Maytag Jetclean Portable Dishwasher: Review and Buy Online

by eslevy17

Portable dishwashers offer a great convenience for small apartments and older homes. Is the Maytag Jetclean right for you? Come find out.

Maytag makes appliances of all sorts, and has done so for many years, and has a wide range of dishwashers for the modern home to revel in not only convenience, but greater energy efficiency as well.

The Maytag Jetclean portable dishwasher is a popular model, available in different colors in both portable and permanent versions, in different colors to suit all sorts of homes, classic or modern. Review the features and performance and find out if it's right for you.

Advantages of a Portable Dishwasher

And why you shouldn't feel bad about getting one

Many people don't quite realize that dishwashers are not only convenient, but quite efficient as well. Instead of wasting lots of excess water by rinsing endlessly, and leaving the water running while reaching for the next dish, using a dishwasher significantly reduces water consumption, so it takes the pressure off of public utilities, all while freeing up time for busy people who would rather do all sorts of other things than take care of chores.

Portable dishwashers hook up to regular sink faucets using an adaptor, usually with two hoses; one fills the unit, and the other drains it away. This means there's no complicated installation process besides finding a spot to fit the unit. Plus, they can be wheeled away and taken to a new apartment when it's time to move. Or, if the new place has its own dishwasher, the old one can be left behind as a nice welcome gift for a new tenant.

Maytag Jetclean Portable Dishwasher Review

Maytag's foray into the world of portable dishwashers currently includes the MDV4809AWW (and AWB), which is a full-size console model that looks like an ordinary dishwasher, and can handle up to 14 place settings, which is quite a bit more than many other portable units, particularly the countertop variety. The Jetclean has multiple wash cycles, a food disposal device, and promises quiet operation.

So, how does it compare? Well, unfortunately this is where user experiences start to diverge from what Maytag might like. Citing the new "energy efficiency" laws, these newer units sometimes require multiple cycles to accomplish the same amount of cleaning as older units that were more powerful. Unfortunately, energy efficiency in this case does not lead to greater energy efficiency, with poorly cleaned dishes becoming a recurring problem. Durability is also an oft-cited issue, with only a limited warranty to help deal with breakdowns.

On top of all that, it's not particularly cheap, either. The unit can cost over $600, which is more expensive than some other, more highly reviewed alternatives. It seems like quality at Maytag has suffered in light of the energy efficiency mantra, without offering an equally highly performing unit as older models that customers rave about. eBay occasionally has some of these older models.

It's not all bad, but just make sure to compare alternatives before buying.

Maytag Jetclean Portable Dishwasher Auctions

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Other Portable Dishwashers

Check out the competition before you buy

If the Maytag Jetclean is not what you had in mind, or perhaps a little less acclaimed than your standards require, then check out Cheap Portable Dishwashers to review the competition, much of which is more highly regarded, and cheaper. Danby and SPT are popular with their customers.

Updated: 05/03/2012, eslevy17
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