Menard Beauty Products

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High quality Japanese skincare and beauty products made from natural ingredients for all skin types.

About Menard

Menard is a Japanese company that was established in 1959. They use biotechnology and research to produce high quality skincare and beauty products made with exotic and rare ingredients found in nature. They follow the philosophy of 'Magokor' which means 'dedication to brightening people's lifestyles and contributing to society through beauty'. Keeping in line with their dedication to beauty, all of the products are packaged in attractive and elegant designs. Menard products can be hard to find, but there are certified Menard stores in various countries throughout the world where products can be purchased. All employees at the stores must take a special training course and receive a certificate in order to become a Menard expert, meaning that shoppers can get the best possible service and information about each skin care, makeup and hair care line.

Menard Skincare and Beauty Products

Menard makes a range of products for all skin types and all ages, including moisturizing creams, purifying lotions, toners, face wash, SPF protective makeup bases, foundations and lipstick.


This is perhaps the most luxurious product in the Menard collection. Authent is a subtly scented, silky smooth lotion that takes its composition from ambrette seed oil, hibiscus extract and essential oils from roses, violets and orange flowers. It was designed with ageing skin in mind as it works to make the skin more smooth and supple, and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and brighten up dull, dry skin.


Fairlucent is a lightening line that uses SPF to provide protection against UV rays. It uses Shirakami Yeast Extract, which works to inhibit the production of melanin in the skin. This helps to prevent sun damage, age spots and freckles so the skin is lighter and brighter. This product works particularly well with Asian skin. Products include lotions, base makeup, face powder and foundation.


This product line uses the rejuvenating properties of rare red and black reishi mushrooms. This particular extract works with the cells in the skin to prevent the signs of ageing and create a smoother, more youthful appearance. The Embellir line includes facewash, toner, day and night creams, an eye cream and concentrated extracts.


Sensitive skin types will find the Meliease line a great alternative to heavily scented or heavy skin care products. The products contain no fragrances, colours or alcohol, just natural amino acids to provide moisture and nutrients to the skin and to protect it from external harsh elements. The cleansing creams, milks and lotions are gentle on even the most sensitive skin types.


Saranori is a great line for all ages and all types of skin. The rich formula adds moisture to the skin, and the firming properties work to battle fine lines and even sun damage. The Sanori line includes a day cream, eye cream and face wash.


Extracts from the blossoms of the selenicereus flower, otherwise known as the Night Queen Flower, add moisturizing properties to this rich, subtly scented face cream and lotion. It is particularly good for dry skin, and skin that has been exposed to harmful UV rays, or ageing skin. It comes in a range of products for both night and day use.


Mildness is the key aspect of the Jupier line, with gentle makeup and skincare for skin that needs a bit of extra pampering without causing irritation.


The Beauness line takes natural ingredients such as pure spring water, plants, and seaweed to create a powerful product that moisturizes while preventing blemishes, and decreasing inflammation caused by pimples and impurities. This is a great line for teenagers or young adults.


The LS line uses 12 extracts from Asian plants as well as clove extracts to produce products that act to reverse the signs of ageing. For ageing skin, this line can brighten the skin tone, smooth out rough patches of skin, and make the skin more flexible and supple.


Collagen is added to this velvety serum to firm the skin and reduce sagging and wrinkles. This is an intensive line perfect for those who have recently lost a lot of weight or who are worried about wrinkles or the negative effects of ageing.

Menard Products For Men

Research shows that men tend to have higher levels of sebum in their bodies than women. When oxidized, sebum can cause anything from skin pigmentation to scalp problems to body odor. Menard products for men are made with green tea extracts, which can reduce the oxidization of sebum in the body. Products for men include face wash, toner, lotions, shaving cream, hair tonic, and hair gel, all of which can help to restore aged and damaged skin and hair.

Menard Fragrances

In addition to luxurious skincare products, Menard also has three different fragrances, each of which creates a different mood and aura.

L'eau de Kaseneka

This is Menard's signature scent, with Japanese rose, citrus fruits, Asian spices and Ambrette Seed Oil, to create a warm, feminine, yet earthy scent that is seductive and unique. The bottle is designed in classic black, with a gold motif by the famous Japanese painter, Shozo Shimada.

L'eau de Ryokuei

Think freshness, springtime, green plants, meadow flowers and fruits, and you have the basic essence of L'eu de Ryokuei. This is a light, airy fragrance that evokes youth and a carefree vibe.

L'eau de Taoyaka

Jasmin and cherry blossoms combine in this ultra-feminine scent that take its inspiration and design from Japanese painter Ayuko Shimada. This is a fun and flirty scent.

Where to Buy Menard Products

Menard products are very exclusive and very high quality, so it can be difficult to track them down at times. Some products can be purchased at Amazon (see below), or alternatively, you may have to search for stores in your area. There are a number of certified stores in cities throughout the world where authentic products can be purchased. When searching a store, make sure it is a genuine certified Menard store, and be wary of any shop or vendor selling Menard products without a certification.


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