Make Money On Wizzley - Finding The Right Readers

by Lissie

You thought you just had to get lots and lots of readers and then you'd make money? Sorry its not that easy! Read on for the good and bad news!

Many beginners wanting to make money on sites such as Wizzley, focus on getting visitors. They assume that lots and lots of visitors will make them money. Well they can do - but not necessarily. I wish someone had told me at the start of my online career, that it wasn't just about getting visitors, its about getting the "right sort" of visitors. Having got those visitors its a matter of giving them an irrestiable offer. Easy right? Well actually no, but in this article I'd like to explain some of the ways that you can make money using Wizzley - and the type of visitors that you might need to attract to do so.

Website Traffic
Website Traffic

Types of Visitors: Friends and Family

No, I don't mean your mother! Anyone who comes from itself I count in this group. Plus almost everyone that comes from other social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc). Basically these are all lovely people - but they are hard to make a sale from. They are interested in you, not what you are selling in general terms. Now I'm not saying that these visitors are useless, but I don't chase them. That's why I spent very little time on social media.

How To Get Friends and Family? 
Get active on social media! Get your name out there, follow and be follow etc, etc. There are heaps of guides out there. But you should probably stop and ask yourself why? Why do I want a zillion followers? What am I trying to achieve? Here's a hint - if you are running for public office or want to get on a reality TV show - its probably not a bad approach. Its just not mine. It also is a demonstrated way to get a book deal or to get onto the conference circuit (in some niches).

Types of Visitors: Information Seekers

As I write this, my most popular page is What Happened to Scroogle Scraper - its averaging 200 visitors a day. How much has it made me? Nothing. Wizzley is a trusted site - if something is in the news (real or virtual) and you write a quick page - its quite likely that you will immediately rank on page 1, if there is few other websites talking about the subject. Generally information seekers don't actually want to pay for that information, often there is no way to monetize this traffic except for the (faint) hope that they may sign up for Wizzley if they are in the online marketing niche. Alternatively a topic you can't monetize NOW, may become monetizable in the future (e.g. the Raspberry Pi computer may become available on eBay or Amazon).

How To Attract Information Seekers?
Chase informational keywords. some of mine include Burma Travel and Vacation Packing Tips. Why do I chase them? Because I'm promoting a website, I hope that they will sign up for that website and I will figure out how to make money from them - probably via my own e-books. I'm building a relationship, with the hope of selling later, its a longer-term strategy than the next one.

Types of Visitors: Problem Solvers

These are the people googling "how to get my ex back" or "how to lose weight for the over 50-year-old woman?" They have a problem and they want to fix it, and they are happy to spend money doing so. They are the reason that topics like weight loss and relationships are some of the most difficult to rank in the search engines for. The competition is fierce because the pay-offs are large.

They are also the people getting close to buying something - that's why they want to know about 13" laptops or wondering whether they should buy a Macbook Pro or Air 

You may not get hundreds of visitors for this type of page or keyword. But you may make a rather high amount of money per a visitor. They are in fact the reason that I often chase keywords which, according to the Google keyword tool - have no searchers. 

How To Attract Problem Solvers?
Chase keywords that solve a problem! Which are the best toaster ovens, or  how to tan for dancesport Even at #1 these pages will never see 1000's of visitors, but if they make a sale a week - you still make money! 

More About Finding Long Tail Keywords

Keyword Researcher is really one of the easiest and best keyword tools out there. If you still think the Google Adwords tool gives accurate results - you need to read this

What Sort Of Visitors Do You Want?

That partly depends on how you plan to monetize the page. My take on it - and remember this is simplified: 

type of visitor


friends and family 

building a "brand" of you, and then selling that brand as a service (speaker, writer) or product (book or other products) 

information seekers

Adsense or Chitika, Clickbank or other direct affiliate programs (but you won't get a great conversion rate on these)

problem solvers 

Amazon, eBay, Shareasale, Commission Junction, direct affiliates. Adsense as a secondary monetization method.

Using Wizzley To Attract Your Visitors

Building Your Own Brand

If you are using Wizzley to build your brand - and building up a social following - you are doing it wrong in my opinion. You should have your own website, using your name (or you social media handle) and that's what you want to rank #1 for your "brand". You could use Wizzley to give you another entry on page 1 of the search results - but your primary focus shouldn't be here. 

Building Information Type Pages - Monetized with Adsense or Chitika 

My experience to date with Adsense suggests that the layout is not great for Adsense. I suspect the same for Chitika but I haven't used that program. The site has too much quality content and too few ads to give me a decent click through rate. 

Problem Solving Pages Affiliate Sales on Wizzley

This is where  I think Wizzley is good. Basically not only does Wizzley give access to Amazon, eBay, Zazzle and AllPoster affiliate program, you can also use your own links from other programs.

With editorial permission to use other affiliate sites links plus the ability to use html - the sky is the limit as far as I'm concerned.  

Making Money With Wizzley Introduction

This article is the first of a series of pages on making money with - which focuses on picking the right monetisation method to make money from the type of visitors you have to your website. Other articles in this series are: 

  1. Make Money On Wizzley: Find The Right Readers -  - you're reading it! 
  2. Make Money On Wizzley: Introduction to Monetization 
  3. Make Money On Wizzley: Making Money With Amazon
  4. Make Money On Wizzley: Using Direct Affiliate Links 
  5. Make Money On Wizzley: Making Money With eBay 
  6. Make Money On Wizzley: Making Money With Clickbank 
  7. Make Money On Wizzley: Making Money With ShareASale
  8. Make Money On Wizzley: Making Money with Commission Junction (CJ) 
Updated: 03/13/2012, Lissie
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Kangaroo_Jase on 03/11/2012


I have found that AdSense seems to be a lower return these days for me than other forms of income generation (like, Zazzle, Amazon, Cafe Press, Affiliate Links, etc). I have found this across many platforms as well as on Wizzley.

I am putting this down to more my style of articles are geared with 'buyers of product' ie solutions to problems rather than informational articles and hope drive by traffic clicks on an AdSense block.

Hence I find that desired and focused search traffic to my articles and posts results in desired and focused sales.

I will nail this AdSense beast one day.

Highly informative article, those that haven't been in this gig long will receive immense value from reading and applying your suggestions.

katiem2 on 03/10/2012

Great stuff Lissie, tried and true measures I know creates success. Nice attractor factor...

top10best on 03/10/2012

What an excellent article Lissie. This really gets to the meat of it and is wonderful what you are sharing usually only comes from experience. Looking at the big pictures is so important doing what we do, and can save you a lot of wasted effort. I agree Wizzley has it all. Even if a newbie is unsure whether a topic is better for Adsense or Amazon monetization, you can still experiment and try both at the same time here. So you find many of the Keyword researcher reviews bring up few or no searches on Adwords? I go ahead anyway on some that make sense. I bought my KWR through your affiliate link over a month ago and have to say thanks!

I started online last Spring and write on a number of sites also with other another user name for my homesteading niche, and I learned to listen to others on what pays best. It certainly takes experience to maximize returns on various platforms and each has their uses for me. I am not that disciplined and need the variety of easy recipes, homesteading, how to's that are quick and easy to write, but that may not pay as well (a little adsense, meanwhile I guess I am building a following for my niche and plan some e books), so have bolstered it with products reviews, they earn well, but I find my self struggling doing them 100% of the time. Anyway, I just wanted to say what you have written is so true, thanks for sharing it with everyone.

JaneG on 03/09/2012

I have also found that writing articles for people looking for solutions and monetizing it with affiliate links, works much better than hoping for Adsense clicks.

I look forward to reading the rest of the articles in the series Lissie.

Lissie on 03/08/2012

Good point Yeiri - most people who opened a physical book shop would have no choice but to treat it like a business - what with the bank loans and staff!

Thank goodness we don't have that online - but I agree it does mean that both us and our families tend to think more "hobby" than business - which is a mistake

Lissie on 03/08/2012

@Angel Ouch - bad time to start at Hubpages - Wizzley is my much preferred platform for beginners these days. Long-term you need your own sites - but they take a fair bit of time and effort to get Google trust - Wizzley is fast and easy, like Hubpages USED to be.

@Brenda Solve a problem for people and make it easy to buy - and it will work - who cares what the product is LOL

Yeirl on 03/08/2012

I read this with great interest. Thanks for very practical information. 95% of businesses fail, whether online or not. More people try online because there is virtually no overhead... but that also means many people do not take online business as seriously as other forms of business. I am extremely new at this, so I have nothing to show, but I will tell you what someone told me when I asked why some people make it online and others don't... If you open a physical store (say, a bookstore), you don't think about doing it for a couple of years and see... Don't have that option... That really opened my eyes...

BrendaReeves on 03/08/2012

Thank you for this article. I was looking through the list of writers on here today and it looks like a lot of people who started 9 months ago have dropped out. I'm too stubborn to give up. Luckily I have other income. I recently gave up on the social scene. I'm still on FB, but I just don't have the time to keep up a blog and belong to 100 social sites. My best money maker right now is the Clorox Toilet Wand. When I wrote it, I thought I was just wasting my time. LOL

Angel on 03/08/2012

This is a great article. I too have been down about my success or lack of success with this online writing adventure that I set out on back in Oct 2011. That is when I put my first article on hubpages. I need good articles like this to help guide me and reassure me that there is hope. I have a lot to learn and appreciate people like you taking time to write helpful articles for people like me. Thanks again.

Lissie on 03/08/2012

Jo - I started out in this business because I thought I was a loner and I hated working with idiots - and all my colleagues were, of course, idiots! What I found online were some complete scammers, and generally nasty people. But I also "met" some of the nicest people I've ever known.

Because all of us were there at some stage. And most of us succeeded because someone reached out and helped, without even the carrot of an affiliate commission to do so! And they always said - just pay it forward - so I do.

You need blind faith - I was a pure cynic, and its a problem, even now. The cynic stopped me from being scammed, but it also keeps on telling me that I'm just playing at this, and its not a real job.

The sooner you start calling it your career, business, lifestyle, whatever, the sooner you will succeed. Oh, and even when you make a full-time living, don't expect some of your real-world friends/family to take you seriously :-)

You REALLY have to believe in yourself - because, otherwise, why would anyone else?

95% of people who try to make money online - quit, just before they would have succeeded. That's almost certainly a made up figure - but I've held onto it for years.

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