Make Money On Wizzley: Making Money With ShareASale

by Lissie

I've recently started using ShareASale as an affiliate. Here's how you can use ShareASale with Wizzley to make affiliate commissions.

ShareASale is an affiliate program founded in 2000. It focuses on small to medium-sized merchants, in contrast to Commission Junction - which focuses on larger companies. Basically for the affiliate marketer, this means that once you have set up your free ShareASale account, you have around 3500 merchants to chose to promote.

I started using ShareASale as an affiliate, by default, because one of the products I promote moved from their own affiliate program to using ShareASale's.

Totally new to ShareASale, I was rather pleasantly surprised to find that the program pays out once your commission amount to $50 and has no other fees for affiliates.

How Does The ShareASale Program Work?

ShareASale is an "affiliate marketing network", its most similar to Commission Junction in that many of the merchants are either physical stores or online stores promoting physical goods. However, like Clickbank, it also allows merchants who provide entirely digital products such as software.

Its merchants predominantly will pay you if a customer clicks through from your link and makes a purchase. There are however a few merchants who will also pay you per a lead i.e. will pay you if a prospect fills in a form.

Once you have signed up for ShareASale: <<< easy to use affiliate link HERE >>> 

You need to sign up for some merchants. How to choose? ShareASale has everything from hotels to baby gear, perfume to outdoor clothing.

Well my advice is to look through until you recognize some brands. For example - I'm familiar with traveling on a budget - so I know that HostelWorld  is a really big player in the budget accommodation field. If I've heard of them, then so will my potential customers. And people online, tend to buy from names/brands they already know.

ShareASale At A Glance

Ease Of Becoming An Affiliate - Americans Easy  
Ease Of Becoming An Affiliate - Non-Americans Easy
Percentage of sales:

4%-40% - most commonly about 10%. some vendors will pay per a lead, some by sale. 

Payout levels and methods:
$50/month minimum - but you can set it higher. 
Payment via check or by direct deposit for the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, India, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, France, Mexico, New Zealand and Switzerland. (Note I can't the NZ direct payment option to work correctly with my bank) 


Payment is made on the 20th of the month for the month prior. 


No fees unless you require checks via courier. 

Sales Tracking

OK, can track clicks and sales via links or widgets. 

Tips To Maximize Your ShareASale Affiliate Commissions

As with any affiliate marketing opportunity - you won't make a cent unless you have the right sort of traffic. If you don't understand what I mean by that - go and check out the first article in this series - linked at the bottom of the page!

You also won't make money unless Merchants approve your application to be their affiliate. To date, I've had better luck with getting merchants to approve my application on ShareASale than on CJ - in one case the exact same merchant declined me on CJ and automatically approved me on ShareASale!

Should you be with both CJ and ShareASale?

Well if you are near to, or making, payout with one of these networks I'd stay with it until you are making maybe $500/month, then I'd branch out to the other if you have need to i.e. there are merchants available that you can't reach on your current network.

You may well find merchants in your niche that are available via both Commission Junction and ShareASale. In general I would chose to use them via ShareASale - because a) the payout limit is lower ($50 compared to $100) and because you account will not get closed because of inactivity - which does happen with CJ.

Using ShareASale From a Merchant's Point of View

How Well Does Wizzley Work With ShareASale?

If I was advising a beginner who wanted an alternative to Amazon, and/or who are looking to monetize a topic which does not work well with either Adsense or Amazon, then I'd suggest ShareASale. Its fairly easy to use interface, is a lot better than the infinity confusing CJ one.

Most merchants in the ShareASale program will give you banners - and these are easy to use on Wizzley. To display the banner below I started a new text capsule, clicked on the html button and cut and pasted the banner code in. You can also do it part way through a text module - but you must switch to html view before pasting the banner! 

The whole concept of an affiliate marketing outside of Amazon is very confusing anyways! A simpler interface really does help!

Make Money On Wizzley - The Series

This article is part of a series of pages on making money with - which focuses on picking the right monetisation method to make money from the type of visitors you have to your website. Other articles in this series are: 

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Updated: 03/13/2012, Lissie
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sheilamarie on 03/18/2012

I've heard of ShareASale before but have yet to look into it. Thanks, Lissie, for this information.

Lissie on 03/13/2012

Yup the direct deposit works well for NZ too Lou. I must say I love being paid for stuff I don't sell via Amazon.

brettb on 03/13/2012

Thanks - I'll check out ShareASale as the Amazon commission is so low it's hardly worth bothering with.

lou16 on 03/11/2012

I love Shareasale, they have some great merchants and they will deposit my earnings directly into my Australian bank a/c instead of sending a check each month like Amazon insist on doing!
The pay has always arrived on time and as you've said they don't have any fees (hidden or otherwise) which is fantastic.

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