Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel

by TerriRexson

There's new Legoland Windsor Hotel for 2012 and its right inside the park! The Legoland hotel has Lego-themed rooms and lots of details that kids will love.

The new Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel is open from March 2012.

The hotel has Lego-themed rooms and is designed for families with kids who love Lego.

The hotel is actually inside the Legoland park, which the kids will think is brilliant and the parents will find very convenient.

Read on for a sneak peak at the hotel rooms and information on booking.

Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel - Inside the Park

The Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel is part of the Legoland Windsor theme park. Yes, from March 2012 you'll be able to stay in a Lego-themed bedroom in a Lego-themed hotel inside a Lego theme park!

If you're a Lego-mad family like ours then this sounds like a lot of fun! Read on to find out more about the hotel and how to book. 

We're planning to stay at the hotel once it opens and I'll add a review then. 

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel Virtual Tour

Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel - New for 2012

We've visited Legoland Windsor several times before. But the hotel is new so 2012 is the first year we've been able to stay at the hotel. 

The hotel appeals to us for two main reasons:

  1. It's right in the Legoland resort. The package includes a second day at the park so we'll be able to avoid travelling after the first day at the park and before the second. 
  2. Our kids will love it! They are serious Lego fans who will be  5.5 and nearly 4 when we visit. Lego is the toy they play with most of all. A Lego-themed hotel will be so exciting for them. It's the kind of thing they'll always remember. 

Where is the Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel?

It's Actually Inside the Park

How Do you Book the Legoland Resort Hotel?

You can make bookings for the Legoland Resort hotel here:

Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel Booking

Legoland are now taking bookings for the new hotel which is open from March 2012. 

You can choose between Pirate, Adventurer and Kingdom rooms. This is quite a tricky choice for us. The boys love knights and castles, they love the whole adventurer idea, and their favorite thing at Legoland is the Pirates of Skeleton Bay show. 

At the moment it looks like the Pirate rooms are the most finished. The website has concept drawings for the other rooms, but you can watch a video of a Pirate themed room. It does look very cool!

Sneak Preview Of The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel Pirate Room

Tip: Travelling to Legoland

Don't forget to pack a Lego Sticker book for the journey. We just did this on the way to visit the Lego Store in Cardiff. It kept the boys entertained in the car and got them in the mood for Lego. 

How Much Does is Cost to Stay at the Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel?

Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel Room Rates

How Much Does is Cost to Stay at the Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel? Well a lot basically! If you just want a cheap hotel to spend the night in, then this is not the right choice. There are lots of other hotels you can choose from within a reasonable distance and there are Legoland Windsor hotel packages which include entrance to the park. 

The cost of staying at the Legoland Windsor resort hotel varies a lot depending on the date. Obviously dates inside term time are cheaper. 

The Legoland hotel offers packages which include a night in a family hotel room with entry to the park, plus a free second day at the park. For dates we checked the Legoland Resort Hotel is 100-200 pounds more expensive than getting a one night (two days in the park) package with a cheap hotel near Legoland, this is for a family of four. Breakfast is included. 

Check prices for your dates here: Legoland Resort Hotel Booking

There are also hotel deals for annual pass holders

Our kids are Lego mad. They are playing with Lego as I type this. They would love to stay at the Legoland resort hotel. We're planning to take them there this year as a very big treat. 

Updated: 02/22/2012, TerriRexson
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katiem2 on 02/18/2012

How cool I want to go, this look like an amazing world of imagination what lego is all about.

Shaz on 02/18/2012

That is truly amazing and what a great idea for Lego fans!

BrendaReeves on 02/18/2012

My daughter and SIL just took the grandkids to Legoland in Southern California. I wish I had been there to see them having such fun.

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