I see a future in us - Love's Journey [Poem]

by Jerrico_Usher

This is a poem I wrote for Michelle, the love of my life- my counterpart. I wanted to tell her thank you and explain how much love has changed my life...

This poem is all about being thankful and aware of true love and the journey to finding, cultivating, and embracing it. I wrote this off the top of my head one day when I was feeling thankful for the love of my life, rather I felt it more than usual and felt like writing this poem. I hope you like it!

Before the poem take a gander at the video below to get to know "us". I was about to watch a show called Family Ties (with Michael J. Fox) and the intro music inspired me to make a collage of our life, our pets, and our first date (the dark part is our very first date 3 years ago). Enjoy! Comments appreciated.

Lexi and Blue (they're in love :)
Lexi and Blue (they're in love :)

I made this collage of our life to the tune of Family Ties...

Jerrico And Michelle

There's a future in us


There used to be a time

When my emotions weren't steady

I went through many things

To make sure I was ready

For the odyssey that would both plague my journey and mind

Bring a new love to my life to share the lessons new bind

I come to realize they were there to cultivate

To help me grow and become, a tool of ecstasy, to share with the "one"

Because my life is good

It always has and has been

But till I met you girl

I didn't com-pre-hend

The end to where me and you, together in love, would - begin - to - understand

This feeling that is love..

I want to tell you girl

Just how much I adore you

To give you unlimited love and amazing euphoria

I plan to take care of..

Your heart and your mind

To cultivate your power and to add it to mine

I want to promise you

That never a day

Will go by where you don't feel my love in every way

I want to show you girl

Just what a gift you have given me

This life I will give you amazing heavenly.. Love

If not to show that I care and I give my heart too..

I need to hear the words

Of your devotion and love

Not to understand - but just to rise up above

The daily challenges

A reminder that they are just

Temporary things, that don't matter at all

But your love it does encompass it all

Amazing clarity, focus and trust

I can't believe its happening

By that I mean us

I never thought I could ever find you again

I'm glad we started out

And cultivated our friend-

Ship full of everything

That we ever could want

I'd sail a thousand ships just to experience one

Touch of your loving arms around my waist anticipating the feeling of your love

You're my ecstasy, your all I want from above...

Updated: 10/01/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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