Mental Stamina For Writers - Part 1 - What Causes Mental Writing Fatigue?

by Jerrico_Usher

Writing for a living is hard work. Let's face it. But Staying Motivated Is The Name Of The Game. Mindset is the key here.

People who never considered a writing career are now sitting at home tap tap tapping on their keyboards every day writing article after article and blog after blog trying to make ends meat. These people are feeling an invigorating new skill set emerge as they start to tap into their creative centers, memories, and find themselves thirsty to learn more about the world.

At first the articles are things they want to write about and do so on blogs sites and the like, but eventually they find themselves working for people needing website content or articles for article submission directories (designed to drive traffic to a website they own usually), and the topics are picked for them. (this is where it gets harder). Once they get the hang of writing for others they start to realize just how much they learn in the process and find the whole experience educational as well as income earning potential.





This series (6 parts) was once a website but I decided to re-purpose it for Wizzley. If your struggling as a writer, especially in mental stamina the information in these articles should give you some perspective (from someone who's been there)... 

To jump to the next or last article in the series (relative to where you are in the series) click the link at the bottom.

(I love this book, I myself went from 0 - 2,173.56 in one month freelance writing my first major gig)


These Days More People Are Starting To Work More...

... Out Of The Home Than Ever...


Many people dive into writing e-Books to sell, others build websites, and others are into the marketing end of the online money making empire. No matter what angle you've chosen to take in making money online, you can bet that creativity and the ability to consistently think in innovative ways plays a major role in making what you do successful. Eventually you can outsource the writing work your doing now but even then mental stamina and creativity will still play a major role in your success (managing your business becomes the new game changer).


In the online game writing is a big deal. Writing uses a lot of brain juice. You need incredible mental stamina to write hundreds of articles, blogs, or website content pages a week or even a month. If you think building a few Wizzley articles a week is hard, freelancers often write 10 or so a day just in passing.

Many people escape the rat race jobs to work at home and feel an amazing sense of freedom. In about 4 months time they find themselves working harder than they ever did- but enjoying it because they are now in control of their work environment to a major extent.

In many ways however this is the solution to their original problem. Some of the problems this resolves is work taking over their lives, limiting their ability to earn i.e. work harder in the job market doesn’t equate to making more, and often not even getting a thank you from the boss who will steal your ideas and call them his or her own just to name a few.

With working at home writing you still have deadlines but all the rules in between are yours. When you work, how much you work, how many breaks you can take, when you can take them thus being able to spend quality time with the family becomes more manageable, and calling in sick or worrying about being fired becomes a thing of the past.

Although this is a godsend solution to those problems it often is the infection that also causes a mental virus that sucks the life out of you later because most people tend to change their work environment but neglect to realize that this change needs to be uniform throughout your entire paradigm as well.

The problem sets in a few months after one starts to find a certain level of success in their work at home adventure. They start to feel the "mojo" deteriorating away in a tapering fashion but can’t explain why. Many become disoriented and they begin to ask the questions:

What happened? Why is it so hard to write now? Why is it so hard to generate fresh concepts when most of my life I couldn't stop coming up with ideas? Why am I now struggling to just stay ambitious enough to get on the computer and write? Why are my interests not gone yet my capacity to write so frustrated? These are all too familiar questions asked by many work at home writers, copywriters, website designers, even programmers and so on.

This series hopes to answer these questions by showing you just why this happens and what you can do to stop it based on my own journey and experiences I'll share. Everything I describe in these articles has happened to me (and many multiple times). If you're new to the work at home realm and haven't reached this frustration point yet don't worry, it's coming! This frustration is actually a sign that you're heading in the right direction. Frustration is often caused from confusion or lack of enough details about something to proceed confidently. 

These articles will be dedicated mainly to those work at home computer jobs that force you to dedicate enormous mental stamina to the work you do such as writing, creating, managing people in such jobs as at home tech support and so forth, but this could easily apply to any field of work at home study that involves mental capacity and requires mental stamina for success as well as happiness.

You will learn about how there is much more going on than many realize and that ignorance is not always bliss- especially in an information world! What you don't know can certainly harm you. Within the pages of this site you will learn how to not only maintain your creative and mental stamina, but how to give it a boost as well!



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Updated: 12/04/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 12/05/2012

very true!

katiem2 on 12/05/2012

Typo in my previous comment; It make coming back to content on revenue sites more interesting as a change in pace, atmosphere and topics wakes me up again renewing my interest once again. :)K

I meant to say, it makes coming back to content writing on revenue sharing sites more interesting.

Whew, Sorry folks... But really when you move from site to site or even better writing for someone else it shifts your brain focus which is great. You, like me may find it makes the return to the revenue sharing sites much better as you appreciate your creative freedom.

Jerrico_Usher on 12/04/2012

interresting :) we wear many hats as a writer- your a writer, a producer, and your the post production editor-

HollieT on 12/04/2012

For me, the flit from one to another is the struggle. I write up conclusions for social research, in which case I'm wearing my academic head. I write conversational articles for the internet, in which case I'm writing from emotion and desire ( and not very well, I might add). I also write blog posts for others which are purely personal. Sometimes the flit from one to another is a welcome relief, at other times it's a mass of confusion. I'll be writing a product based article and subconsciously I'll use terms like 'moreover' or 'in contrast' Then I'll think 'duh'

I also write for the US and the UK, obviously spelling and grammar is different and most of my writing tends to be a fusion of the two.

Jerrico_Usher on 12/04/2012

Thanks Katie :)

katiem2 on 12/04/2012

Great start to what I know will be a great series on mental stamina. I so resonate with the vibe of this topic as you've presented it. I find when I lose my mojo (as you so eloquently put it) it's good to shift to the freelance work as it wakes me up again. Working on a topic I don't pick myself is refreshing. I do learn a lot and I enjoy it. I was just thinking the other day my brain will age very well due to all of this mental exercise. It make coming back to content on revenue sites more interesting as a change in pace, atmosphere and topics wakes me up again renewing my interest once again. :)K

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