Making Money Online's Biggest Pitfall - Chasing The Money Too Soon

by Jerrico_Usher

Let's Get Real where making money online is concerned. The rules are not the same as the offline world- nor are the Physics of making money!

Money shouldn't, I repeat, shouldn't be your main motivational factor nor should it be the source of inspiration, at least not until you've earned that right. By earned I mean based on the laws of physics in the online playground. You shouldn't chase money to feel successful (regardless of how rich you are) and you shouldn't depend on money to feel like you've made it, succeeded, or as the sole reward for your efforts. Many do this and crash because the money WILL NOT equal the work output (at first) similar to working offline when you're starting out. This is what makes many quit before fully transcending to the online world for their full income. In this article I'm going to share the secret to maintaining motivation.




Education - Why It's The Catalyst To Success ONLINE

Chasing the education should be the goal of every online money maker. This is the secret to those who quickly rise up the ladder online (with motivation almost always on).

You literally have to become addicted to learning new things ALL THE TIME to really compete.


With the education you will not only make money later that will help you thrive, but you will also earn enough to "feel" like you made up all the "lost" money you thought you weren't earning during the treadmill phase of your career online.

Think of it like you're earning the money but to access it you have to play the game. You have to reach the goal, and it's yours. Meanwhile you're putting in the work, learning, growing, advancing in your skill set and failing miserably more than once but loving it because your learning faster that way.

I can almost guarantee that everybody whose made it big online failed dramatically more times and in harder ways than most people who fail in the first few years. Failure is the secret gateway to heaven in this scenario, but unfortunately- you have to drive through hell first. The fire is an illusion created by successful marketers to keep competition down :).

This is why it's often the brave that make it; this is not a career for the meek or those who are introverted and don't want to break out of that shell during business hours. It IS a career ANYONE who can type and articulate simple things can accomplish - but those that will flourish are those who can maintain their ambition and especially interest in learning learning learning- all the time.

It takes learning new things all the time to up the ante' on your game. If you don't do your homework and keep ahead of the curve, I guarantee you, 10,000 people will- you won't stand a chance in hell (pun based on last statement about hell).

By new things I don't mean shortcuts, get rich schemes, cheating, black hat tactics, or any tomfoolery like that, I mean actually learning the mechanics of everything- starting from learning to write and articulate very professionally.

Get your grammar and sentence flow down, learn to write in different styles and learn to write about ANYTHING to flush out any "I don't like that topic and won't write on it" nonsense. That's how you pass up opportunities! I once very hesitatingly took a writing gig that paid very well but was on a topic I refused to write on before. I just didn't want to know that much about it! The pay was enough, however, that I took the job and it was actually incredibly easy and enlightening.

The gig got me several more writing projects from this marketers friends I wrote for based on a recommendation. The topic is no longer on my banned list- in fact that moment woke me up to realizing that turning down any topic could cost me a powerful connection. The friend- he paid me twice as much for my second set of articles... And they weren't on anything gross :)

Write press releases, promotional articles, product and information articles, and so on. If you don't know how- LEARN! Use the resources on the right side and throughout this article to get your awareness pried open or open further. The more types of work you can do the more chances for steady work and an amazing resume to show potential future clients.

Some Education Help:
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Start at writing mills, this is the best practice. Simultaneously write for 2.0 sites like the one this article is on, to start your passive income stream (later) and start looking for freelance gigs.

Working for other internet marketers is how you learn the real secrets they don't teach you in any course - you learn to reverse engineer what you're doing back to how or why they are having you write it! Many will even teach you if you do good work for them. They will see you as an apprentice, and people love to teach those ambitious to learn.

I was fortunate enough to find a writing gig that turned out to be a full time career managing writers and customers that sustained me for the years until my income kicked in. It takes years to build your online income flow but it's amazing when it's built and you can fix anything in the engine of your virtual ATM machine- monetized articles and websites.

I say ATM because when it comes in you will long be done with the article or site you built to earn it. It will become passive income in spirit because the memory of all the work will be faded so you will just have the enjoyment of, the fruits of, your labor.

At some point the income should recoup all your expenses to build the site or time to write the articles for it and that's when you will truly see the magic of true passive income. That first site can make a measly .10 cents right after it's recouped all your expenses and it will be the most exciting aha moment of your life. That is that you realize you're an ATM machine builder.

This is not easy to accomplish but once you do it you can duplicate your process- because you've learned every inch of it to the point of habitually creating things that make money.

I visualize this as a big jar that the money is dripping into the whole time (based on what I consider a good wage for my time I measure the work the hours and apply that wage (so later I can justify recoupment)...

I can always go back and see how much I've virtually earned. This is an example of mental rehearsal  preparing to get the money but chasing the steps not the money.

So don't think you're working for free right now. Although, technically, you are working for free if you see money only lineally (what I get NOW).


What You're Doing Right Now Will Determine If You Earn Later


Joshua Tree

If you push in this treadmill phase hard and learn all you can, value education over money at this point, then you will later recoup ALL of this time and effort you're putting in. The sad thing is that most people make it to the cusp of success, sometimes just one more action would have done it- and they quit usually based on them not seeing the money and feel like they wasted their time!

Let me tell you a story about my near miss!

This happened to me once upon a time. I had built up an account on hubpages, spent a year writing article after article only to make barely anything worth all that effort. I ended up giving up but my articles still remained online and monetized. Lucky for me that was an anchor that saved me from drowning.

Three months after I quit I got my first substantial (relatively speaking) check, then every month it came around the same 100.00 amount at first then grew and grew- all without me ever even having to visit the site I put the articles on (money just hit my paypal). It was that aha moment that renewed my energy, ambition, and gave me the awareness that I almost lost a fortune by quitting!

In that respect if you're going to quit at least get 300 articles written and up on the site so one day you'll get the wake up paypal payment (or adsense)! 

Fact is I only used the built in adsense ads, I had no Amazon, eBay, allposters, or anything on their collecting click income, and had I taken that extra step to put those things on my articles I'd of made a lot more money than I did (likely I'd of started seeing those checks a year earlier than I did!). That was a failure on my part but instead of beating myself up over thousands and thousands of lost income, I took it to heart and started to make sure I monetized everything!


Freelance Hacks: How to create systems to organize your freelance life


Online - The Air You Breathe IS Information

You must both breathe in information and breathe out action to be successful


Just like a plant absorbs carbon dioxide from the air we exhale and converts it to oxygen we breathe, the same is true of information and action respectively. Knowing what to do and doing it is exhaling as well as taking action and precisely doing so is also exhaling. What's inhaled is all the information you can find on making money online in a specific niche of the marketplace. That should be processed with experienced and turned into an asset.

In the online game where the air you breathe in the realm is information- education is the zenith to becoming successful- more so than the offline world. Online your dealing with peoples brains directly!

Change your thinking to:
"I'm working now but I get paid much later WITH INTEREST."


You WILL get paid if you steer the course correctly. It all begins in the mind- all of it. The wrong mindset is the infection that causes many online failures where earnings are concerned. People who would have thrived often failed because they didn't get their thoughts in check or simply didn't stay the course long enough. 

Money comes and goes but education sticks around. Education gives you the information and experience puts that information to work- but again, mindset is where you need to make sure you're secure. Experience is also a lot of how you learn and build that "wealth mindset" many call it, how you articulate the realm, how you make sense of the massive options at your disposal.

Experience, Reputation, and Who you know are important


This is why you always have to be ahead of the curve- education IS THE CURVE. It differentiates success from failure, gives you more options, and the bottom line is that on the internet if you try to use yesterday's SEO or tactics you're likely to fail, especially if you don't know why!

The beauty of chasing the experience, the education, the growth is that you will absolutely get a lot of "success" reinforcement cues in the form of goals achieved, feeling that aha moment when you "click" with the idea that you just learned something that will become a BASE skill set towards everything else, and more.

You will also generate connections (networking), resources, and things you can't buy with money but resources that are more powerful than money! Believe me there is a lot of reinforcements to your motivation and perseverance in education/experience/growth than there is in chasing paper (pun?).

Unfortunately part of that experience, that education you acquire- comes from negative experiences (relatively speaking). Those experiences will forge these ideals into your head unlike anything else and if you plan to be a success you should embrace failure as much as success- just for different reasons.

If you think about it failing is so easy why isn't everyone embracing it? Like learning to love torture while your being tortured may free your mind. Failing gives you clues into what works, what doesn't, and ideas to try on the next go.

I see failures as weights being added to my bench press- at first they hurt, I haven't acclimated to it yet, but you get used to it and eventually gain muscles from pushing through them. Failures are the only way sometimes to learn!

Trying to dodge failure is no different than playing "hooky" in school.

- you miss a lot and trying to chase happiness you chased away your best asset for generating and maintaining it - education.


Stop Chasing Rainbows


The Money Pit And How To Not Fall In

Starting Out We Tend To "Feel" Money Like We "Feel" Energy From Caffeine - And With Equal Destruction (worse really)

I think people like money as a motivator because it "feels" like clean burning fuel, one dose of even chump change (i.e. viglink earnings so far for me) and your motivation shoots through the roof!

You "feel" motivated in the sense that drinking an energy drink makes you "feel" energetic, but in both cases this burst comes at a cost and is mainly artificially flavored! It is also short lived.

Caffeine boosts your energy and unlocks your brains breaking system so you use up all your primary chemicals (dopamine, serotonin, etc...). That's bad because you can't stay balanced and function without those chemicals!

When you chase money and the money hits, that burst your feeling of overwhelming "well being" is actually the dopamine fix you get from achieving a goal you long set out to achieve.

It's literally the opposite feeling of what happens every day you don't see money in your account and each day you don't see something happening or get feedback the feeling gets worse (demotivation) but it's all self inflicted. This only happens because you allowed it to happen.




Do you like how it feels to get a burst once in a while (i.e. an amazon sale) and feeling it so powerfully you have to brag? 

O.k. how about that feeling "the rest of the time" when you check your money and nothing changes, you check your stats and nothing really changes there either? Your not even getting any comments!

It often feels incredibly disappointing especially compared to the feelings you get when a sale comes in. The reality is that the boost you get when you make a sale is likely causing the downpour the rest of the time. The two actually feed off one another and affect the outcome if you're not careful. The problem is inherent with these two pieces of the puzzle. Setting yourself up to get excited when money comes in but not about the rest of the engine, is a recipe for disappointment. You can't sustain motivation in the first 3 years without continuously learning and pushing your skill set up a notch and especially staying active.


The key here is that the latter and the former are symbiotic. You create the powerful burst when you earn because (before hand possibly for weeks or years) you reinforce over and over in your mind how much you want to feel the work was worth it. If you didn't chase the education and experience, you didn't go through the events that will fortify your skill set AND AMBITION.

Motivation Molecule


The Motivation Molecule


You see in just going through the process (the slow tedious, confusing, frustrating one, yes) you are put in a position to burn off bad habits, burn in new ones, and the entire time you're creating micro-motivation molecules (I call them).

This is when you have literally thousands upon thousands of small accomplishments that pushed your skill set into the stratosphere but along the way each one created a dopamine release- and your brain remembered the experiences and growth as positive experiences.

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This memory when networked with all the other accomplishments (micro accomplishments) becomes a powerful motivation and confidence builder. The best way to take full advantage of this is to keep a journal of every accomplishment, no matter how small, that lead to your skill set growing, your awareness expanding, and that well... made you feel good!?

If you can't find the value in the education, the experience, or continuously growing, then the money will only serve as a burst that comes once in a while and only then will you truly feel motivated to write- on the other hand if you if you chase the former not money- you not only end up with the money but you end up with a fortified skill set that can keep bringing it in like you can print money!

All that "pining" around your doing with wishful thinking, persevering the course (writing wizzles etc...), and positive thinking creates the foundation for a dopamine/reward pathway trigger. Dopamine is triggered when you anticipate something and get it- if you don't get it, the very set up itself becomes your hell. This mechanism is responsible for your writing addiction. You create a wizzle, publish it and get notoriety.

You anticipate sharing it with people and getting feedback and when you do the good feelings roll once again. But if you just publish articles and have no fans, don't promote it anywhere, and nobody gives you a lick of feedback, you feel the opposite of a dopamine high- disappointment  The build up is the same, the end result changes but using the same power source.

The difference here is that in one scenario you did something to get traffic, in the other you did nothing but build an article in Siberia. Money becomes the next motivator but that's not going to help since none is really coming in so you have to keep feeding your ambition to keep it alive.

You feed it by inspiring yourself by learning better ways to do things, improving your game through learning tactics and testing everything based on what you learn. The aha moments will come if you just push through the hard part and accept your reward for patience.

That's where you publish an article with a link back to your Wizzley article and the article is engaging and gets them thirsty to visit your other page. You can do a variety of things from leaving comments, guest blogs (writing an article for their blog and them giving you the ability to post a back link from their site to yours; that should be a continuation of the information on this persons blog so it helps you both out and Google loves you for connecting two good articles that will help people in their research)

to get backlinks built up, organic traffic (people clicking through directly), and awareness of your articles.

The irony is that the disappointment you feel when you check your money and don't even show any visits at all let alone sales, is actually created by not a chemical reaction but rather inaction- lack of terminating a goal successfully and releasing the built up chemical "charge" you expected.

When you set up a goal you're in essence charging your batteries. When the goal is complete that entire charge (built up dopamine to be released if you reach your goal(s)) is given to you as a reward. If you set up a goal (become vested in the idea) and don't achieve it, your crash is relative to the amount of energy you put into the outcome. The systems in your reward pathway gear up to give you the dopamine if you hit that goal but if you don't hit it, you feel this body wide mental and physical disappointment. It's literally a withdraw.

The brain does this to help you do what works and avoid what doesn't but it doesn't always get it right. The build up will terminate into one outcome or another - two outcomes come to mind:


  1. You reach your goal, all that work, thinking, and positive reinforcement becomes the very catalyst for your motivation/success feelings.
  2. You build it up tenaciously only to not reach your goal and that entire "charge" is still released but you feel it as demotivation, lethargy  and the like. 



Chasing Money Specifically Is Prescription Strength Hell



If you read the bottle on most prescriptions you'll see that side effect of: "May cause elevated 

feelings of wellbeing"- this means the "good" you're feeling the "high" is not natural and you're not supposed to feel THAT good THAT fast as it comes at a cost... It's not sustainable and unhealthy.

I know, people, including myself have said, what the hell is wrong with an elevated sense of well being? Well, if you put it into perspective based on the laws of physics you will see that everything has to have a counter balance to work. Your body actually had a pretty good set up for rewarding you, keeping you balanced (homeostasis) and repairing the body when needed. Anything that dis-balances that equation causes chaos to ensue- especially overzealous feelings of well being. 

The reason is these feelings are chemically based and based on a balance. If you feel overzealously "good" caused by an artificial force such as antidepressants (boost serotonin levels essentially), your body is essentially being invaded. For those unnatural molecules to do what they are intended to do they must hijack the receptors designed for the natural variety not a pill. 

This means the system can be put into chaotic overdrive which may feel good but it sets a bad precedence in your mind. That feeling becomes the very template for "feeling good" (even though it's an illusion). Your perception of happiness will be based on this. You will at this point unnaturally assign an artificial feeling beyond what you can safely feel as the apex, the zenith- of what feeling good is like to "Normal" when it's anything but normal!

It's the mental issues this causes not the physical Tierney (that's another article) that I'm making a point around. We have the uncanny ability to rationalize things and to artificially boost our body's chemical levels- JUST WITH OUR THOUGHTS and many often compound this with external stimulants like caffeine or energy drinks with way too much caffeine- all of which hijack your mental state and make it harder to concentrate. 

It's not much different mentally than the above explanation. Instead of a crash from the medication- we get disappointment, demotivating thoughts, give up, feel bad, etc. You have to control those thoughts and your impulse to be lazy! 

My point is that money does the same thing- it causes overwhelming feelings of well being WE ASSIGN TO IT THROUGH ANTICIPATION but the cost is once the money dries up and the excitement wanes (usually days at most), you will have to push harder to feel that good again, or worse wait for another payment to come before you let yourself feel successful. Of course this just a lot of people- you may actually push yourself above the ground with the right mindset and this won't even be an issue for you.

We all know that payouts are scarce at first in the writing game, so chasing money as the goal is like having a distinctive goal to fail. I'm not saying you should never chase money but you have to do it in a way that is a part of the mechanism not the entire gear.


The First Thing You Have To Do To Be Successful Is Have Soil That's Fertile

Fertile Soil Breeds Fertile Opportunity For Seeding


Your environment, the way you live, the way you think, the people around you and that affect you. All these things are "soil" (so to speak) and if you have these things aligned with your goal then your soil will be nutrient rich and anything can grow in it- especially money. If your soil is tainted (negative friends, no support from friends or family etc..), however, you will work your butt off and not get anywhere fast- like a farmer whose used up the soils nutrients without replacing them bears fruit and vegetables that look ok but at their core they are hollow because the soil didn't have enough nutrients to pass on to the plant. It's just something to chew not benefit from. Nutrition takes time, even mental nutrition. It's cured not created- as is motivation.

You'll get there it's like running through a corn field or a dense marsh, how you get to "safety" (where you feel financially secure or above the water) varies with each person because there are so many variables in the first place. Mainly everything looks the same so you have to navigate by your intuition/gut. But although you get wet, hit in the face constantly by sharp thorny or abrasive corn husks along the way (including abrasive people that would like nothing more than to see you crash and burn so they don't feel bad about not trying themselves and failing), those that get through it with pure tenacious effort and maintain faith- make it.

Those scars you get? They will be part of your motivational factor- constant reminder of the journey and reinforcement for when you feel like quitting because it seems impossible. Those scars come from pushing through the impossible- but they are warrior scars not afflictions! I think the harder your journey the more impactful the reward in the end. I speak from experience.

Thank you for reading, I hope you get something out of this- GOOD LUCK!


The Wealthy Freelancer
Updated: 12/29/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 02/15/2013

I have a new one in the works right now... called... "The Journey Of Destiny Sky Begins Again Each And Every Day... [Inspiration]"- it's along the same lines ...but different :)

RubyHelenRose on 02/15/2013

Another great inspiration, I so like your style, this is so great.

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