Light Blue and White Comforters and Bedding Sets

by HomeArtist1

Light blue and white bedding sets like these promise to create a relaxing bedroom you'll love coming home to, and with a few decorating basics you're off to a great result.

There's no other room that needs a tranquil decor palette than a bedroom, so it makes sense to incorporate soothing hues like subtle light blues paired with refreshing white.
And since your bed is most likely your room's largest contributor, having an amazing eye-catching comforter in the blue and white palette you love, you'll be steered in the right direction from the get-go with no lost time, money and effort. Scroll down to see great options in light blue and white bedding sets along with a few ideas for adding interest and balance to your bedroom space without a lot of guesswork.

Getting Started: Defining Your Style and Your Bedding Set's Strength


Often, we have our color palette in mind when we set out to find that perfect bedding, be it a comforter, duvet or sheet set.

That much is easy.

But bedding has an enormous 'job description' that rivals a highly-motivated entrepreneur.

Your bed set has the challenge of introducing your bedroom's theme and style, warmly welcoming guests and betraying one impressive, "Oh, WoW! first impression.

All that in the first few seconds.

Since our beds are often the largest contributor to our bedroom, it's important to go as big as is reasonable--keeping within budget, of course. I've included three styles of bedding, all have the light blue and white color scheme we love but very different 'voices.'

Wall color, lighting and your furniture influence your overall result and I'll broach a bit more on this later. Starting with your bedding will determine other color choices along the way.
I love this set here, at left!

White Walls: Not So Plain After All with the Bedding Below

crisp light blue and white bedding

I love color on walls but with light blue bedding I'm thinking nothing but white walls will do. Actually, there's a host of color choices like taupe and any shade of light to medium blues, but doesn't the white shown here look fabulously to add to the bedding's appeal?

White is a keeper and when paired with the white sheer panels I mentioned earlier, you'll realize a heavenly result; it's almost as though you're among clouds, floating amid a perfectly blue sky--what great ambiance to retreat from a hectic day.

What better way to end your day?

Keeping a Beautiful Space from Becoming Blinding: ZigZags, Not Daggers


light blue and white chevron (zigzag) comforter bedding set
Modern White and Light Blue Chevron Zig Zag Bed in a Bag 6 Piece Be...

Chevron is such a fun, energetic design but like any striking element you must keep it corralled, lest those fun zig zags become hypnotic lightening bolts that leave you dizzy and unsettled.

Too, a room full of zig zags will dilute your bedding's value as focal point as it fades into the background. Allow your bedding to be the star attraction it was intended to be and those accessories the supporting 'actors.'

I suggest adding several plain pieces to every themed piece for a nice, pulled-together space. It's all about balance and with strong patterns like chevron, less is more!

light blue stripes can make one woozy if left unchecked
Tommy Bahama Surfside Stripe in Light Blue and White Bedding/Comfor...

Dressing Your Walls--Color or Not?


If you're not into painting or don't have the option, light blue and white is the ideal color duo for white walls

Few color choices are complemented as well by white walls as these bed sets. What a crisp, clean, spa-like look that's great for bedrooms. While white may seem your least favorite wall 'color' it can be a good thing.

Isn't the white in the model room above just oh-so-inviting?

Creating a Feminine Space - Floral & Lace Light Blue and White Bedding


Creating a Feminine Bedroom

Blues may be the 'color for boys' but I'm not a fan of color and gender-typing in the same sentence.

There's plenty of soft blues that contribute to a feminine decor palette. French and powder blues have the personality and voice for a totally girly bedroom space.

Complement this light blue and white bedding with frilly textures like lace and ruffles, paired with a fluffy white, flokati rug for total fru-fru.

light blue and white bedding and your options for wall color

I love the wall colors in these model rooms, here. A buttercup yellow, while unexpected, is a pleasant surprise while the grey/blue works well for added warmth if you're not game for white walls.

White, milk glass table lamps will work fabulously in these rooms along with white window panels to keep the space fresh.

Mirrors keep your bedroom space a bit brighter--and a lot bigger. They're always a great option for wall art unless they reflect a cluttered area. Round mirrors take the 'edge' off all the boxy-ness of a room.

The Many Shades of Blue - Floral Comforter Sets


What may seem light blue to one may be medium blue to another. I included these fresh-looking white and light blue floral comforter sets for their visually stimulating value for being a great focal point.

Too, you can incorporate several different shades of blue with either of these fun florals. I do like those blue window panels in the model room (at right) above and if you'd rather have a bit more color than the lighter blue bed sets can support, consider a more medium blue tone.

Go ahead and use those blues.

Getting the most from Luxury pieces

Paisley & Trellis/Lattice Design in Light Blue & White Bedding

While I'm not easily influenced by famous names, I'll make an exception, here with this amazing bed set by Kate Spade.

Mostly, it's the versatility with style you'll enjoy, as the duvet's design can support classic to modern decor.

For a conservative look, you can play off the trellis-like design and incorporate a fresh garden arrangement of white flowers or go with silk if you want a more permanent feature.

Conversely, the same pattern can work to emulate an urban loft design, much like you see in the model room, here.

With either decor palette, I suggest long white window sheers that puddle on the floor for a sophisticated result.

No matter your taste for design today, versatile bedding like this lofty light blue and white bed set will transform easily to any change of heart should you want a total redo in a year or two.

Going Coastal: Creating a Retreat for Less - Beach Themed Light Blue and White Comforter and Bed Sets


Beach Theme Bedding Sets: Pure Opulence

You can easily emulate these designer rooms and take on a challenge to find look-a-likes for far less.

Take the buffet lamps in the room above left. You can find these lamps in big box craft stores that offer weekly coupons for nearly half off.

Who knew?

I've realized amazing savings this way and once you become familiar with the various decor these stores offer you can easily recognize look-alikes.

These bedding sets are fabulous for their value in creating a retreat yo're so deserving of. 

These bedding sets have plenty of 'WOW!'

They've all the appeal of a five-star resort on an island, one you'll love to escape to.

Obviously, the rooms' total decor lends to its 'amazingness' but you can easily take from those elements you like most and introduce them into your own bedroom.

Updated: 10/23/2015, HomeArtist1
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CruiseReady on 09/19/2015

These soft and easy colors are just my speed. So glad you included those last two sets. They're my favorites.

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