Mental Stamina For Writers - Part 2: The Draining Work Environment

by Jerrico_Usher

Writers turn to the freelance writing business because the offline work environment is draining and demotivating... But writing for a living can be just as hard!

Nobody really likes being in the Rat Race game. Most jobs out there will take advantage of you, exploit your talents and barely even allow you to reach your potential. If they do they often don't compensate you for your efforts or someone will steal all the credit for your hard work so you don't even get "street credit" for what you did.

Advancement is often ridiculously political and the people who bust their rump often get the shaft while those who want to play the game (and be taken advantage of) get ahead. Even when you do advance it’s never what you thought it would be because you’re just taken advantage of at a higher more intense level. In short it’s an unfair way to earn a living and a very unhealthy one at that.


Writing Can Feel Like This

The Infection - The Rat Race GAME

Working in the job market is often invasive to your personal life as well and you’re generally not allowed to get sick (without harsh punishment for something you couldn't avoid, which forces people to work sick or not) and heaven forbid you get the flu or anything that keeps you home for a week trying to heal. If you have a family it may force you to make unfair decisions that keep you at work more than home and the compensation isn't often worth the extra "overtime" you put in.

For all this you get NO Guarantees that you will have your job the next day!!! In essence besides the rest, you are forced to put all your eggs into one basket because most jobs make it Impossible to work a second job without endangering your job with them, some even make it impossible to work a second job but force you to work part time to start which makes survival nearly impossible, especially in this economy where no jobs available breeds employers taking advantage of your need to work and desperation to take what you can get.


at this point this book would help :)
Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul: Stories to Open the Heart and R...


The Antidote:  Escape from the Rat Race!

People are starting to get fed up, rather have been fed up with this old school system of working in less than desirable conditions with too much political atmosphere to be fair. The internet is changing the playing field drastically. More people are finding freedom working at home online than ever now.


The internet is in full swing and the infrastructures are becoming vast that allow someone to do what they love and earn a living doing it. Working at home changes a lot of the rules. Writing for example is a job that often comes with deadlines called "turnaround" times.

You get a few days to write an article for example but how you spend those days is completely up to you. You still have rules based on your customers needs, but they are not so bad.

There is enough work out there right now to keep millions busy for the rest of their lives! It is no longer scarce finding work as a copywriter, someone who essentially ghost writes for marketers, internet marketers, magazines, blog sites, website content and more.

Several infrastructures have been made available that allow this to happen in a work at home environment that consists of the same ease as going to a job without all the unfortunate problems associated with going to work in the offline job market.

These are real businesses helping you help them help their customers!

With sites that hire writers and set them up with a membership site that allows them to log in and accept "jobs" from a queue of available work, this solves two problems at once.

The marketer has a panel of ready and thirsty writers ready to write their much needed articles that will be used to drive traffic to their sites.

The writers, that is, anyone with good English, grammar, and writing skills able to write compelling original and researched content on a topic, have plenty of work.

There is a high demand for GREAT writers and QUALITY content- you can practically write your own ticket if you have this skill set developed fully.

You can almost throw a digital quarter into the ocean of the internet and 3 people will pop up and hire you to write.

That quarter would be a seed in the form of writing on sites like Wizzley so you have a resume of your work (or writing anywhere but while here it also acts as an investment like putting your money in a bank and expecting the change from interest).

This is an amazing way to earn a living if you love to write because you get paid to be creative. It's like getting paid well to do what you'd do anyway and you can choose when and how long you work.

If you work less of course you earn less but this also means you can take a lot of work, save the money and take weeks off whenever you want!


The problem comes in when you don't change your mentality from the offline job market to the online one. In the next article we will discuss this change in an overview then the rest of the site will show you each piece of the puzzle in more detail with solutions and advice to help you inoculate the problem if your facing it now, or how to make sure you understand it so you don’t fall into the trap of mental fatigue and loss of ambition in your newly found liberating career!


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The Liberating Work Environment

Updated: 12/04/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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WriterArtist on 05/14/2013

As long as you have the energy, you can work overtime to meet the needs of office; but once your body starts giving up, you certainly need the time to take off and an alternative source of income.

Jerrico_Usher on 12/05/2012


katiem2 on 12/05/2012

What a helpful series on regaining your focus and maintaining productive mental stamina, without that were just setting around in a daze. Great series! :)K

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