Ninjago sticker book is the newer one and features the 2012 snakes theme. The snake characters are very cool and kids will love the sticker versions. 

The red Ninjago sticker book ties in with the original Ninjago story with the skeleton army as enemies. 

Lego Minifigure and Lego City Sticker Books

Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO® M...
$1.37  $8.05
LEGO City Ultimate Sticker Collection...
Only $12.99

The Lego Minifigures Sticker Book is lots of fun for Lego fans. It's packed with hundreds of Lego minifigure stickers for all the themes. 

You'll find Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Lego City, Knights, Pirates and all sorts of fun figures in here. 

Lego City is another popular theme with lots of characters. 

These books makes a great gift for a child to take to another child's birthday party. They're not too expensive, but you get a good quality gift that's definitely cool!

Lego Harry Potter Sticker Book

There's even a Lego Harry Potter sticker book! Kids will have lots of fun recreating their favorite Harry Potter scenes with sticker versions of Lego Harry, Hermione, Ron and friends.

The Ultimate Collection Lego sticker books have over 1000 stickers so they'll be kept busy for hours. 

Lego Harry Potter Ultimate Sticker Collection

Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO® Harry Potter (ULTIMAT...
$6.08  $14.99

Lego Duplo Sticker Books for Toddlers

Lego Duplo Ultimate Sticker Collection (Ultimate Sticker ...
$6.46  $2.95

Duplo Sticker Book

You can even get a Lego Duplo sticker book for little kids. 

My kids loved Duplo when they were toddlers and this sticker book features familiar Duplo characters, animals and objects from the Duplo range. 

We have the Duplo versions of lots of these toys. Toddlers will really enjoy creating scenes with sticker versions of the toys. 

Latest Lego Sticker Books

There are new Lego sticker books coming out regularly. I'll add new ones to this page, but try here for the very latest including those available for preorder and not released yet:

Latest Lego Sticker Books

More Lego

Have you ever wondered how Lego is made. My son did so I promised I'd find out how they make all those Lego bricks.
There's a range of Lego Ninjago reading books that boys will really enjoy. There are early reader books and chapter books for independent readers.
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