Manual Citrus Juicers for Your Home Kitchen

by Regi_B

For when juicing by hand is the plan.

Juicing citrus by hand adds a nice, tangy touch to beverages and dishes made in your kitchen.

These things can be used in the home kitchen and beyond -- like on your patio when you host a neighborhood cookout.

The key with citrus juicers is having the right juicer for the job. Juicing a limed on a large grapefruit juicer will get the job done, but is less than ideal.

Let's "drink in" some manual juicers!

Best Manual Juicer

If you go based upon customer review, then the Chef'n citrus juicer to the left is the best manual citrus juicer.

In short, people on the uber-large ecommerce site Amazon love it

You can buy it in lime, lemon, and orange, with corresponding colors.

And it won't set you back much either -- as in the price is not too tangy. (Yes, I really just did that. Sorry.)

Popular Hand Juicer

The Norpro hand juicer at the right is popular because of its stainless steel -- and sturdy -- construction. It is built for juicing all manner of citrus -- which is good because that is exactly the reason people use it. o_O Over 100 people have reviewed this juicer on Amazon, and the majority have given it positive comments.

Great Manual Commercial Juicer Press

When I say "great manual commercial juicer press", I know I have said a mouthful. Fine by me!

What are the reasons to get a commercial juicer press?

You love juice, and want to live green.

You want to open a juice stand and want to live green.

You get the idea.

The vast majority of this juice press's Amazon reviewers have written positive things about it, so there is a good chance that you will love it if you buy it.

Why Buy a Manual Juicer?

Reasons people buy manual citrus juicers vary.

I like them because they are:

  • Green (even when they are another color).
  • Messy (not really a selling point, but fun).
  • A whole lot cheaper than their electric counterparts.
  • Fun.

Oxo's Citrus Squeezer

Name me an Oxo product that is not worth its price tag.

Oxo is never the cheapest product in any category, and that goes for citrus juicers, too.

Still, who wants a cheap juicer when a quality juicer will last you longer?

I like thing that are stylish, functional, and will last when it comes to home goods.

The Oxo Citrus Squeezer has all of that.

Manual Juicer with Measuring Cup

When juicing citrus by hand, it helps to know how much juice you have squeezed. Progessive International's Citrus Juicer can help you there.

It helps you juice.

It helps you measure.

It helps you pour. Olay!

Odd Things to Blend with Your Juice

  • Air.
  • Turkey jerky.
  • Any other jerky.

Normal Things to Blend with Your Juice

  • Other juice.
  • Something to make a cocktail or "mocktail".
  • Ice.

Manual Citrus Juicers -- in Summary

Many manual citrus juicers are sold online. There is one for your price range for sure.

Updated: 07/12/2012, Regi_B
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BrendaReeves on 07/17/2012

I like the green manual juicer. I'll have to think about getting one.

Regi_B on 07/13/2012

Well said, bizilady.

Guest on 07/13/2012

Well the manual juicers are a wonderful way to add zip to a meal and do some strenght training as well! LOL

Regi_B on 07/13/2012

Well said, Katie. :-D

katiem2 on 07/13/2012

I'd be lost without both my manual and electric juicers, they are a great kitchen tool that creates amazing health and wellness.

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