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by Lissie

I've been a Clickbank affiliate for many years. There are some good and bad things about Clickbank you should know before you sign up with them and use them on

Clickbank is one of the oldest programs for people offering an electronic product: be its software, a course of videos or written materials, or even eBooks. Clickbank was one of the very first affiliates that I signed up for. But it took me a year or so to make my first sale!

I am yet to see a physical product for sale via Clickbank - what is for site are basically electronic products: e-books, membership couress, video courses, software, or similar.

How Does The ClickBank Affiliate Program Work?

Clickbank allows pretty much anyone to become a vendor, this is both a strength and a weakness. In short, there is an awful lot of junk on Clickbank, its a bit of a wild west out there. 

In recent years they've cleaned up their act a lot and there are now lots of fees for vendors that have too big a percentage of returns. This coupled with the 60 days money back guarantee (which does work, I've used it), makes it fairly easy to recommend selected clickbank products.

Quick Facts About Clickbank Affiliate Program

Ease Of Becoming An Affiliate - Americans Easy  
Ease Of Becoming An Affiliate - Non-Americans Easy
Percentage of sales:

 45-75% is common - varies by vendor

Payout levels and methods:


Your first payment will be held until: 

  • sales have been made by 5 or more different credit card accounts; AND 
  • 2 different payment methods have been used (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, European Direct Payment) 
As Paypal payments don't count towards this - in some niches it can take a while to fulfil this criteria. 

You can nominate any payout amount from $10 to $1,000,000 - but note the charge below. Direct deposit to available to both US accounts  and several overseas countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada (note XACH is also available in U.S. dollars to Canadian bank accounts only), France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Their exchange rate is very attractive. 10% of payments are held for 84 days against a returns allowance. 


For direct deposit payments are made weekly, for cheque payments, the period is fortnightly. 


 $2.50 to make a payment; Dormant accounts are charged: $1/pay period after 90 days of no sales and $5/pay period after 180 days of no sales, and $50/pay period after 365 days of no sales.  

Sales Tracking

 Absymal. Each transaction is recorded but you have to know what code goes with which vendor. Unfortunately I never wrote it down at the start - so some products I make sales on and I have NO idea what they are! Its a REALLY good idea to have a coded system and use tracking ID's! 

Tips To Maximize Your ClickBank Affiliate Commissions

There are lots and lots of guides about what the "gravity" metric means and what average sales value you should target on Clickbank.

I do it the other way around - I look long and hard at the sales page of the site. Is it credible? Does it look professional? Does it allow customers to "try before they buy"? What else does it to do to minimize the risk that the customer is taking by signing up? Does it use language that the target market will understand? 

Clickbank also supports products in German, French and Spanish - this gives some opportunities for other language speakers who can promote non-English pages on Wizzley's sister sites. 

I will check out the "name" behind the site - I'll Google it, I'll check the site's whois registration - to see if it matches the name of the owner or their company.


How Well Does Wizzley Work With ClickBank Affiliates

I believe pre-selling is probably more important for Clickbank products than for any other 3rd party affiliate management site. Because the product's qualtiy varies so much, you REALLY need to sell these products.

If you are not familiar with the products, or at least the niche you probably won't do that well.

Make Money on Wizzley - The Series

This article is part of a series of pages on making money with - which focuses on picking the right monetisation method to make money from the type of visitors you have to your website. Other articles in this series are: 

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Updated: 03/13/2012, Lissie
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ymunro on 03/02/2013

I promote two very good CB products. I've had fair success with no comebacks. I think you must just do your homework before deciding which products to promote.

kaazoom on 03/19/2012

Clickbank can also be a good place to find new niches to target. Most Clickbank vendors do a lot of research into their niches before producing a product. I agree about quality, some of the stuff on Clickbank is not that good, and you don't want to risk your reputation by recommending a bad product. Especially if you have a loyal following of readers on Wizzley.

brettb on 03/13/2012

There are some very decent products on ClickBank, but they're buried underneath some dubious make money and weight loss courses!

I'm always wary of promoting CB products on sites I don't own - I used to do well on HubPages, now they won't even let you link to a CB vendor site!

Lissie on 03/11/2012

Well some niches Amazon doesn't cover - for example I was looking for something in the music lessons niche - nothing much on Amazon - some quite good stuff on CB. Get out of the MMO niche and it gets a lot less spammy!

teddletonmr on 03/11/2012

Clickbank, is it a good idea to promote ebooks, videos and memberships on wizzley? I gave it a go a HP a couple of years ago with little success.
I read somewhere where the clickbank products were just to spammy, is that a word? Any hoo, what is the skinny on promoting ebooks, videos and the like found at clickbank?
As for now I make a better return for time spent on amazon than Clickbank, what am I missing?

Thanks for sharing your insights. MIke

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