Lemon Oil Uses

by lou16

Lemon oil is one of my favorite essential oils and a lot of great uses. Lemon oil is an excellent oil to have for sickrooms especially.

I love the smell of lemon oil, but it’s also very useful especially for the sickroom as it’s one of the best essential oils for fighting infections. Not only does lemon oil help to fight infections it also soothes headaches and muscular problems as well as aiding the digestive system – talk about an aromatherapy superstar!

Lemon Oils Uses in the Sickroom

Lemon is a great oil for the sickroom, it has a refreshing citrus smell which is actually uplifting for the patient and doesn't smell too antiseptic. However lemon oil’s real strength is that it is antibacterial and antiviral and will stop other people from catching the cold/flu/viral infection themselves.

Lemon oil has incredible bacteriacial and antiseptic properties which have been proven by the works of Morel and Rochaix who state -"that vapours of the essence of lemon can -

  • neutralise the meningoccocus in 15 mins
  • typhus bacillus in 5 mins
  • staphyloccus in 5 mins
  • diptheria bacillus in 20 mins"

According to Susanne Fischer-Rizzi in Complete Aromatherapy Handbook lemon oil also kills the germs causing pneumonia in 3-4 hours.

The antiseptic properties of lemon oil will last for 20 days making it perfect for destroying air-borne germs in hospital rooms, waiting rooms and schools.

In England, where aromatherapy is extensively used in hospitals, this oil , among others, is used in patients' rooms. It is particularly effective in neutralizing unpleasant body odours of patients suffering from cancer, and it is psyhologically strengthening to usually depressed and fearful patients.

Lemon Oil is Useful in the Workplace

Lemon oil helps you to stay alert. A Japanese company actually disperses droplets of lemon oil into the air in it's building as it has been shown to increase productivity.

If you're studying at home then this is a great oil to have on the diffuser/burner. For study I would mix it with Rosemary oil as Rosemary is the Queen of memory oils!

Lemon Oil Helps You to Stay Alert

Lemon oil is a very uplifting oil and as mentioned above helps concentration so is very good to use on long car journeys. You can purchase aromatherapy diffusers which plug into the cigarette lighter in cars and diffuse oils throughout the car.

If you do not have one of these then put a couple of drops of oil onto a tissue and place the tissue over the air vent to let it waft around the car. This will keep you alert when driving.

Have You Ever Used Lemon Oil

The Uses of Lemon Oil Are Great!

It’s Also One of The More Affordable Essential Oils

Lemon oil is one of the citrus oils which has both a good and a bad side to it – the good is that it is one of the more affordable essential oils, the bad is that the shelf life is shorter.

I love the smell of Lemon oil and I’m not alone as many people have found it to be very uplifting which means that I’m happy to have it in my diffuser any day of the week.   It’s also a smell that my daughter likes so if there’s any viruses going around I can pop some lemon oil in a diffuser and help keep them at bay without a ‘oh mum, that’s disgusting’ which is the response I sometimes get to eucalyptus or tea tree oil!

I wouldn’t be without Lemon oil in my aromatherapy kit, so what about you?   Do you have any Lemon oil in your home?

Updated: 07/19/2012, lou16
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Digby_Adams on 10/10/2011

Well you've got me convinced. I especially like the part about preventing the spread of disease in a sick room. And about staying alert when driving. It's time for me to invest in a diffuser and smell the roses - err lemons!

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