Linda Usher - Mother Of The Years

by Jerrico_Usher

When I look around at many of my friends mom's, even my own family members and how their mom's (my aunts) treat their kids, I'm baffled by how great my mom really is and was!

I am the culmination of my past, my growth, and how I dealt with my growing pains over the years. At 38 now, I am mature enough to look back and truly appreciate all the things my mom did. Tupac's song "dear mamma" really hit home the other day as I listened to it.

Although the situations in Tupac's life and mine are a drastic contrast, the message of "thank you" and "I appreciate all you did, all you sacrificed, all your compassion and understanding- and even the "whoopins" you gave me, the times you grounded me (that fortified the writer in me, and days of trying to "budget" 5.00) really made me who I became.

I therefore nominate my mom (now a wizzler like us!) Linda Usher as the mother of the years. I say years because she continues to be an amazing mother to me and I'm proud to call her not just my mom but my friend too!

Note: This was originally written in 2009 - I added Updates For 2012 but left it in tact... My mother is still my mother of the year and continues to be amazing!

|||████ My Parents Bob And Linda Usher As Adolescents :) ███|||

Linda Usher (my mom) 1966

My Dad



See Where I Get My Looks?


|||████ Why I've nominated my mom for Mother of the Year ███|||

My mom is nominated as mother of the year because in my eyes she has well earned it. I've watched her struggles over the past several decades and yet I never see her in the light of defeat.

Their was a time I lived at home with my parents and I was addicted to this insight, our many conversations where I'd talk my heart out.. She really listened! Then she'd simplify it for me. Until recently when I started emailing my mom more and more, I didn't have this constant stream of optimism, but lately we've been keeping in touch via Yahoo mail, yahoo messenger, and now she works for the company I started my writing career in so I get to give back by helping her become the writer she wants to be!

My mom recently (2 years ago) retired from the Sacramento Police Department TranscriptionLinda department (but held many positions within) and decided to move to Oregon where I've made my home for a few years already. When she came out to visit she saw the amazing beauty and paradise this area is and had to retire here.

They've purchased a home and are here for the long haul. Now I can visit my mom who lives 15 minutes away (before it was 10 hours away!). This was originally written 5 years ago and things have just gotten better!

Even though we just talk about the normal things of life, her struggles and me mine, there is a lot of insight found in our exchange that most don't see.

I love how my mom will just listen and allow me to say whatever I want without judgment, she even lets me yell (not at her just passionately expressing myself) and will listen to every word and wait till I'm done to give me what becomes incredible advice that calms me down and shows me what I missed!

I'm sure she appreciates me listening to her too. I don't have to lie or beat around the bush with my mom, and I love that about her. She has a clear vision of the future, hers and others; she chases her dreams with undying passion.


She faces obstacles daily but always comes out on top.

It is through this vision that I persevere myself when times seem tough. When I feel weak my mom often crosses my mind like an angel telling me, look, be strong, their is learning in pain, and always remember "and this too shall pass" a phrase she learned from my father.













My Mom, Dad, Scott My older Brother In Brunswick Maine (my birth place)


||█████████████████ Tenacity ███████████████||

My Mom Is The Poster Child For Tenacious Effort and Perseverance!

I truly believe this is a trait I got from my moms genes. My analytical nature, my intelligence and ability to figure things out I got from my father, but my mother has always been the strong, one with drive and a never giving up attitude no matter the circumstances.

The irony is she believes my father is the strong one, but although he means well and has tried a lot he tends to give up easier, and doesn't always see the silver lining. She brings that and in some of their ventures she's been the one to keep him motivated but doesn't realize it. In the three years I moved back home several years back, I watched the two of them interact a lot and this is my summation of their progress.

My mother is very soft spoken and sweet, very down to earth and very much like a teddy bear in perception. I believe in some circles she's misunderstood as being weaker than she is, and like anyone she has her gullible side and people take advantage of her caring and giving nature, but she always figures this out about people.

update: 5 years later she's a LOT stronger and has become quite the leader!

Most people would give up when they realized that people were taking advantage of them but she perseveres and trusts without judgment of her past. I learned to do this myself as I have a lot of my mothers caring giving nature, but also come complete with my analytical and analyzing nature simultaneously from my father's genes.

|||||██████████ Creative Thoughtrapeneur ██████████|||||

My mom is brilliant in figuring things out, but she comes from a simpler approach to life's challenges. It's her gift in this life time to see the beauty in simplicity, to extract the hope in negativity and to persevere tenaciously. Sometimes I think the more we over think things the harder we make the solutions because we simply talk ourselves out of the solutions that work.

Personally I over think things. I take traits from my father like analytical thinking, analyzing thing to death and traits from my mother, simplifying things and perusal of dreams, which together make one hell of a successful team, but more than not it's the simplicity solutions that elude me. I often I turn to my mother for those answers, and to reconnect to that side of my nature. Sometimes an analytical approach is necessary but most of the time the solution can be extracted from all that data if I can just see the core.

Creative SpiritMy mother does this for me and just about anyone she comes across. Her way of seeing life is just amazing to me. What really hurts is that she's not rewarded justly for her contribution, hard work and tenacious efforts. She has amazing dreams but life continues to pound her into the ground time and time again. It's not fair.

Through her many trials and tribulations in life she has always persevered, helped the underdog even when she herself was the underdog, and never falters to care about others needs.

I don't see my mother in any way as selfish; it seems to me that the word doesn't even exist in her vocabulary. In some ways I think she should be a little selfish because she often puts herself last because she cares so much for others and their well being that she neglects to see her own needs.

I tend to see that she is not just my mother, as she treats anyone even strangers as if she were their mother.

||||||███████ She's so kind to everyone she meets ███████||||||

When I (used to, update: Engaged and about to be a daddy!!!) meet a new girl I absolutely love bringing them to my mothers house because my mom is such an amazing host. She warms up to people quickly and has an uncanny ability to make strangers comfortable.

My girlfriends have always said she was very sweet, kind and optimistic. She's the type of person My mom and dad (photoshopped into these groovy outfits)who would ask one of my girlfriends she met 10 minutes ago if they want to go shopping with her for a dinner she's making. My mom loves to cook. She try's new recipe's all the time and nothing tastes better than a home cooked meal my mom makes.

My dad often helps and they make a good cooking duo. When my mom met my dad she could barely boil water *smiles* (her words) but my father taught her how to cook and years later she thrives and cooks amazing meals. (now she's a better cook than he)

One of her hobbies is cooking new exotic recipes she gathers from online, friends, cookbooks and grocery stores. She studies well being, health and how to cook meals that promote a healthy lifestyle. She makes a mean Bread from scratch!

(see the recipe here: Basic but divine yeast bread recipe my mother's pride and joy)

What baffles me is that she rarely receives recognition for all her work, her caring and her strife's, but none the less she doesn't falter in her commitment to make the world around her a better place by having been touched by her aura.

||||||||███████████████ Goals ███████████████||||||||

My mom's goals are to become an interior decorator, to get in shape and promote a healthy lifestyle, live in a comfortable home and to escape the trappings of poverty. She is tenacious in her drive to accomplish all these things and I too am working tenaciously to assure if she doesn't get them I will be able to provide her with them.

I believe my mother deserves the good life and one way or another she will get it. If it weren't for her financial limitations and resources I believe she'd thrive in amazing things, unfortunately money is not always easy to achieve but in life sometimes this is for a reason.

Their are many lessons that you learn before achieving wealth and comfort and I believe right now she's learning them so when she achieves financial freedom she will be fully able to enjoy the contrast of her new life in comparison to the struggles she faced up to then.


That was in 2009, now in 2012 she's moved to Bend, Oregon (where I live too), in a paradise, owns a gorgeous 3 Bdrm home in a great neighborhood, has a new car, and ALL of her homes furniture is new including all the trappings of wealth she only dreamed of back then! She's also retired and loving every minute of it. To supplement her income she now writes articles for a content provider company, and is enjoying life to the fullest- all the issues of the past are gone! She did it!!!!

Before and now
Before and now

|||||||██████████ Background and Family ██████████|||||||

My mother met my father Robert Usher in Stockton California while attending college. They got Day They Got Married!married in Stockton 35 years ago and have been happily married since.

Their families didn't agree fully to their being together, but they fought to stay together and weren't going to let their families decide who they could be with and love.

Eventually they married and both families changed their minds, but this was not an easy battle, mostly for my mom.(both their parents have since passed away)

I have to admit some of their stories were pretty funny, but it goes to show that love conquers all.

Scott Jerrico And Jay

They had three beautiful kids, Scott, Jerrico, and Jay who are all grown up and living in various areas.

Scott resides in Sacramento California; Jerrico resides in Bend,Oregon, and Jay in San Diego.

Of the three kids Scott was the first to both get married (and divorced).

Jay recently married the girl of his dreams and Jerrico is engaged to be married, and has a baby girl (we hope) on her way that we plan to name Zoey Madison Usher-Thompson.

In conclusion

My mother is both my mom and my best friend. She continues to be there for me when I'm in need and when I'm not, and I'm glad I have her. I wanted to thank her for all her help and when nobody else is showing their appreciation I hope she sees mine.

I love you mom.


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Jerrico_Usher on 02/05/2013

awww thanks! I am the lucky one, she raised me well.

BrendaReeves on 02/05/2013

You have a very lucky mother, Jerrico. I'm glad she moved near you. I'm a CA expatriate also.

Jerrico_Usher on 04/16/2012

Thank you! I wrote this 3 years ago (on hubpages) and she loved it, I updated it when I moved it here... I wanted anyone who "googled" my moms name to see how cool she is :) my favorite part is that everything you dreamed of having 3 years ago is a reality today (other than interior design, but she's working on it still).

I read your zazzle wizzle :) you inspired me, looking at your stores (I checked them all out) I was amazed at how cool they look and the girth of products in there! Thinking about building up some stores for my mom actually, but like you were in 2007 I have no clue where to start... perhaps you could write one on how to get started there, and talk a bit more about how you got going?

dustytoes on 04/16/2012

How wonderful that you are close to your mom - and now she lives closer to you! A great family and and loving parents are perfect blessings. I know your mom will love reading this sweet tribute.

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